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AMC: Tuesday 6-30-09

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Its 10:30 and no discussion thread. Wow guess no one was interested in today's show...lol

Kendall with Annie...what a joke! I cant believe she had the nerve to go to Annie today asking for help in keeping her out of prison. She led the witch hunt for Annie last year doing her best to ruin Annie's life and have her sent away to prison. She was relentless against her so its pretty ironic that now that she is in a position where she could be locked up, she goes to her for help. She has no shame.

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I am watching but struggling to find characters to like or give a damn about.

Crazy Annie has the most moxie and heart right now, imo. MCE is *selling" in a big way. I admire that in her. Heart is what this show needs more of right now.

Kendall just seems so lifeless anymore. *sad*

Zach judging North and Ryan over being controlling of his wife and dissing the quality Ryan's big scheme? LMAO. So tired of the word, but here it is: hypocrite. Zach's the biggest control freak out there and his own plans rarely work.

That was when the writers bother of late to give Zach dialogue though. His scripts must be filled with silent instructions to sigh dismissively, look smug, swagger into a macho poses, intimidate Woman X or Man X with his staredown. Zach on my nerves? Why do you ask?

Annie and Adam are much more palatable for me than Ryan and Erica.

I was open to some fun with Ryan and Erica but see already he is dragging her down. I even understand why Ryan and Erica are going after Annie but find the manner in which they are doing it awful. Erica losing some of her spark but I like the continued portrayal of her interest in Adam.

Luner is becoming more and more appealing for me. She did a fine job in the scenes with the baby, imo. I do think she can do maternal. Just keep her away from her SexKitten for Zonny bit (no such luck I know).

What was of Madison's silly build up into near God like status of her husband's abilities in the courtroom? To give Zach some moral leeway in his "handling" of North's pursuit of Kendall?

Emma, please get that little chica daily psych counseling for life.

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