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Manson Family Killer Susan Atkins Release DENIED


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Thank heavens her release was denied. I don't want to sound cold but after what she did, she deserves to just die in prison.

While this may not be the most reliable source, when looking at her profile on Wikipedia, I read that her prosecutor, Vincent whats-his-name, only supporter her release because of the extreme cost of her medical care and the guards guarding her hospital room. Apparently Governor Arnold opposed this, too.

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If they had let her out i wouldn't have been shocked if she lived for much longer than they're saying now!

I wouldn't be the first time a "dying" inmate get's let out to die and lives much longer than tnhey claimed in order to get out.

I seen news clips of her Family crying about how they should be allowed to spend her final days with her. ARE THEY ON CRACK??????????

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