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Episode 32:Baldwin vs Lansing



"Bobbie are you there?" Mac's desperation could be heard through the phone line, "I need help and I don't know who else to go to."

Bobbie said down in a chair and calmly asked, "Mac, where are you? Are you ok? Have you called Robert or Robin? They are really worried about you Mac."

"I am in a hotel room outside of Poughkeepsie. No, you are the only person I have called. I can't face Robert yet, I don't want them to be ashamed of me. I have been here for several days and Bobbie," Mac's voice broke as he started to cry, "I feel so alone. I need you to come up here. You are the only one who understands what it is like to lose so many people."

"Ok Mac," Bobbie stood up and started to walk upstairs. "I am going to throw some clothes in a bag and come stay with you. We will work through this. I am here to help you but I will tell Robert you are ok."

Mac was crying harder, "I can't get the image out of my head. Maxie won't fade. She haunts me Bobbie. So does Felicia. Bobbie, does it end? When you lost BJ, did she ever stop haunting you?"

"Oh Bobbie, I still dream of BJ and I always will. I still dream of Tony." Bobbie was quickly opening drawers and throwing clothes and toiliteries in her duffel bag. "They aren't haunting you, they are visiting. Think of the good times."

"You don't understand me Bobbie!" Mac cried angrily, "I can't think of the good times, I only see Maxie taking a gun to her head. I thought you would understand tragedy. They aren't visiting, they are taunting me. Saying over and over again that I was a horrible father and husband. I can't get rid of them! You have to help me."

He continued to sob harder that it sounded harder for him to breathe.

Bobbie shoved the last of her clothes in her back and zipped it up. She rushed downstairs and grabbed her keys. "Mac, I am on my way. Give me your number and I will call you right back. I will stay on the line with you the whole way there, OK? I will be there as soon as I can."

"Thank you Bobbie." sobbed Mac.

Jason walked into Sonny's penthouse and made himself comfortable on the couch. He looked up when Sonny walked in, "Hi Sonny, you wanted to see me?"

"Yeah Jason. Did that shipment arrive from Miami on time and get distributed?" Sonny poured himself a drink and offered one to Jason, who declined.

"Yes, everything arrived on schedule and is on it's way to our distributors. The money is on it's way to the Swiss account as we speak." Jason reported. "How are things with you? Have you heard from Carly?"

Sonny sat down across from Jason and crossed his leg. "She and Jax made it to Austraila fine. The boys sounded excited to be on a new adventure. She wanted to pass on hellos to you."

"Thanks." Jason sat there and stared at Sonny for a few moments. "Something on your mind Sonny?"

"Nawww." Sonny smiled before taking a drink.

Jason immediately looked concerned. "Sonny is there something that I need to know about?"

Sonny debated telling Jason and decided too. "Brenda will be around here a lot more." Right then, there was a knock on the door and Max opened the door. "Mr. Corinithos, Emily Quartermaine is here to see Jason."

Jason quickly glanced at Sonny and half stood up, "You mind?"

Sonny shook his head, "Have her come in here. I will go in my study. I have a couple calls to make." He stood up as Emily walked in. "Hello Emily."

Emily walked purposefully towards Jason and sat down, throwing a quick hello to Sonny. She waited for Sonny to exit before saying, "Jason I have to talk to you."

Immediately Jason looked worried, "What's wrong? Is it one of the Quartermaines, is someone sick?"

"No," Emily shook her head, her hair flying in all directions as she looked serious. "It's Alison Barrington."

Jason's brows came together, "What about her?"

"I don't think she's right for you Jason. I think it's too soon after Sam and I am afraid she is using you. I just get this feeling from her that she is, I don't know, trying to get too much out of you right now than you are willing to give. You also have so much going on with Elizabeth and the baby. I don't think it's the right time for you to have a girlfriend right now."

Jason leaned back and stared at Emily. "Emily, did something happen between you and Alison? Where is this coming from?"

Emily sniffed, "Nothing happened." she spoke quickly.

Jason spoke quietly and in a way that suggested that he didn't want Emily to ever mention this again, "Emily stay away from Alison. You really don't know what you are talking about. I don't appreciate you bringing up Sam. I would like it if you please left." He spoke with controlled anger.

"Fine." Emily stood up and made one more attempt, "Just think about it, she's all wrong for you."

"Enough." a now angry Jason said.

Alexis down the path, heading for Kelly's to meet Scott for lunch. He had called her earlier and cajoled her to meet her for lunch. Finally to get him off the phone, she agreed. She was surprised that he was there before she was. "Hello Scott." She laid her coat over a chair and stared at him. "What do you want?"

"What makes you think I want something?" Scott demanded, "You know Alexis, I am starting to get a little bit perturbed that you always think I want something from you."

"Don't you?" Alexis shot back, "Like an endoresment for mayor? Do you really think you can win against Ric? Scott, you were almost disbarred."

"Thanks for reminding me." Scott said wryly. "I would think you would want me to beat your ex. Hey, I figure you owe me one as I won you custody of Molly for you with no publicity." Scott looked up and saw Lulu approaching, "Lulu, two coffees."

"Lulu, a roast beef sandwich too. Thanks." Alexis said. "I knew that would come back to haunt me. You are incorrigible Scott. I should endorse Ric just because you said that."

The door opened as Alexis said that and they heard a familiar voice, "Oh I don't think I need your endorsement Counselor." Ric stated, hanging up his coat. He arrogantly stated, "I will win this election without the help of you. Baldwin here is a joke, not even a real candidate. I will win in a landslide."

Scott grinned up at Ric and said mockingly, "Oh come now Lansing, are you afraid of some competition from me? You know you are. I can smell it from you."

Ric scowled at Scott, "Baldwin, the day I am afraid of you is the day that Alexis here finally does the world a favor and locks up my brother in a prison cell and throws away the key. Which means never. I will stomp on you like an ant."

"Do you really think so?"

Alexis interrupted, "For God's sake you two, will you please put a sock in it. I would like to eat my lunch in peace and not have to hear you two debate on who's better."

Ric smiled, "That's exactly what we should do. Scott, we should have a televised debate to show the people of Port Charles who the best candidate is for mayor."

Scott leaned back in his chair and smiled confidently, "You got it. Name the time and the place and I will be there with bells on."

Ric grabbed his coat, "I'll get back to you."


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DUH! I totally get why Mac desperately needed Bobbie. That could prove interesting- POOR MAC! :( I continue to LOVE how you write Scott Baldwin! Putting him in a story with Alexis- Genius! The sparks are already flying! Can't wait for the debate....

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Great episode Tishy. Very good scenes with Alexis & Scotty - love them togethr. Loved Jason & Emily too. And my fave was Bobbie & Mac. I love that you have them using one another to help each other.

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