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Daytime Schedule April 1970

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Below is the daytime schedule for April 1970.

I chose this month as it marked the time wnen the most number of soaps were airing (19).The Best of Everything was cancelled a few months later.

Hope some posters will find it interesting!


CBS Love of Life

NBC Hollywood Squares

ABC Bewitched


CBS Where The Heart Is

NBC Jeopardy

ABC The Best of Everything


CBS Search For Tomorrow

NBC Who,What,Where Game

ABC A World Apart


CBS Local

NBC Local

ABC All My Children


CBS As The World Turns

NBC Life With Linkletter

ABC Let's Make A Deal


CBS Love Is A Many Slendored Thing

NBC Days of Our Lives

ABC Newlywed Game


CBS The Guiding Light

NBC The Doctors

ABC The Dating Game


CBS The Secret Storm

NBC Another World

ABC General Hospital


CBS The Edge of Night

NBC Bright Promise

ABC One Life To Live


CBS Gomer Pyle

NBC Somerset

ABC Dark Shadows

As a viewer,pre VCR,you would have to make some tough choices as to what to watch.

At that time CBS offered 4 hours of soaps,NBC 2 1/2 hours and ABC 3 hours,so in that sense things haven't changed that much.

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