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Wrecked Movie Careers


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Re Christian Slater, anybody know if he ever mended fences with his dad, Michael Hawkins (RH's first Frank Ryan)? Not really anything on the internet about MH that isn't old or merely just a reference to Slater being his son. Just find it interesting that MH battled with alcoholism while he was on RH and that Slater seems to have done worse. Not really a fan of Slater's but I did watch a few episodes of that tv show he did last year, The Forgotten, and thought it was okay.

Going back a stretch, I would say Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift fall into this, through abuse of their bodies, although Clift's downfall started with a car wreck that also wrecked him emotionally. In his later years Brando became lampooned more for his obesity than the iconic characters he portrayed.

Mickey Rourke. Corey Feldman.

With his recent antics and penchant for hoaxes, I think Joaquin Phoenix might be potentially starting a nosedive he may not recover from, career-wise.

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