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More AMC: Teasers for May 13-16

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  • A heated Cara tells an anguished David "I could not let our child grow up with a murderer for a father!"
  • A troubled JR doesn't recognize AJ until after he leaves and Dix tries to prevent his getting out of his hospital bed to go after him
  • Zach and Lea trade innuendos at the "gentlemen's club"
  • Pete assures Opal that Celia's "obsessive psycho guardian" (her words) won't stand in his way!
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Now I wish Adam were Celia's guardian just to see the Chandler/Cortlandt feud continue between him and Palmer's son. Imagine: Pete ends up on the wrong side of Adam, who believes he is wrong for his daughter (Celia is Miguel's twin sister, we discover; Miguel died some time ago). Then, down the road, after Adam relents, all hell breaks loose when he discovers Pete is cheating on Celia with her half-sister, Colby. I'm just saying.

I also wish they had kept up all the modifiers in front of all the nouns. "Grimy Zach and blind Lea trade innuendos at the skanky 'gentlemen's club'."

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