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Your Internet History...Or, Internet! The history of YOU!

Ryan Chamberlain

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I was looking to see if I could find a cache of the first message board I ever joined. And, was a moderator on. I couldn't. But, I was able to find a video on SomethingAwful where they were making fun of the members over there. Including me.

The first board I ever joined was ConanO'Brien.net. That was in late 2003. That place was my internet home when I was in High School. But, around 6 months after I started modding there. Russian hackers destroyed the board. It was horrible. sad.png

I made so many friends over there. And, found a love for message boards.

I was also using my screenname over there to find more history of myself on the internet. I found my old Xanga journal from 2004.


I've changed so much since back then.

So, the point of this thread. Is to talk about your early days on the internet. And, maybe share old blogs that aren't used anymore. Talk about old message boards you posted on. ETC..

Remember....Don't make fun of that journal too much. I was in High School for God sake. A stupid teenager.

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My social internet history goes back to when I was 11 years old, so that's territory I'm very rarely willing to venture back to. Very cringe-worthy stuff.

I do still have the URL to my old LiveJournal that I had when I was 13-14, and some of that stuff is hilarious. This is right before the summer I came out to all my online friends, so I was still pretending to have no sexual interest in men. I was also on SON at this time, and my very first entry was me fangirling over SuLu's 57th birthday.

And wow. After a certain point, I set most of my entries to private, and I haven't logged in to my LJ in yeeeeeears, but it was relatively easy for me to get into it just now, so I'm about to read some of these entries for the first time in seven or eight years. Not a long time, but damn, a lot has changed.

My very last entry came from one of the most heartbreaking nights of my life, when the boy I crushed on for two years led me on to the point of no return and had me feeling all kinds of sh!t I didn't want to feel. This is ANGST, yall! I can't believe I forgot how I absolutely hurt I was after that night, but still, I soldiered on and kissed his ass for months after that.

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What an ironically appropriate topic to be recent after I found and posted in another one.

My internet history began in 1999, when I found World of Soap Themes and joined its forum. It was pretty much my only online hangout until 2003, when I joined SON to ask a question regarding "All My Children" actors appearing on "The Montel Williams Show."

I ended up staying at the original SON for a couple years, before I gave it up (along with WoST) in 2005. I had started my internship on the Disney College Program and knew I'd have limited online time, so I chose to give up those two forums and just concentrate on one: UltimateDisney, which I joined in 2004. After 7 years there, I left the forum in 2011, although I still visit the site (now DVDizzy).

I was aware that the original SON crashed and everyone had to re-register, which I did in 2006 (according to this account). In the meantime, I was also at SoapBlather (until it got hacked) and SoapBlather 2 (but I lost its URL, so I don't know if it's still around). I also joined Daytime Royalty briefly, but never did much there.

By strange circumstances, I found SON again today. I doubt I'll stick around, though, but it was nice revisiting.

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