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GH: Night Shift Episode 12 Discussion

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I know NS has been getting mixed reviews but I really like this eppy

and I like NS for the most part. Yes, it has problems that could have been

so easily addressed; but I enjoyed it and will miss it..I enjoyed the singing

scene with the cast in the audience. Esp flipping from a young to old

The Saints R&B group..


Columnist: Connie Phillips

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A little too late to be using BDW now

but it was a great episode for Toussaint. I can't stand scrubs and wish TIIC realize they ruined them. I dont want to see them back together.

Just one more left!

Oouch. I got a spankin' :lol:

a great eppy for Toussant since I'm from Chicago; I have been to the historic "original" Regal Theatre. I thought they have been using Billy D.

I mean, I've seen him on nearly every eppy...I like Kim' Robin. I didn't watch just for Robin w/Jason. They were the leads it wasn't their show for me. I watched for Kim' acting and she was phenomenal. IMO soaps are too "pairing driven." Instead back in the day seemed more "drama" driven...meaning, for me anyway, they just didn't stick characters together; the drama led them to be a pair...e.g. as soon as Patrick came on the scene, I felt he was hired to be paired [w/Robin]. It was a no-brainer. The drama use to create the pairings (more) in that it would have been harder to make that early assumption. I've done about 30 yrs.... so? I'm kinda old school I guess.

I liked "other" characters eg Lainey, Cody, Kelly, Andy, Regina, Leo etc. IMO it is a series of vignettes, since that is one of my favorites method of storytelling esp in a 13 week arc. it was like fan fic for me. I don't think Robin' relationship is ruined. It doesn't bother me bc in true soap fashion, by yrs' end, they'll be together. Some think and truly believe that some IICs don't see drama in happy. They can only write them in angst or conflict....its easier and lazier.

IMO wh/Robin/Jason were happy, doing their day to day Some complained "why are they arguing about a couch" but this is what couples do sometimes. Patrick is a fine, playboy, neurosurgeon it isn't unlikely that he would be arrogant and get stuck on stupid in this relationship bc he' never been in love committed before (from what I gather from his history) . Robin wasn't haven't it. The look on his face wh/she dumped him was priceless [on GH &] NS. IMO it will be Patrick who takes this the hardest...(as he' already). I guess, just not seeing that they were ruined [for me] but as "growing pains" Me personally? After him flaunting his pink tart in my face esp where we work. After his "lovely Leyla, we would be done. So ITA. But in the kingdom of soaps they'll probably be back together by the end of the year. The point I'm driving is characters not being defined soley by a mnemonic pairing; what about them individually? I looked at NS as fan fiction and yes there are problems for me so all isn't sweetness and light...

1. Maybe it could've aired one-half hour instead of an hour and spread it more than once a week....

2. Too much Spinelli that I can see on GH, he hogged the show, yeah I like him but I wanted to see more of [Leo, Andy, Regina] Lainey, Kelly, characters who on GH sit deep on the bench in the basement w/a plastic bag over their head, hence "no air" e.g., I'm a Georgy girl so since she' been regulated to pouring coffee at Kelly's where she is being used to prop Maxi [and Lulu on GH] and never in a major sl; why not involve her in NS w/her cousin? She works as a volunteer for years, so it makes sense ... why is Spin there in the on NS?

3. Kelly a nympho - addicted to sex on NS, OK I get it... [this was a WOW for me wasn't expecting it esp w/Stan oh and by the way where is Stan?] That's who is MIA for me and they dropped the ball on this character.

4. I was sold as an edgy, racier fan fiction of GH what was edgy about it? They pimped this to Robin' fans and did the old school "bait and switch" and their newbie "it girl"winds up getting the guy while making Robin more the anti-heroine...[i got this from another post and I thoroughly agree so I can't take credit but from what I understand that is TPTB' calling card..they used my Robin to pull me in to pimp Leyla...what I admire is her fans, they aren't having it and ratings reflect that so Robin' fans spoke loud and clear Yay!!

5. Not enough romance, where is the romantic back drop? Just characters shagging...Since we got them on at night, what one shower scene? that' it for the top tier characters? Then the I wanna be a mamma drama? When is poor Lainey ever going to get a love scene, she didn't with Justis on GH, I don't think bc as soon as they started he got whacked. Why not here. I thought this was giving me romance stories..yeah with the hospital stuff balanced with it...IMO if they wanted to be more dramatic they would have shown Patrick and his Pink tart toward the "end" and BAM....they could have carried it over to GH so many parts were not well scribed... the only romance I saw was Epip and Toussaint. jmo

Oh there is more :rolleyes: but this oughta do for starters: "Be Well"


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    • I haven't watched yet, but that sounds promising. Perhaps not having a personal history with her as he does with the P&G soaps actually helped in that he prepared better.
    • I was just listening to Marquee Moon randomly the other day. What an incredible song and artist. R.I.P.    
    • I was probably the only one in the target age range at the time who was impressed by that lol.  ATWT seemed to me like GL's older (I know, I know, GL was first by a long shot, but you wouldn't have known it going by the cast members who were on the show by then), stable, more popular sibling, even if that popularity was waning.  As other soaps disappointed me, that sense of consistency started to appeal to me.  Even though I never found ATWT compelling long-term whenever I tuned in in those years, and of course it had as much turmoil behind the scenes as the other network/sponsor-owned shows by then.
    • Lol didn’t they kinda do that when GT’s Phyllis dyed her hair blonde?
    • The Rauch version seemed abruptly truncated in comparison to the full one—like the video and audio weren't actually edited at all for that, they just deleted a whole portion—but with a little money put in upfront to it could have worked.  So many memorable scenes in the early '90s had included that theme as background and/or picked up the next day and segued into that opening...even the brief hint of that music evokes memories for me.  Not to mention, they would have saved money in the long run without having to update cast photos or keep paying for new openings. I doubt you could prove a connection with ratings, but I actually think it's interesting that Y&R has remained the highest rated for so long and DAYS is (was?) one of the last soaps, while both stuck with their original theme songs.  And each theme became part of broader pop culture in some unexpected ways over the years: Mary J Blige, Close Encounters, etc.  Who's to say that kind of free publicity didn't help keep those shows on casual viewers' minds at some point?  But it's also a case of the chicken and the egg - a mainstream entertainment project would probably not give that kind of shout-out to a soap or its theme music if both weren't so familiar to people.
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