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OLTL Episode Titles and blurbs for the week of June 1st

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From the OLTL page at abc.com for the week of June 1st, here are the episode titles and brief blurb about this week's episodes:

Monday: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

(Brody confronts Bess at the Brennan family home.) Rated PG with L for language (the other four days are just rated PG).

Tuesday: Mother Knows Bess

(Bess discovers she's trapped.)

Wednesday: Are You There, Gatekeeper?

(Jean Randolph appears on the scene to talk sense to Bess.)

Thursday: The Waiting is the Hardest Part

(Rex catches Gigi and Schuylre breaking into his apartment.) Haha...they spelled 'Schuyler' wrong in that preview. :lol:

Friday: Rising from the Tumble

(Blair realizes Starr is having second thoughts about giving the baby back to Marcie.)

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I'm very curious as to how the whole Starr/Marcie thing will end. Will Marcie be upset Starr isn't giving the baby back? Will she start some sort of legal action against Starr? Obviously, Starr will keep the baby but Marcie has a few more weeks left on the show, I think.

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