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Jann Wenner removed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame board

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Wenner and his/minions’ awful lists on Rolling Stone have always come off as overly self-important. Those lists are always completely predicated on opinion with no empirical basis. I am completely unsurprised that this is how he thinks. It was always evident to me.


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It is so bizarre.  When I first read the story, I thought that he just brushed off the issue of inclusivity.  But, then listening to the audio and hearing him double down on the lack of articulation by Joni Mitchel and other female artists, I was dumb struck.

It was both an idiotic answer to the question and an offensive take on the issue.  Mick Jagger and Bruce Springsteen have both admitted to openly cribbing from the style of black R&B performers.  So, to dismiss the influence and legacy of these men and women is appalling.

Yet, it is interesting to see the etymology of why movements like disco and new wave were dismissed by rock audiences, based on the biases of rock journalists.



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In what kind of crazy messed up world do I agree with anything Ted Nugent says, ever?! Because even Nugent thinks Wenner’s comments were racist and misogynistic. Waiting for hell to freeze over in 5-4-3-2…


Of course, Ted Nugent being Ted Nugent, he couldn’t just stop there, he had to go on and make this about himself and his lack of inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And that’s where I jump off the flotilla.


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