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AMC: Monday, January 10, 2011

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UGH nonono babies. I actually loved the sex scene, but first of all with Damon gone it's kinda a non issue (though I guess it could be a slow burn story--till the new writers come on and forget about it). As well, I'm sick of this total lack of birth control--and the excuse that the sex wasn't planned won't cut it. I've had sex plenty of times when I wasn't planning to hours in advance *coff* and still have never had trouble getting a condom, or breaking away from the heat of the moment to have one--add to that that I'd say the majority of female friends I have are on the pill (often for reasons not directly connected to contraceptive) it's just become too much. It'd be one thing if they made a point of trying to get birth control and couldn't in time, or some other lame plot device, but the all too easy "I just forgot" even if it is grief or pity sex doesn't count (OK I suppose when they have sex stranded in a cabin that's diff, but...)

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