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OLTL: April Prevue

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Bo and Nora have to cope with the revelation that Matthew killed Eddie Ford -- what's the right thing to do, in their shoes?

Marty goes totally off the deep end, and ends up setting in motion a chain of events that will not only affect Natalie and John, but half of Llanview.

Todd wakes up from his coma with a mission -- to get revenge on the man who put him there. And he heads straight for Tomas.

The battle for custody of Ryder is finally resolved, but not before Clint has a huge setback that will affect his life and everyone's around him.

And finally, Erika Slezak celebrates her 40-year anniversary playing Viki on April 27th. (Check out this video of Erika being surprised with a celebration from the OLTL cast and crew.) And just in time for that big milestone, an old enemy of Viki's slips back into town.


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