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GH: Hotel Fire

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here are some

1. Alexis told Carly that Sonny was Kristina's father

2. Sam slept with Sonny and Jax that night which was precurser to the WTD storyline and the Nov sweeps storyline

3. Scott left town after faking his death

4. The treasure storyline between the Cassadines and Quartermaines was resolved

5. Helena tried to kill Emily again (unsuccessfully)

6. Nikolas was presumed dead

7. Zander and Cameron finally came to an understanding as Cameron helped Zander while he was hiding out in the basement

8. Felicia returned to PC

9. Edward was blamed for the fire but it wasnt his fault as Zander had been the one responsible

10. Courtney became a millionaire after she saved the dog of a very wealthy woman

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