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DAYS: 46 Years Ago: Episode # 219...September 15, 1966

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"Days" fans, enjoy this trip down memory lane! Here is the complete episode of "Days of Our Lives" aired exactly 46 years ago, Episode # 219, aired on September 15, 1966. The episode features Macdonald Carey (Tom), Frances Reid (Alice), Marie Cheatham (Marie), David McLean (Craig) and Don Briscoe (Tony). The episode is directed by Richard Sandwick and the dialogue written by James Gentile. William J. Bell wrote a majority of the dialogue in the early years of the show, but from time-to-time, he would give a few scripts to other writers to lessen his workload. As you watch, remember that all four scenes had to be shot from beginning to end in just one take. There was no stopping in the middle if a flub happened. Mac Carey saves the last scene when he drops something and ad-libs a line as he picks it up, to keep from having to do another take. Also, note that this episode was taped on September 6, 1966...just 9 days before it aired!


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