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Days:Doing something Special for J&M Fans!!!

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I highly doubt Sheffer will give John and Marlena anything special like a sweet montage. So in the next week or 2, i will be working on a nice sweet montage with John and Marlena.

I am going to wait for his funeral to come first so i could add that to the montage but i am going to make a nice montage of John and Marlena and post it on youtube in the next week or 2.

I am going to show Marlena and Belle dealing with his death and show flashbacks(grayscreen) with John. I am also going to include the hit and run.

I promise it will be a nice montage. So do u think it is a good idea to do one. I am anyways, what song should i use. I am on a blank for song.

I was thinking Threes door down- HERE WITHOUT YOU.

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