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Days: Week of Sept.8

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What on earth was with yesterday's show? Did I miss something? Out of nowhere Trent has a gambling problem and is pimping out his daughter? Out of nowhere Melanie is on some gangster's yacht? And Nick gets shot (cliche)? This has rushed re-write written all over it. Not good. Thank God for the DiMera family drama they have going on...

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Okay show today. I'm not too interested in the stories that were showcased today, but it wasn't bad. I actually found myself watching, rather than getting distracted by something else in the room like I've been doing for the last several months with this show.

I agree with everyone that says Molly Burnett is a total find and a great actress. However, I don't really care about her character, and the one tie that she has to the show, that being Max's sister, isn't enough for me to care. I get that they're trying to blend her in with the younger set, by pairing her with Nick, but still, it isn't enough. I think Molly would have been great as a Jeannie Donovan recast. That would have been awesome. She's an established character with ties to a core family on the show, and they could still explore the potential with Nick. And it would've been awesome to see Chelsea and Jeannie spar as cousins like Chelsea and Stephanie used to do before Shayna Rose was fired and Shelley Henning came onto the role and the writers made Chelsea and Stephanie best friends.

I just don't care for this storyline at all. It's all so contrived to me. I don't get what the point was to bring on Roscoe Born as Trent, and now Molly Burnett as Melanie, when in the end, Born is out as Trent after no true building in character, and there are rumors that Burnett could be the other actress let go along with Kristen Renton. I just don't care for the Paris storyline and I'll be happy once they're all back in Salem.

Welcome back Sami Brady! Whoever wrote today's scripts and placed in there the scene when Sami tries to manipulate EJ, by saying that Allie is "their" daughter is brilliant. That's classic Sami right there. She wants something, and is having a tough time achieving that, so to get what she wants, she will manipulate anyone to gain her goal, even EJ. Luckily, EJ's a manipulator just like Sami, and he was able to catch onto what she was doing. The writers had the chance to make EJ look like all of the other dumb moronic males of Salem and have him go along with Sami's manipulations, but instead, they chose the right direction and had him be onto her. Kudos!

Nicole needs a life, seriously. She looks so pathetic, following EJ around town, hoping that he'll show her the slightest attention he shows Sami. I get that EJ is torn between both women, but Nicole needs to realize that she looks pathetic doing what she's doing. She needs to move on with her life. I did like her calling the police though. That was a bitchy thing to do and brought back her mean appeal, which has been missing in favor of weak, sappy and pathetic Nicole.

As totally random and contrived as Lucas and Chloe, as a couple, are, I must say that I find myself starting to enjoy them. I think it's because both Bryan Dattilo and Nadia Bjorlin are finally paired with other actors that are on their level. Neither actor is the best actor the show has to offer, and both have been paired with actors that are higher than them in skill, and they come off as bad. But when Dattilo and Bjorlin are together, I find Lucas and Chloe meshing very well. I think that the writers could've done a better job at bringing them together, rather than the random, "Hey we never talked before, but I'd love to be your best friend and maybe [[email protected]#$%^&*] buddy. What do you say?" That was stupid.

And I did notice the sick scenes the writers gave Chloe. Could it be a hint? Maybe. With Morgan leaving the show soon, the writers may want to throw Philip back in Chloe's orbit, and create a brand new triangle between Lucas, Chloe and Philip. Chloe has slept with both men, so we may just have another "Who's the Daddy" storyline on our hands. I wouldn't be against it, that's for sure. Phloe is hot, and I'm warming up to Lucoe (is that their pairing name?).

I must also point out that I love the fact that Lucas and Sami are at each other's throats again. I hope the past few events, like Lucas wanting Allie and taking her away from Sami, and such, are signs that Lumi is gone for a while. They need to really write these two away from each other for a while. Too much damage has been done in the past few years to them as a couple, and it was really making me hate both characters. But away from each other, I'm growing to love them again. That's why I feel they need to just seperate the two, have Lucas in a triangle with Chloe and Philip, and throw Sami in a triangle with EJ and Nicole, or just give Sami her own damn man. Whatever. Just say no to Lumi!

I don't really have much to say about the hospital scenes. I don't like Philip and Morgan together, so I wasn't really into those scenes. I did like Philip coming to the realization that he's just like Kate, meddling in other's lives. But what can one expect? Philip was raised by Victor and Kate, both of whom love to meddle in other's lives. And I also want to commend the script writer again. I loved the way the writer wrote Philip saying that Kate is constantling interferring in Lucas and Philip's lives. There's no mention of Austin or Billie. I think that was a perfect thing to do. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it came off as making perfect sense when you think about it. Lucas and Philip are the only children Kate was able to raise, so of course she's going to have a more special bond to them, than she would with Billie and Austin. Yes, she's interfereed in both Billie and Austin's love lives, but not as much as Lucas and Philip, and I'm glad the writer had Philip say that. Kudos again!

I'm hoping for a Chick reunion soon.

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Yeah, they're totally setting up a "Who Killed Trent?" storyline. I think it'll be lame and be someone Trent owes money too.

So Stefano wants Kate to marry him. Hmm...wonder where that's going.

Is Nicole pregant and that's why she got sick/was gonna throw up?

I agree. Molly is good and she's hot but her character kinda sucks. I hope Tomlin/Whitesell will be able to do more with Melanie.

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