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Planet Soap--new Canadian tv show about soaps

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Anyone watched this? I guess I missed both episodes so far, it airs weekly on Tuesdays on TVtropolis (ie a waste of a channel especially now they've stopped showing Melrose reruns grrr).

Here's the descrtiption

Planet Soap (13x30min) World Premiere

Tuesdays at 6pm and 8pm ET beginning September 2

With sexy shenanigans, weird and wonderful story plots, dark intrigues, tearful revelations, betrayals and bust-ups – soaps are a genre loved by millions. The brand new original series Planet Soap celebrates the world of soap operas. Examining topics like “the most vicious catfights in soap history”, each half hour episode will also feature soap star favourites sharing their best and worst moments in the profession.

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Oh I guess my beloved NElson already reported on this and is playing a part...

"Planet Soap, TVtropolis — Guess who helped produce it? And who's an expert?

• That’s right, moi! On Tuesday, Sept. 2, Planet Soap debuts on Canadian cable channel, TVtropolis (check local listings). This week, it’s all about Relative Insanity: bust-ups, sex-mad husband snatchers and mothers and daughters who scrap it out, tooth "

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Actually, it's owned by Canwest (who own Global, E!...). The show is not produced in-house and it is supposed to cover all the soaps. They even had interviews with cast members from everyone that is featured, forgot to mention that earlier. So last week, Susan Flannery, Hunter Tylo and Jennifer Gareis were on from B&B. Jess Walton and Jeanne Cooper appeared for the Y&R and Ron Raines from GL.

CTVglobemedia runs CTV (GH, B&B) and 'A' (AMC, OLTL).

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PLANET SOAP currently screens on TVTropolis and you can catch each episode several times throughout the week... All the soaps are covered!

Tues, Sept 2nd. At 7.30am, 11;46am, 5.52pm and 7.44pm

Saturday at 8.30am

Sunday at 7pm and 10.43pm

Monday at 10pm

Here's the show line-up…

Show 1


Bust-ups, sex-mad husband snatchers and mothers and daughters who scrap it out, tooth and nail. It's Planet Soap's version of Happy Families! Jerry Springer joins the in fun.



They're the soap couples that make daytime TV sizzle – but those steamy moments on screen are real life passion killers for the actors.



Blood soaked rampages, demonic possession and blackmailers with shocking secrets of their own – it all happens on Planet Soap!



From hair pulling hissy fits to strangulations with phone cords and mud wrestling to the death, the feisty females of Planet Soap always play dirty!

Show 5


Soap studs reveal what it's really like to be an object of daytime desire in this special flesh fest episode.


105 SOAP 911

Tearful deathbed vigils, emotional farewells, and a young woman who gets buried alive. More campy capers from Planet Soap.



When you're at the mercy of soap writers, just about anything can happen to you! Regular Joes can turn into Demon Slayers and real life comic book heroes.



Daytime Diva Susan Lucci, whose All My Children character Erica Kane has been married 11 times, is among those to examine their on-screen rollercoaster love lives.



On Planet Soap, you can always come back from the dead – even if you've been blown up, decapitated or cursed into a sleeping beauty coma!



Kimberlin Brown - better known as Psycho Sheila from The Young and the Restless - brought chaos to the Forrester Family when she appeared on sister soap show The Bold and the Beautiful.



If soap characters behaved like they do in real life, they'd all get their pink slips for wrecking 9 to 5! It's time for them to defend their office brawls, shady deals and tyrannical behavior.

Show 12


Life on Planet Soap is bigger, more volatile and intense. Soap stars recall the moments that shocked the nation, surprised soap fans, and brought big ratings to daytime.

Show 13


It takes more that good looks to be a soap star! Cameron Mattison reveals what it really takes to make it big in the high pressure, one-take world of daytime television.

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Oooh I stand corrected--they will be covering ABC soaps. Nice to see one of the "talking heads" featured is Amanda who hosts the local "soap's Up" segment that airs for 3 minutes in between episodes of AMC and OLTL here in Western Canada (Partly to fill time because Canadian rules allow less commercials than the US)--I've met her a few times and she's super sweet.

I noticed this week's ep had some old black and white soap clips (from Days? I think?) which make sme think hey have a big archive to pull from--I hope, even though it's meant to be a flashy type show (think those VH1 "I love the 80s" specials) they use some of that more.

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Anyone else been watching? Last week's about bizarre stories was a bit of a wash for me--they did DAYS Salem Stalker one, then Days possession, then the recent Blackmailer story on Passions and then I guess to be fair they focused on OLTL's Music Box Killer Story--which was an unmemorable choice and cuz of who makes the show they couldn't even air clips from it (an all about Erica ep is coming up soon so I hope they clear SOME clip rights). This week was about male skin in soaps lol


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    • I think I've heard of this before but I'd definitely like to know more, lol. Probably in the Classic thread if that's preferred by people. I've never been big on Cari Shayne's Karen. But yes, Carrie and Christie Clark have always had me. Like Kimberly as Robin on GH or Erin Torpey on OLTL, there is a core of lived experience and quiet intelligence there that makes the character rise above any poor writing IMO.
    • I hear what your saying regarding Carrie Brady's place on the canvas. There is no arguing that. As I think I was saying poorly above, Karen was introduced during a transition period very early in Riche's run (as was Jagger). There were a lot of things that happened during that period that feel very against the soap opera grain. For example, David Langdon, Monica's ex and Dawn's father, arrives in Port Charles in a medical story where Monica inserts herself with the intention of telling David that Dawn was their daughter. David dies suddenly and Monica never reveals this information to David. This feels very untraditional. Similarly, the whole Joseph Adkins arc with Bobbie writing to a murderer and the women of Port Charles all fawning over his book is not something I felt was the type of story soaps in 1992 did. Similarly, introducing a character like Karen without any family ties and anchoring a younger part of the story with another outsider Jagger wasn't how things would typically work (effectively) on the soap.   I think my issue with the idea that Brenda had a direct goal is that is all there was to her. She had nothing to her outside of that in early 1993. Jagger had wanting to find his family. Karen was working to get into medical school. Brenda had Jagger, who only wanted her when he couldn't have Karen. Even Ruby called Jagger out on this. Brenda's point of view was so limited. The fact that she nearly gets bested by Jenny Eckert of all people in a confrontation in March, 1993, is pretty wild given how milquetoast Jenny is.  I can see why you would think Karen was taking a middle of the road approach to things. It might not have been presented well, but her pursuing her career and going to college was going to come first. Working at Kelly's and maintaining her grades was going to come before her romance with Jagger. With Rhonda around, meddling in her life, Karen definitely had more reason to be conflicted. Rhonda saw Karen's relationship with Jason as the key to Karen's success, both by marrying into a wealthy family and by building a network of connections in Karen's career field.  Having watched some of her "General Hospital" run, I would like to at the early years of Karen's run on "Port Charles" to see how that all this continues in terms of her characterization. I think Karen remains very passive romantically deferring to Courtney Kanelos, who was just a much stronger adversary for Karen than Brenda was based on where Brenda was in her journey given that Courtney had Neil which tied her to the entire Scanlon clan. I do remember Karen having some outbursts, but I vaguely think that Shayne's Karen could also be pushed to her limits and she would fire back. This just wasn't her modus operandi as it was for characters like Courtney and early Brenda.  In Brenda's defense, I think part of the issue was the underdevelopment of her character. I think there was an intent on either Levinson's (or Riche's) part to craft Brenda as a "poor little rich girl" type who had no moral compass because her father was a business tycoon who ignored her and had loved Julia's mother more than her mother. If this was true, and the intent to solicit sympathy, or least empathy, for Brenda, it wasn't played enough for this to be effective. Brenda rejected Julia both in terms of her role as a parental figure and any sisterly advice she gave.  I would even go further and say that the issues I have with the Brenda/Karen rivalry were inherit to Bill Levinson's writing. By comparison, if you look at what was being done in the other female rivalries, the issues were mostly consistent. Jenny and Julia, for example, had the potential to be interesting but Julia was so passive and Jenny was sound brash and unfeeling that there was no one to root for. Also, the rivalry between Tiffany and Bobbie took Tiffany into a very narrow view with her solely trying to secure custody of Lucas at the cost of everything else including her friendship with Bobbie and Tony as well as her marriage to Sean. I'd be curious to see if Levinson had similar issues when he was at "Loving," but I'm spacing at the moment.   
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