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DAYS: Monday Dec.17

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TY for starting it B)

It was ok for me - meaning I enjoyed Stefano and EJ and the rest was meh.

The tug of war over the package was amusing - not sure what I really thought of it, but seeing someone try to forcibly grab something away from someone in a wheelchair (and who'd just had surgery)...well... I'll be nice and just say amusing and let it go at that.

Love it when EJ made a point of letting Sami know she'd been betrayed and I added my own "take that bitch!!" to the scene. Sami and lucas = more blah blah blah - such emotionally gripping scenes with intense acting. Yeah right, whatever. Just get it off the screen already works for me.

Something feels off with Chelsea - she's been hitting me like she's high or something during her scenes. It worked for the scenes where she *was* drugged, but this is different??? That part of the show was lackluster and Max and Nick was just plain weird. It was all pretty boring - but I'd rather watch it over the lucas/sami scenes.

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Pretty decent show today.

It was nice to see the sorority story. I agree that nuCordy sucks and I can't believe they couldn't find someone better. I enjoyed seeing the girls squirm and I also enjoy Billie's role in this. She's being a mother and also having a normal career. It's realistic and I applaud the show for that. They did the same thing with making Nick a professor.

I was annoyed by Max today but he was in character. He is still very much the ladies man and they stuck to that. I do like their banter and I would like to see more of it. I am enjoying seeing the friendships among the young cast. Good seeing Maggie and the Chick scenes were pretty good. I like the effect Ford's death is having. It's so good to see them delve into the psychological effect as well.

I am enjoying Stefano right now. He has always been concerned with his family and their future so him being concerned with Johnny and EJ is very true to character and necessary. I liked the discussion about the letters and the threat.

I am even enjoying Lucas/Sami/EJ the past few days. Glad the package stuff is over and I am liking Sami being tough with both Lucas and EJ right now. The ending seemed to indicate that Will may be the shooter and I like that. Good LUMI angst there.

All in all, a solid show for a Monday.

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So, Stefano doesn't know EJ can walk (although it isn't without some pain afterwards). I found it interesting that EJ didn't clue him in on his progress. Is that because EJ wants to be a hundred percent back to normal before he tells anyone? Is he afraid of a setback? Are the writers hinting at a setback with the pain EJ has been in? I'm not sure which way they are going with this, but it isn't some massive DiMera plot to keep Sami in the dark. IMO, she probably would have found out he could walk if she'd moved into the apartment with him after he got out of the hospital.

I don't know what I think about Will's involvement in EJ's shooting. At first, I was convinced it had to be Will...but I keep wondering why they would let a character go while they are building a storyline around him. I know Lucas has been lying left and right lately. He told Billie they didn't keep a gun in the apartment...Sami didn't want one. Then he denies going to the church to Sami more than once. In this episode, he admitted to the gun but still denied he left the twins to go to the church. This time, Bo clued Sami in. He's been lying left and right, but is he protecting Will...or just himself? If Will had a hand in this, why not tell his mother what happened? She has a right to know, too, and could deal with that as well as she could Lucas betraying her. One thing had me rolling my eyes, however...Lucas telling Sami to have faith in him the way she'd asked him to have faith in her before the wedding. Well, we already know Lucas didn't have any faith in Sami then, or he wouldn't have hired a babysitter and slipped off to the church.

I enjoyed Billie's appearance in this show, but I'm starting to see this storyline dragging more than a little. So far, no one but the girls (and Max) know that Ford is dead and buried in the basement. How long before Nick finds out? He's smart enough to conclude something is going on already. And yep...not even Billie has figured out that the figure walking out of the house is Max wearing Ford's clothing.

Overall, today's show was slower paced than I like, but it was still worth watching.

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