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June 22, 2007

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-On the cruise ship, Philip is in a private room and is looking at the monitor he was given. He stares at his father being chained to the wall in the boiler room and says:

Philip: I am so sorry, dad. So sorry.

A guard then comes in and grabs him by the arm. Philip asks what is going on. The guard says he is joining the other guests now. Philip is confused and wonders what is going on.

The scene then shifts to Tony and Anna, who are in their cell. Two guards come in, telling them it's the day they have been waiting for. They finally get to get out of that room and find out what is going on. One guard grabs Tony and another grabs Anna. Tony warns the guard not to hurt Anna. They are dragged out of the cell. Anna tells Tony she has a bad feeling about all this. Tony agrees and takes the opportunity to remind Anna of the potential severity of their situation:

Tony: This could be our last chance, Anna. There is no telling what could happen. I love you. Just say you love me.

Anna is silent. Tony begs her, telling her they could very well see their lives end tonight and she will regret it if she never tells him how she feels. Tony knows she will. Anna is silent still as they continue to be dragged off.

The scene then shifts to Abe, Lexie, and Celeste in their cell. Lexie is still concerned about how shaken her mother is and wonders if she had a vision that she doesn't wish to tell them about. Abe thinks that could be it and that this all is very concerning. Three guards enter the cell, saying it's time to go. Each guard grabs someone and drags them off as Abe warns the two guards who have Lexie and Celeste not to hurt them. Celeste then has a vision. It's the same one she had a few weeks ago. Everything is black and a loud mass of screams can be heard. The sound of waves and crashing water can be heard, followed by a loud explosion and flames everywhere. Celeste then snaps back to reality and yells out:

Celeste: We're all doomed!!!

Abe and Lexie look on with worry as the guards snicker.

The scene then shifts to the cell where Forest, Abby, Chelsea, Steve, and Kayla are. Forest thanks Chelsea and Abby again for not telling Steve and Kayla who he really is. Abby says she understands and his secret is safe with her. Chelsea fumes and says she doesn't like this but will do this for Abby...but only for now.

Meanwhile, Kayla tells Steve how they need to find a way out of there to warn their loved ones. Kayla says that if what Steve is telling her is any indication...they are all in danger. Steve thinks it's already too late. The likely reality is that many of their loved ones are already on the ship. Kayla says that they can still stop all this if that is the case. Steve says he isn't so sure and he doesn't want to get involved. If he does, she and Stephanie are in danger and he may lose his one and only chance of getting his memory and life back. Kayla tells him there are other ways and that their loved ones are going to be in danger either way. He doesn't have to do anything for this MCF anymore. It's over. She is in this with him now.

Kayla: You can stop this. We can do it together. You have never been afraid before so why are you now?

Steve: I'm not afraid. It's just...

Kayla: Steve, I know why you got involved. I understand. I am not mad. I don't understand you lacking the courage to stand up and fight now. This person has targeted my family and many others in Salem. This has to stop before anyone else gets hurt. You have been with this person. You may be one of the only people who can stop all this. Together, we can help stop it. The minute we have an opening or find a way out...Steve...we can do this. There has to be a way and we will find it together.

Just then, several guards come in and say that it's time to join the party. Forest and Chelsea are both grabbed and dragged off. A guard grabs Abby by her wheelchair and wheels her off. Two guards grab Steve and Kayla separately and say that Kayla goes first. Steve warns the guard not to hurt her and then demands he be let go to go with her. Steve watches as Kayla is dragged off, screaming a warning that anyone that hurts her will have to deal with him.

The scene then shifts to Alan and Nicole on the main deck of the ship. Nicole is holding Evan, telling Alan she never signed up for this. She doesn't want this. Alan asks her again if she wants to hold on to Evan. Nicole says she does but a cruise ship with half of Salem on board that is likely to be some sort of death trap isn't something that interests her.

Alan: There is no way out of this. We all made our beds, sweety. Now we all have to lie in them. Just do as your told. Are you with us?

Nicole: I...

Alan: If you are, you have our promise you will be safe. If not, then all bets are off.

Nicole: Fine. What should I do?

Alan: Take the child down to room #302. There is baby stuff in there and a crib. He should be fine there. Then, come back up and watch the happenings in the ballroom from afar. You will want to be there.

Nicole: I am not leaving Evan alone in a room.

Alan: There is a baby monitor you can use. Just do it. Now, I have business to tend to.

Alan walks off as Nicole looks on with great worry, wondering what the hell she has been dragged into.

The scene then shifts to the ballroom where Cal, Katherine, Doug, Julie, Maggie, Caroline, Bo, Hope, Roman, Belle, Carrie, Austin, Sami, Lucas, Will, Kate, Eric, Jack, Billie, Frankie, Greta, Max, and Shane are looking for a way out of the room. The entrances and exits are covered with guards and/or locked. Roman doesn't see any way out at the moment. Just then, Philip appears, shocking Belle and Kate who approach him. Billie, Lucas, and Austin are also stunned. Kate asks what he is doing there. Philip lies and says he was told his father was in danger on board so he arrived and has been searching for him on the ship ever since, with no such luck. He then ended up here in the ballroom and was pushed in by a guard, who locked the door behind him. Billie says it seems like Philip got lured into this too.

Everyone then hears another door open and sees Kayla walking through it. Caroline asks what she is doing there. Kayla explains that she saw Steve on the ship. She was able to sneak on and found him. Kayla says that Steve was forced into helping the MCF. The MCF has a drug to help him get his memory back and he or she promised Steve his life and memory back. However, they gave him no choice really by threatening his family and friends if he didn't do as he was told. Hope adds that it seems like Steve is yet another victim of this monster. Kayla agrees and wonders where he and the rest are. Roman asks what she means by the rest. Kayla says Abby and Chelsea are on board.

At that very moment, Chelsea comes in wheeling Abby. Jack and Billie race over to them to lovingly embrace them. Both apologize for them being kidnapped due to their investigation. Abby and Chelsea say it's fine. They are just happy to back with them right now. Forest appears and Jack asks who he is. Abby says he is Fred Allen. Forest adds that he was kidnapped and held captive on the ship for months and then says there is no need to go into the rest right now. It's not the time or place. Jack is suspicious. Max races to Abby and embraces her, telling her never to do that again. Abby smiles. Bo embraces Chelsea as Hope does the same, adding that Chelsea was missed. Chelsea smiles and thanks her as Kate embraces her as well.

The side doors open once again to reveal Abe, Celeste, and Lexie. Roman embraces Abe, saying they were all wondering why he hadn't called. Abe recaps how him and Celeste were on their mission to follow Lexie in hopes she would find Tony. They believed Tony, who is like the anti-Dimera, would help them end Stefano's reign. This could help them protect Theo and save Lexie from the Dimera's. Lexie looks on with a angry look on her face. Abe says they were all ambushed in Milan, Italy and held captive on th ship from that point on. Kayla adds that Steve's assignment for the MCF was to follow Lexie and her Dimera men. He was then forced to help in the ambush. Abe is confused so Kayla fills him in on Steve being forced into the MCF's web.

Lexie hates that Abe did all this. Stefano agrees with Lexie and then embraces his daughter lovingly, saying how happy he is that she is alright. Lexie says it feels so good to see him awake and in her arms. She was so worried. Cassie smiles and says she cared for him.

Everyone then hears yet another door close. Tony and Anna appear. Carrie runs into her mother's arms. Roman comes over, telling Anna long time no see. Anna explains that she was in Milan, Italy doing a fashion show and she was told to meet someone at a coffee house for a business meeting. She was nabbed on her way there and held captive in a dark cell and, later, on this cruise ship. Stefano embraces Tony, as does Lexie. Tony explains that he was held captive by Andre and Wendell for years in a cell somewhere in Europe. He believes it was a castle turret. He had heard that Wendell took off and Andre was dead so he wondered what would happen as guards continued to care for him. Ernesto then took control and Tony mentions how he would appear from time to time when Wendell and Andre were around.

Tony remembers one day when he was eating breakfast and was blindfolded. When the blindfold was taken off, he was on board the cruise ship. Soon, him and Anna were put together and he admits that it was perfect timing because being in captivity for so long nearly made him lose his mind. Anna says she would've never made it through this without him. Tony and Anna exchange a loving glance.

The scene then shifts to the captain's quarters of the cruise ship. Ernesto walks in to tell the MCF that everyone is in attendance in the ballroom.

MCF (via voice changer): Time to make my grand entrance, it seems.

The scene shifts back to the ballroom where the lights flicker and then a familiar voice booms from the PA system:

MCF: Hello, my friends. I see you have met our beloved residents of this fine ship. Now that you all are together and reacquainted, it's time to begin the show. This is what I like to call a grand finale, if you will. The culmination of so much hard work and...well, enough of that. I would like to start by introducing my allies and assistants. I will start off with those that I had to push a bit to aid me in my plans. Cassie Dimera...

Cassie looks around as everyone looks at her.

MCF: Come on, Cassie. Take a bow and be proud of what you did.

Stefano looks at Cassie curiously as Cassie worries.

MCF: Steve Johnson...

A guard drags Steve out as Kayla looks on.

MCF: Of course, you all know Alan Harris.

Alan appears on stage as Sami, Lucas, Roman, and many others steam with anger.

MCF: Oh, and let's not forget the lovely Nicole Walker Brady, who is with us on board but not in this room. Or, is she? Dun dun dun!!

Nicole looks on from nearby, wondering just how evil and nuts the MCF is.

MCF: There were others I could mention that I forced into doing my will but all in due time. There was also the beautiful Marlena Evans but she couldn't be with us this evening. She is all tied up right now.

Roman fumes at the remark. The MCF laughs as Marlena watches from behind stage and pulls out her gun, sarcastically laughing at the MCF's remark and then promising revenge.

MCF: Now, James McCluer. Very important to my plans. Couldn't have done it without you, James.

James appears on stage and looks coldly at everyone in attendance.

MCF: Last but not least...the master of illusion himself!!! ERNESTO TOSCANO!!!

Ernesto appears as everyone in attendance stands stunned. Roman says he knew that bastard would come back to haunt them again. Ernesto smiles and says hello to Roman too. He then adds that he has a surprise for the whole room. He motions to a guard who brings out a chained Victor and throws him off the stage and into the middle of the ballroom. Caroline races to his side. Julie and Maggie start to but back off. Greta thinks of coming over but stops herself. Philip races to his side and helps him up. Victor sees everyone and Ernesto and asks what is going on. Philip says it looks like he was kidnapped. Ernesto laughs and tells Victor welcome aboard.

MCF: Hate to interrupt the action. Oh, by the way, nice touch Ernie!!

Ernesto: Thank you!

MCF: Anyway, now is the moment you all have been waiting for. Please welcome your host and the person behind the torture and pain you have all experienced for months...the one and only...CLOAKED FIGURE!!!

Smoke fills the stage as the MCF appears through it and walks out to center stage.

MCF: Thanks Ernie for the special effects. It helps to have an illusionist around. Now, welcome everyone. We have a fun evening planned for all of you. One of revelation, discovery, and great suffering ending in the eventual demise of all of you. However, not before I expose some nasty secrets and give you all the details behind my plans and how we pulled this all off. Yes, I will tell you all everything so you can all know how the greatest scheme ever was done and how it succeeded. Yes, tonight you will find out all that you wanted to know, including who I am and my reasons for this vendetta. So, without further adieu, let's begin!!

The lights dim as everyone in the room looks around, including Nicole from nearby and Marlena, who holds her gun and says she just needs to wait for the perfect moment. The MCF looks around the room and laughs as the screen fades to black.


MCF: Let's begin with my first appearance in Salem...

Bo to MCF: You did that? How?

Sami to MCF: Burn in hell!!

Roman to MCF: The time has come. Reveal to us, once and for all, the person under that cloak.

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