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rally day!!

Ms. Walsh


Today is Rally Day. Don't ask me what it is. It's just another one of the stupid holidays here. Since we're a private college, they don't have to give us federal holidays off (and they DON'T here!!). So in substitution for the federal holidays, we get these weird holidays off.

Like instead of Labor Day, we get Mountain Day which is a day where the president of the college wakes up and annouces some random day off. It just has to be nice out and autumn. And instead of Veteran's Day, we get Otella Cromwell Day, in honor of the first African-American graduate of the college. Rally Day is the sub. for President's Day.

So right now I'm at the SSC doing "research". I chose one of the oral histories because hardly anyone's written about them, so they're not well-known. It's weird, though, because I don't like to do papers on people who aren't dead. Like, what if they read this or something?? And then they'll say it's absolute [!@#$%^&*]! :o Maybe I should change it to Margaret Sanger...but I really like having videos to watch since the reading can be two-dimensional.

This morning, I woke up at 9.30 and went to the mall to buy ink for my printer (which works, thank god). Then I trekked to Amherst to go to Newbury Comics. I bought two DVDs and a CD (and spent the rest of my gift cards :(), and then went to Starbucks and got a coffee...and now I'm so sick. :(

I'm so nervous though. I have my Gold Key interview this evening, and I can't handle it!!!! What if I don't get it??? I know I got a connection in, but still...what if I blow my interview??!!!??? I guess it would be for the best. GK is a big responsibility and a bad guide can make people not apply here.

OH, and my CD player STILL doesn't work!! At least I got my printer and word processor set up, but still...:( :( :(!!! I just sent it in!! I'm going to wait until spring break, though, to return it because I really do need my laptop for school right now.

I also need to save up some money for spring break because we're going to Boston and NYC. It's going to cost about $40 for the bus trip to NYC, and $12 for the train ticket to Boston, and then I'll have to have spending money, so maybe $100-$150?? :blink:

And I'm getting my period!! UGH! I need to try to stay positive though...I need to do well on this interview!


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