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DAYS: Episode # 11,111 on 6/25/09...

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Thursday, June 25, 2009 marks a special episode for "Days of Our Lives." It is episode # 11,111. This is the 28th time in "Days" history that the episode # is comprised of the same exact digits. The next time that a "Days" episode will have the same digits will be for episode # 22,222 (which will not air until around the year 2053!) Here are the stats of the previous same-digit episodes. http://www.jason47.com

# 11 OAD: Monday 11/22/65

Cast: Tom, Marie, Craig, Tony, Carl.

Sets: Salem Airport, Merritt Living Room, Horton Porch, Horton Study.

# 22 OAD: Wednesday 12/8/65

Cast: Tom, Mickey, Craig, Tony, Jim, Rusty.

Sets: Tom's University Hospital Office, Jim's Apartment, Horton Study, Restaurant Booth, Phone Booth Limbo.

# 33 OAD: Friday 12/24/65

Cast: Alice, Mickey, Craig, Tony, Bill, Barbara.

Sets: Mickey's Apartment, Boston Restaurant, Horton Living Room, Horton Kitchen.

# 44 OAD: Monday 1/10/66

Cast: Tom, Marie, Mickey, Craig, Diane, Rusty.

Sets: Diane's Home, Tom's Office, Marie's Bedroom, Horton Living Room.

# 55 OAD: Tuesday 1/25/66

Cast: Craig, Tony, Jim, Diane, Lil, Dr. White.

Sets: Dr. White's Office, Lil's Apartment, Merritt Home, Tony's Apartment.

# 66 OAD: Wednesday 2/9/66

Cast: Alice, Marie, Craig, Tony, Lil, Rusty.

Sets: Alice's Hospital Room, Horton Living Room, Lil's Apartment, Park Bench with Snow.

# 77 OAD: Thursday 2/24/66

Cast: Tom, Alice, Marie, Craig, Julie.

Sets: Horton Kitchen, Marie's Bedroom, Horton Living Room, Park Bench.

# 88 OAD: Friday 3/11/66

Cast: Tom, Alice, Marie, Mickey, Craig, Tony, Donald, Minister.

Sets: Marie's Bedroom, Horton Living Room, Tony's Hospital Room, Church Altar.

*Note: The first-ever wedding on "Days" (Marie Horton marries Craig Merritt).

# 99 OAD: Tuesday 3/29/66

Cast: Tom, Alice, Julie, David, Rusty.

Sets: Julie's Room, Horton Kitchen, Tom's University Hospital Office, Horton Front Hall.

# 111 OAD: Thursday 4/14/66

Cast: Marie, Craig, Julie, David, Diane, Susan.

Sets: Craig & Marie's Bedroom, Hunter Home, Julie's Bedroom.

# 222 OAD: Tuesday 9/20/66

Cast: Tom, Marie, Mickey, Craig, Bill.

Sets: Mickey's Office, Merritt Living Room, Table at Nice Restaurant.

# 333 OAD: Monday 2/27/67

Cast: Tom, Alice, Marie, Mickey, Tony.

Sets: Horton Living Room, Tom's Study, Tom's Apartment.

# 444 OAD: Friday 8/4/67

Cast: Alice, Marie, Mickey, Susan, Laura, Dr. Cooper.

Sets: Horton Living Room, Jail Hospital Examining Room, Mayfair Room.

# 555 OAD: Wednesday 1/17/68

Cast: Tom, Susan, Bill, Julie.

Sets: Susan's Apartment, Horton Living Room, Tom's Study, Julie's Room, Phone Limbo.

*Note: One of the smallest cast episodes ever, with only four characters featured. In fact, there were more sets (5) than characters in this episode! The record for the smallest cast was two characters, which last occurred on episode # 7563 (July 5, 1995), a special recap episode of the possession storyline featuring mostly flashbacks along with new scenes featuring Drake Hogestyn (John Black) and Michael O'Neill (Father Jansen).

# 666 OAD: Tuesday 6/25/68

Cast: Tom, Susan, Janet, Scott, Baby.

Sets: Susan's Apartment, Tom's Office, Scott's Office, Banning Living Room, Bannings' New Apartment.

*Note: The "baby" mentioned here is Brad Banning, who would turn out to be David, the son that Julie gave up for adoption.

# 777 OAD: Friday 12/6/68

Cast: Mickey, Susan, Bill, Laura, Janet, Scott, Michael.

Sets: Laura & Mickey's Apartment, Susan's Apartment, Hospital Nursery, Telephone Station at Hospital.

*Note: Michael Horton was two months old in this episode. He would later be played by Wesley Eure, Michael T. Weiss and Roark Critchlow.

# 888 OAD: Thursday 5/15/69

Cast: Mickey, Susan, Bill, Laura, Scott, Julie, Will.

Sets: N/A.

# 999 OAD: Tuesday 10/28/69

Cast: Tom, Alice, Mickey, Laura, Bill, Kitty, Janene.

Sets: N/A.

*Note: Mary Wilcox played Janene in this episode, but would soon be replaced by Joan Van Ark (later of "Knots Landing") in the role.

# 1111 OAD: Friday 4/3/70

Cast: Alice, Mickey, Susan, Laura, Scott, Julie, Will, David.

Sets: Horton Living Room, Horton Kitchen, Mickey & Laura's Living Room, Scott's Office, Park Bench, Will's Phone Limbo.

# 2222 OAD: Wednesday 9/18/74

Cast: Mickey, Bill, Laura, Julie, Doug, Max.

Sets: Horton Living Room, Mickey's Law Office, Doug's Place, Doug's Place Bedroom.

*Note: Hal Riddle played Max, who was the Doug's Place maitre d' before Don Frabotta (Dave) became Salem's long-time favorite waiter.

# 3333 OAD: Tuesday 1/16/79

Cast: Bill, Bob, Jeri, Robert, Linda, David, Mary, Laura, Chris, Stephanie, Trish, Artie.

Sets: Mary's Studio, Anderson Lake House, David's Apartment, Laura's Den, Doug's Place, Melrose Club, Emergency Waiting Room, Emergency Examining Room.

# 4444 OAD: Thursday 5/5/83

Cast: Julie, Doug, Maggie, Neil, Don, Liz, Tony, Gwen, Anna, Daphne, Hope, Delia, Dave.

Sets: DiMera Living Room, Liz's Apartment, Lakehouse, Don's House, Doug's Place, Neil's Bedroom, Neil's Office.

# 5555 OAD: Tuesday 8/25/87

Cast: Neil, Victor, Steve, Kayla, Grace, Adrienne, Justin, Jo, Jack, Ed, Noel, Luke.

Sets: Kayla's Loft, Neil's Living Room, Nurses' Station, Jack's Hospital Room, Hospital Lounge, Kiriakis Study, Island Beach.

# 6666 OAD: Friday 12/20/91

Cast: Mickey, Victor, John, Isabella, Bo, Carly, Lawrence, Marlena, Roman, Shawn-Douglas, Ivan, Rafi.

Sets: Hospital Lounge, Nurses' Station, Isabella's Loft, Fisherman's Village, Roman & Marlena's House, Fancy Face, Alamain Mansion, Victor's Holding Cell, Pier, Phone Limbo.

# 7777 OAD: Tuesday 5/7/96

Cast: Caroline, Shawn, Vivian, Austin, Carrie, Sami, Lucas, Jamie, Ivan, Mike, Hope, Bo, Kate, Lynn, Henderson, Benny.

Sets: Sami's Apartment, Fancy Face, Hospital Chapel, Salem Club, Nurses' Station, Victor's Hospital Room, Warehouse.

# 8888 OAD: Friday 9/15/00

Cast: Sami, Lucas, Austin, Kate, Roman, Nicole, Greta, Chloe, Philip, Brandon, Victor, Rolf, Hattie, Angela, Vincent, Marie.

Sets: Chloe's Bedroom, Philip's Bedroom, Nicole's Titan Office, Titan Reception Area, Hattie's Apartment, Roman's Car, Tuscany, Doctor's Office, Wooded Path, Italian Villa, Italian Cottage.

# 9999 OAD: Friday 2/18/05

Cast: Sami, Hope, Bo, Kate, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Brandon, Lucas, Philip, Rex, Jan, Billie, Jake.

Sets: Shawn's Loft, Mimi's Hospital Room, Bo & Hope's Living Room, Bo & Hope's Bathroom, Lucas' Apartment, Marine Base.

# 11111 OAD: Thursday 6/25/09

Cast: TBA.

Sets: TBA.

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