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First I would Like to thank Slick Jones for Helping keeping the Memory of several Daytime Actors and Actresses and Their Work ALIVE, we may not be the best of friends here but i admire his effort, so i would like to state that this isn't a Thread on the fashion of Soap Hoppers, no this one is a thread to pay your respects for actors, Dead or Alive, you find competent and talent but you don't think is well remembered today, This week i was inspired by: Tuddi Wiggins (Strange Paradise, Love of Life, GL, AMC), Liza Chapman (AW, TSS), Susan Trustman (AW), Beverly Penberthy (AW, ATWT would love to see that one), Marion Brash (Eunice on SFT, TEON) and last but Not Least Ellen Demming (GL), can you honestly say they are remembered as they should? That's All for now, Feel free to have your say

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Jane Manning played roles on Love of Life, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, and a dayrole on Another World.     I think that she has been daytime television's greatest villianess.     I did not see her work on Love of Life, but she was magnificent on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing as Jean Hurley Garrison.     Jean was a divorced woman with a son (Andy) who was the second wife of Chandler Garrison.  She forced Mark Elliott (husband of Laura Donnelly Elliott) into having an affair.   She later had an affair with Dr. Peter Chernak.

After Ms. Manning left New York, she moved to Texas (which I think was her original home) and became a playwright.

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