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2001 - Tainted Love

Executive Producer

Julie Hanan Carruthers

Directed by

Anthony Morina

Written by

Barbara Esensten

James Harmon Brown

Barbara Bloom

Marla Kanelos

Casandra Morgan

Hannah Shearer

Donna Swajeski


Mike Cohen


Hope Harmel Smith

Coordinating Producer

Mercer Barrows, Jr.

Associate Directors

Joann Smith

Jeff Rabin

Stage Managers

Jay Zabriskie

Susan Neigher

Teri Pensky

Lisa Winther Huston

Production Associate

Lisa Kaseff

Lisebeth Markman

Technical Directors

Averill Perry

Russ Reinsel

Casting Director

Mark Teschner, C.S.A.

Production Designer

Chip Dox

Art Director

Dan Proett

Costume Designers

Monique Adams

Lori Kay

Original Music

Marty Davich

Music Director

R.C Cates

Dave Macleod

Theme Music

Marty Davitch

Concept Developped By

Richard and Carolyn Culliton


Wendy Riche

Concept By

Wendy Riche

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