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All My Children EPISODE COUNT...


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Congrats to the new headwriters for putting forth the most balanced episode count for AMC that I have EVER seen.


July 2010 Episode Count

21 Episodes from Thursday, July 1 - Friday, July 30

01..Rebecca Budig [Greenlee Smythe Hayward]...14

**..Cameron Mathison [Ryan Lavery]...14

03..Stephanie Gatschet [Madison North]...13

**..Vincent Irizarry [Dr. David Hayward]...13

05..Melissa Claire Egan [Annie Chandler]...11

**..Jacob Young [J.R. Chandler]...11

07..Natalie Hall [Colby Chandler]...10

**..Michael E. Knight [Tad Martin]...10

**..Jamie Luner [Liza Colby]...10

**..Adam Mayfield [scott Chandler]...10

**..Michael Nouri [Caleb McGraw]...10

**..Finn Wittrock [Damon Miller]...10

13..Brittany Allen [Marissa Chandler]...9

**..Ricky Paull Goldin [Dr. Jake Martin]...9

**..Christina Bennett Lind [bianca Montgomery]...9

**..Debbie Morgan [Dr. Angela Hubbard]...9

17..Cornelius Smith Jr. [Dr. Frankie Hubbard]...8

**..Darnell Williams [Jesse Hubbard]...8

19..Susan Lucci [Erica Kane]...7

**..Chrishell Stause [Amanda Dillon Martin]...7

21..Walt Willey [Jackson Montgomery]...6

22..Bobbie Eakes [Krystal Carey]...5

**..Denise Vasi [Randi Hubbard]...5

24..Emily Alyn Lind [Emma Lavery]...4

25..Tate Berney [AJ Chandler]...3

**..J.R. Martinez [brot Monroe]...3

27..Mackenzie Aladjem [Miranda Montgomery]...2

**..Dylan and Jordan Duszynski; Logan & Noah Ireland [baby Trevor]...2

**..Wanda De Jesus [Mayor Iris Blanco]...2

**..Shannon Kane [Natalia Fowler]...2

**..David Shatrow [Tucker]...2

32..Robert Curtis Brown [Paul Miller]...1

**..Meeghan Holoway [social Worker]...1

**..Aerowyn Jones [Gabrielle Montgomery]...1

**..Jill Larson [Opal Cortlandt]...1

**..Matt McKenzie [Dr. Beldon]...1

**..Dannika Northcott [Kathy Martin]...1

NOTE: Friday, July 30 is circa breakdowns. If there's any changes to be made, they will be made after the show tomorrow.

All My Children 2010 Episode Count

147 Episodes from Monday, January 4 - Friday, July 30

01..Vincent Irizarry [Dr. David Hayward]...118 [+4]

-C- 15/19/21/14/17/19/13

4 <----- 5 EPISODES A WEEK

02..Rebecca Budig [Greenlee Smythe Hayward]...115 [NA]

-C- 14/19/19/15/16/18/14

03..Cameron Mathison [Ryan Lavery]...106 [-21]

-C- 15/19/18/12/15/13/14

04..Melissa Claire Egan [Annie Chandler]...96 [+7]

-C- 14/13/19/18/12/9/11

**..Michael E. Knight [Tad Martin]...96 [+12]

-C- 14/16/20/14/11/11/10

06..Jamie Luner [Liza Colby]...91 [NA]

-C- 16/12/16/16/11/10/10

**..Jacob Young [J.R. Chandler]...91 [-12]

-C- 10/12/16/19/14/9/11

08..Susan Lucci [Erica Kane]...89 [-13]

-C- 15/18/12/13/10/14/7

3 <----- 4 EPISODES A WEEK

09..Natalie Hall [Colby Chandler]...87 [+32]

-C- 15/12/17/16/8/9/10

10..Brittany Allen [Marissa Chandler]...79 [NA]

-C- 9/13/13/13/14/8/9

**..Ricky Paull Goldin [Dr. Jake Martin]...79 [-9]

-C- 13/14/12/11/10/10/9

12..Stephanie Gatschet [Madison North]...77 [NA]

-C- 11/5/12/9/15/12/13

13..Finn Wittrock [Damon Miller]..72

- 8/7/17/12/8/10/10

14..Adam Mayfield [scott Chandler]...71 [NA]

-C- 13/12/11/7/10/8/10

**..Debbie Morgan [Dr. Angela Hubbard]...71 [-3]

-C- 10/8/16/11/7/10/9

16..Darnell Williams [Jesse Hubbard]...70 [-24]

-C- 7/11/14/11/8/11/8

17..David Canary [Adam Chandler (63) & Stuart Chandler (1)]...63 [NA] (Exited on 4/23)

-C- 14/12/21/16/0/0/0

**..Bobbie Eakes [Krystal Carey]...63 [-38]

-C- 8/9/13/4/9/15/5

19..Chrishell Stause [Amanda Dillon Martin]...62 [-21]

-C- 12/7/9/9/10/8/7

**..Walt Willey [Jackson Montgomery]...62 [+27]

- 2/9/8/11/9/17/6

2 <----- 3 EPISODES A WEEK

21..Denise Vasi [Randi Hubbard]...56 [+6]

-C- 9/7/11/6/11/7/5

22..Jill Larson [Opal Cortlandt]...43 [-7]

-C- 9/9/7/3/6/8/1

23..Julia Barr [brooke English]..40 (Exited on 4/23)

- 1/4/19/16/0/0/0

**..Cornelius Smith Jr. [Dr. Frankie Hubbard]...40 [-12]

-C- 9/4/3/2/4/10/8

25..Shannon Kane [Natalia Fowler]...38 [+6]

-C- 6/8/6/10/2/4/2

1 <----- 2 EPISODES A WEEK

26..Tate Berney (25; Debuted on 2/18); Rory/Declan McTigue (3; Exited on 1/20) [AJ Chandler]..28 [-5]

- 3/4/7/0/7/4/3

27..**..Dylan & Jordan Duszynski (1; Debuted on 7/30); Logan & Noah Ireland (18; Debuted on 3/3); Aidan & Connor Sharpe (8; Exited on 1/5) [baby Trevor]...27 [NA]

- 8/0/3/2/9/3/2

28..J.R. Martinez [brot Monroe]...26 [-11]

-C- 5/6/2/6/2/2/3

29..Emily Alyn Lind (15; Debuted on 2/24) & Lucy Merriam (9; Exited on 1/21) [Emma Lavery]...24 [-26]

- 9/1/2/2/4/2/4

30..Michael Nouri [Caleb McGraw]...23 (Debuted on 5/24)

-C- 0/0/0/0/2/11/10

31..Christina Bennett Lind (19; Debuted on 6/14) & Eden Riegel (1; Exited on 1/5) [bianca Montgomery]...20

-C- 1/0/0/0/0/10/9

32..Anna Koonin [Nurse Gayle]...17

- 7/3/6/1/0/0/0

33..Alicia Minshew [Kendall Hart Slater]...10 [NA]

-C- 3/1/0/6/0/0/0

34..Kate Collins [Janet Green]...8

- 0/0/0/1/7/0/0

35..Dannika Northcott (5; Debuted on 3/3) & Alexa Gerasimovich (2; Exited on 1/27) [Kathy Martin]...7 []

- 2/0/3/1/0/0/1

36..Bill D. Dawes (3; Debuted on 2/3) & Michael Malone (3; Exited on 1/26) [Val]...6

- 3/3/0/0/0/0/0

**..Cady McClain [Dixie Cooney]...6

- 0/0/5/1/0/0/0

**..David & Damian Paseler [baby Stuart]...6 [NA] (Exited on 1/27)

- 6/0/0/0/0/0/0

39..Wanda De Jesus [Mayor Iris Blanco]...5

- 0/0/0/0/0/3/2

**..Thorsten Kaye [Zach Slater]...5 [NA] (Exited on 1/6; Ret: 4/13 - 4/16)

- 2/0/0/3/0/0/0

**..Lee Meriwether [Ruth Martin]...5

- 1/0/0/0/0/4/0

42..Victor Alfieri [Ciro]...4

- 0/0/0/4/0/0/0

**..Joel Fabiani [barry Shire]...4

- 4/0/0/0/0/0/0

**..Jake T. Vaughn (2; Debuted on 4/14) & Alexander, Benjamin and Caleb Eckstein (2; Exited on 1/6) [spike Lavery]...4 [NA]

- 2/0/0/2/0/0/0

45..Britton Reeder (1; Debuted on 4/14) & Luc/Cole Amante (2; Exited on 1/6) [ian Slater]...3 [NA]

- 2/0/0/1/0/0/0

46..Mackenzie Aladjem [Miranda Montgomery]...2 (Debuted on 7/13)

- 0/0/0/0/0/0/2

**..Mark Consuelos [Mateo Santos]...2

- 2/0/0/0/0/0/0

**..Taylor Miller [Nina Cortlandt]...2

- 1/0/0/1/0/0/0

**..James Mitchell [Palmer Cortlandt]...2 (Last Episode on 4/20)

- 1/0/0/1/0/0/0

**..Kelly Ripa [Hayley Vaughan Santos]...2

- 2/0/0/0/0/0/0

51..L.A. Councilman Eric Garcetti [Himself]...1

- 0/1/0/0/0/0/0

**..Aerowyn Jones [Gabrielle Montgomery]...1 (Debuted on 7/13)

- 0/0/0/0/0/0/1

**..Eva LaRue [Maria Santos Grey]...1

- 1/0/0/0/0/0/0

**..Laurence Lau [Greg Nelson]...1

- 1/0/0/0/0/0/0

**..Ray MacDonnell [Dr. Joe Martin]...1 (Exited on 1/5)

- 1/0/0/0/0/0/0

**..Agnes Nixon [Herself]...1


**..Leven Rambin [Lily Montgomery]...1

- 1/0/0/0/0/0/0

**..Gillian Spencer [Daisy Murdock]...1

- 0/0/0/1/0/0/0

**..L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa [Himself]...1

- 0/1/0/0/0/0/0

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What balance? RB & VI have dominated since like January, they've pretty much been #1 and 2 almost every month this year

Way too much MCE/Annie for my tastes, glad to see more Madison though

The actual episode #'s are better but when two people don't dominate I'll agree there's balance

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What balance? RB & VI have dominated since like January, they've pretty much been #1 and 2 almost every month this year

I didn't say it was the most balanced year I've ever seen. I said it's the most balanced month I've ever seen and it is. Sure it's the same actors at the top but 14 out of 21 for number 1? I hope the writers can continue to split it up like this.

When Zendull returns they will be dominating. Watch.

Why? If current long-time airhogs can air less at least this month (January and July were the only months that were truly balanced), what makes "Zendull" so resistent? If balance like this is in Donna and David's book, it will continue with or without "Zendull." If it isn't it won't, with or without.

Also when VI and RB are first they are on not for the entire month. They won't be shown maybe 3-4 episodes.

Save a month here and there, VI particularly didn't air 0 to 3 episodes a month on norm. That is normal air-hogging for AMC and GH. It's not balanced air-hogging.

Thanks alexis. About to go through today's episode and then make sure our counts match.

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Emma was only on 4 episodes this month 13, 20, 22, 28. She was never on the 26th. Ryan was in the hospital and she was only mentioned. Trevor was on twice this month 7/19 and 7/30. 7/19 was Logan and Noah Ireland today was Dylan and Jordan Duszynski. Miranda and Gabrielle were both on this month as well. Aerowyn was Gabrielle on 7/13 and Mackenzie Aladjem was Miranda on 7/13 and 7/30.

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Thanks lisa. I tape over AMC each day, and remembered I didn't watch the continuation of the park scenes on the 26th for some reason so I was pretty sure I could have easily missed her.

Just went through the episode and saw that Miranda and Trevor aired today and that they listed nu-Miranda's name in the credits.

Thanks for the names of nu-Trevor and nu-Gabrielle.

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