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  1. Michael Park was one of the pirates in NBC's Peter Pan Live.
  2. The first few moments of last night's episode terrified me. I don't remember the last time I got scared watching a show on TV! I pretty much like everyone but Abraham. I just don't get him. But I've heard he was very popular in the comics. I admit I am surprised Michael Cudlitz got a higher billing placement than Emily Kinney and Chad Coleman.
  3. Marlena's possession. I know that story was controversial, but I was in college when that story aired and it got me re-invested in DAYS.
  4. Please don't take offense to this but I don't think GH's poor ratings can be blamed on the Revolution. I don't think those two shows cater to the same audience. I think GH is bleeding viewers because (1), soap viewers who watched AMC and OLTL are tuning out in protest over those two shows cancellations, or (2), GH fans aren't buying Cartini's crap. Maybe it's a combination of both?
  5. I believe James Reynolds (Abe, DAYS) hails from Oskaloosa, Kansas Teresa Blake (Gloria, AMC) is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
  6. Thanks! I know who you are talking about now. Ugh . . .
  7. I adore Stevie Wonder but he is too good for this show. I would not be shocked to see any of the Jenner girls on this show. Eventually all of the Kardashian/Jenner clan will do this show. Out of all of them the only one I kinda like is Khloe. Who the hell is Taylor Armstrong? As for Paula Deen--I have no idea how I feel about this. Herman Cain has embarrassed himself (and his family) enough as it is. Please, Herm, stay home!!
  8. Damn, damn, DAMN!! I was hoping this was another terrible Twitter hoax.
  9. I heard about this while I was at work and was/am completely stunned. RIP Don C.
  10. Damn she's STILL bitter?
  11. Thanks for posting the link. My memory is very fuzzy about Nathan (err, "Kong's") early beginnings. All I remember about Jazz was his bald head.
  12. I barely remember Jazz. Weren't he and Amy a couple? Was Jazz a part of a gang like "Kong" was (but could read)?
  13. Thanks! I like Mr. Gold too. This show is great! I didn't even make that connection (Red Riding Hood and Granny)--will look out for them both next week. Thanks!
  14. This show is making me google Rumplestiltskin (sp?) and Maleficent (LOL). I like this show but haven't figured out all the fairy tale characters yet. Which one is Red Riding Hood? And is the psychiatrist supposed to be a fairy tale character too?