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DAYS: Week of September 22, 2008

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LOL about Nick/Max. So true.

Trent was such an poorly conceived character (not surprised! ;)).

They still have great chemistry, but I don't want them together right now. If they're gonna go back to pairing these two, Dena is going to have to do a lot to get my back on their bandwagon. Right now, I'm really enjoying Nick/Melanie, so I loved it when Nick told Chelsea to stay away from him if she's going to have issues with Melanie.

Well of course it was. Somebody has to "witness" Nicole threatning Trent.

I just hope this leads to the end of their relationship! This was another poorly conceived idea!

I know!! They're acting like BFFs! So unbelievable.

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Well i love the Nicole & Chloe friendship. Foe one, nither one has ANY friends. And number two, nothing can unit enemies like a common enemy. And they both hate Sami and want her men, so... plus, i dont see them as BFF's, more like Frenemies.

I also do NOT want Nick & Chelsea back together. At all. Ever. I use to lovre them, but i hate how boring she is when shes with him. I want her to just be single and date around, i hate thew soaps feel every young person must be in a relationship.

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Caroline grabbing the knife was sooooo stupid! LMAO!!!!!

And the motives for Trent's murder are so weak too!

And we're suppose to believe Nick could kill trent? Melanie could kill Trent? Caroline could kill Trent?

The only two are are slightly believable are Max and Nicole.

But I'm pretty sure I know who the killer is - Claude's goon(s).

Dena Higley cannot plot at all! LOL

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I'm bummed that it looks like Bo is going to be the new commissioner. I really wanted Hope to get the position, and I still hope she does. I just feel that it would do wonders for Bo and Hope, storylinewise, to have Hope be Bo's boss. It would cause so much conflict between them and it would totally be in character for both. It's not that hard to put this together, and I was actually looking forward to seeing the writers do this. I'm still hoping they do.

Poor Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans. They were once the show's core, most popular couple and now, they're stuck in this supporting role as the third wheel supercouple that was once occupied by Jack and Jennifer. The couple that never gets a serious storyline about them, and is only on the show support the other characters. IMO, that third supercouple is not necessary and unless they're goign to write for Steve and Kayla, then these two need to be written out. It's such a waste for Nichols and Evans to not be in roles that are actually being featured. They're too talented.

Anyways, back to the show. I liked having Steve and Kayla join Bo and Hope at Chez Rouge. I will give Higley and her team one thing, they do make the town feel like a close-knit community, and I got that feel today with the dinner scenes. These were just simple scenes that are nice to have when you have more high tense things (like Trent's murder mystery build up, as disappointing as it is). One thing I would have did different though, I would have made Steve mention that he felt uncomfortable in the upscale restaurant. I don't know. I just look at Steve in Chez Rouge and I feel that he doesn't belong there, and I think he would feel that way too. I'm not upset that they didn't have him mention this, but it would have been a nice nod to his character. He's defintiely not one to enjoy going to these upscale places to dine. He's more of a Cheatin' Heart guy. I feel that under Hogan's team, they would have made mention to this. They were pretty good at incorporating simple character nods into the daily dialogue. It's just nice to have.

I wish that I could get into the Kate/Daniel/Chelsea storyline, but I just can't. It's unbelievable for me. First of all, I can't picture Chelsea falling for Daniel, and I can't see Daniel honestly falling for Chelsea in return. So the storyline, from its beginning, never got me hooked. And now, you throw in Kate, and I still feel that there's no point to this storyline. It's not interesting to me at all. I'm only interested when it's Kate, dealing with her illness and surrounded by her sons. When she's in scenes with Daniel, I just don't care. I thought Lauren Koslow and Shawn Christian would have chemistry together, but I don't see it. Even if Chelsea is slowly being phased out of this story, I'm still not interested in a story with Daniel and Kate.

I'd actually throw Daniel at Nicole's direction. I'm sorry, but I cannot see the so-called chemistry that many many many others see when looking at EJ and Nicole. I just don't see it. They look forced to me. I don't even think their personalities mesh well together. They just turn me off, so I don't usually pay attention to their scenes, and that includes today with their scenes at the pub. Who cares...

As much as I enjoy Molly Burnett's acting abilities, I wouldn't be too upset if she's the other actress that's supposedly leaving and the writers decide to write Melanie out. I wouldn't mind seeing her return as Jeannie Donovan though. It would be so much better, and they could still go for a pairing with Nick.

The scenes at the pub with Mickey and Maggie discussing the restaurant going green was completely ridiculous. The way Maggie was reacting to the letter she got, you would think she just won the damn lottery. Who the hell cares that you're going to be certified? Mickey and Maggie acted like they just saw Jesus, himself, walk into Chez Rouge. Are you kidding me? And no, I'm not blaming all of the green talk on the writers. I get the feeling that this is NBC pushing the show to promote going green. However, it is up to the writers and it is their job to incorporate going green into the show. And I would think there would be a more subtle way of incorporating this movement into the show than what we've been seeing. I'm sorry, but no one talks this way about going green. The way Mickey and Maggie acted today, and the way Bo and Hope have acted in the past, you would think they based their entire lives on going green. It's unbelievable. I'm not saying that they shouldn't promote this cause, but writers, please, do better at fitting it into the show.

Love Max. Hate Stephanie. Period.

I will say that the graveyard scenes were very well done up until the end. I liked seeing Caroline talking to Grandpa Shawn and telling him everything. It's about time we saw her visit her damn husband's gravesite. And I liked how they had Trent watching Caroline. At first, I was thinking that the person watching Caroline was one of the suspects, who had just killed Trent and Caroline was going to walk around and then find Trent's body. But to have it be Trent, walking, slowly hoping to find help, and breathing heavily, it was well done. However, once Caroline saw Trent walking towards her and he fell onto her, the scenes turned to [!@#$%^&*]. First of all, I hated how he landed ontop of her. That wasn't so bad though. But to have Caroline, who is the mother of two police officers and the mother of a doctor, reach down and grab the knife and take it out of Trent's back was stupid and it made her look dumb. Because of Roman and Bo, Caroline should've known that she shouldn't touch the knife because her fingerprints would be on it. And because of Kayla, she should know that if a knife is in someone's back, you don't take it out because it could cause paralysis. But no, you have Caroline removing the knife from Trent's back, stupidly. And how convenient that Bo and Hope just happened to be on their way to visit Grandpa Shawn's grave when Caroline is holding the knife. Bad execution if you ask me. I think it could've been done better.

Not a bad show, but I wouldn't say it was a great one either. I will give them something though. They actually ended with a decent Friday cliffhanger.

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I want some sort of conflict for Bo/Hope too.

This is another couple that needs conflict.

And what happened to Joe when Stefano kidnapped him? Is that storyline being dropped?

I love Molly but Melanie needs a lot of work.

Yup. The execution was brutal at the end. It was so dumb.

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