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"Generations" - South African Soap Opera

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I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't learn that there was a current Generations soap airing until today, as I always assumed that all the talk was about the old NBC series:


In any case, does anyone know where an American whose cable provider won't likely carry the Africa Channel in her lifetime can watch this show/clips of this show online?

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The Africa Channel only seems to run a few years, and then loops back. Right now they're in spring 2007. The show has some (a lot) slow periods, but it reminds me of ATWT more than any soap on the air now, so I enjoy that. They also have a lot of warm moments of friendship and laughter, along with the high drama.

There is a blog which heavily covers the show, but I don't want to link to it because at the moment Norton is saying it's a dangerous site.

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