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Days: Popular actress to make a return visit again...


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Part of me is wondering if this is a "test drive" for Greason to see if she can still act. She hasn't done much since Isabella, no?

If she does well, maybe they will consider bringing her back as Isabella's long lost twin or a lookalike.

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Guest dc cubs

From her twiiter, it sounds like this visit might be for a few episodes and not just a single appearance.

now back from the dead DOOL beginning Oct 19th...stay tuned!


I really liked the Isabella character so it will be good to see her again whether its one or multiple appearances. I think it would be good to have Isabella appear to Victor as well as Brady.

Here's a pic of her from her web site. I'm not sure how current the picture is but here you go. Also, here's what she has listed in the "About Me" section on her blog.

I'm a recovered soap star turned personal assistant, ghostwriter, screenwriter, novelist, and all around Girl Friday.



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