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AMC: Wednesday: August 15th, 2007

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I really thought Alicia Minshew nailed her scenes today - the emotion, anger, sadness - all perfectly delivered. I especially loved the part when she was talking about the toys in the crib. The dialogue for all the Kenlee scenes was phenominal.

I am so in love with the character of Annie right now - and I loved the scenes with her deaf father. It really reminded me of old-time AMC. I'm really curious to know the full story behind all of this. I also loved how Annie's mother's name was Emma, which makes me believe that Annie really loved her mother (which is why she named her daughter after her) - but I'm REALLY curious as to how Emma died. I bet Annie unfortunately (and accidently) had something to do with it....just my guess.

Oh - and why does EVERY cemetary in the AMC world look alike? No matter where they are, the cemetaries all have 1 tombstone, located in the same exact spot, surrounded by the same exact trees. C'mon set designers - let's get a little more creative!

Jonathan/Ava/JR/Amanda was ok - I liked how Amanda got annoyed and put JR in his place and badmouthed Jonathan - but JR was way too into Ava's business. I didn't get that part - why he kept looking at her and bringing up how bad a person she is. I doubt he's INTO her like some are saying - but he sure can't get over her (LIKE I AM!). Jeff Branson actually did a better job of not being as creepy - and his flirting was a little more sexy than normal.

Was it just me, or did Babe's hair look extra-blonde today? Anyway - really liked how Di wouldn't give up the info that Annie wanted her to keep quiet. Di is such a good friend...too bad she's leaving.

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I noticed that. I hope Mandy doesn't get short changed for that ho. We have enough Ava we don't need a triangle with her in the middle of the neanderthals known as Jonathan and JR.

You didn't miss anything.

I don't want JR and Ava happening. Why is Ava eating the show. Levenn is getting heavily shoved down our throats with these writers.

Isn't it sad. Levenn was phenomenal as Lily. But she does horrid work when she is forced into the hateable role of Ava Benton. Levenn is so much better as Lily. She's like the oppostie of Bree Williamson :lol:

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The Great Ryan Detective

Clues clues clues! It looks like he definitely needs them to find super duper Annie Fanny Banany so he goes to the Fusion office, ferrets flying left and right, but nary any Annie in sight. Uh oh so where to look next? Perhaps look deep inside the treasure cave filled with private part shaped gold pieces and the mysterious six thousand pound Zebra who has lost its stripes and had it replaced with a Dynamite Kiddo tattoo on its holy arse? After all, everything has to be holy in his holiness' sight so that means everything turns to holiness. Oh yippy just more of Ryan pontificating that he cannot find his beloved Annie. Well geez Ryan since when does it say you have to spend literally every second of every day with your wife? Give her some breathing room so that way she can actually gasp for air and sound like Scott Peterson running from one million Bubbas on his escape from Death Row (speaking of which, that would be the ideal place for his truly). The great little detective that Ryan is just keeps going to the typical places when the best clues can be found in the unlikeliest places of all. How about Sir Ryanovich go check underneath the cervix shaped pool and see if Annie left him a note as to where she went. That would be a head start but with Ryan he thinks a head start includes starting out with negative IQ points. No no no! Now where should the doomed detective look? Inside Sally Struthers' leftovers? Oh what a day it is seeing Ryan practice detective

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It was a better episode than Tuesday's but did anyone else notice they had the same breakdown writer, scriptwriter, and director? I hope this was a one-time thing because Cohen can't write two good scripts in a row (and God only knows how bad Courtney Bugler's would be).

I agree that the Kendall/Greenlee scenes were the highlight. My only problem was the tray of surgical tools in Spike's room. Where did they come from and why would they be there?

Annie/Walter left me cold because it felt so cliche. I think it's obvious Annie somehow contributed to her mother's death and if that's the case, I hope this story isn't dragged out too long.

Ryan has been bullying, self-righteous, and annoying for the last two episodes. What right does he have to badger Di about Annie? Since when does she owe him any answers about his own wife?

JR's sudden interest in Ava disgusts me. It's bad enough that the show is pushing for an Ava/Jon pairing, but throwing JR into the mix just makes me hate her even more. At least JR has chemistry with Amanda.

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    • FROM THE VAULT: WEEKLY DAYTIME NIELSEN RATINGS: WEEKS OF 6/12/78-6/16/78 & 6/19/78-6/23/78:  

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    • If this became common knowledge, I'm guessing it was sometime in the last year and half with the Possession 2.0 storyline and I just forgot. Otherwise, nobody knew about the 4 Marlena Clones gallivanting all over the world.  I guess it's just one of those things that happen without an onscreen mention, like Kristen's 2012 return with nary a mention that everyone thought she was dead (really Penelope Kent) or Tommy Horton dying at some point in time.    Re: Body & Soul.... DAYS is such a parody of a soap opera now. I can't take any of this garbage seriously. Even the alleged high stakes stuff like the rooftop shootout with Paulina, Chanel, etc. is done in such a frenetic, over-the-top, amateurish manner, complete with rinky-dink, clownish and patronizing background music.   
    • It should be Johnny's new movie!  He needs something to do.  
    • I do, too, @P.J..  However, I would have brought back Scott Eldridge for that function.  He, like Rick Ryan, was a virtual blank slate with a sketchy past and multiple ties on the canvas.  Plus, imagine playing "bad" Scott against his "good" half-brother, D.A. Tom, with their mother, Lisa, who was once Oakdale's most notorious "bad girl," caught in the middle.
    • I’m pretty deep into 1992 and this is just see tv. I’m stunned when you look at how dull 1991 was.    Sheila has been a seamless addition and I don’t think this would be written nearly this well on a soap today. They’re acknowledging her history but presenting her in a way that it makes sense these people accept her. Today, I feel they’d be too tempted to reveal her crazy and it wouldn’t work. Her chemistry with Eric is scorching and I also love her relationships with Brooke and Kristin.    Speakinf of Kristin, I expected her to return for Taylor and Ridge’s wedding and had no idea this was an extended visit. The way they weaved into the Spectra storyline with Clarke worked really well and I’m surprised she didn’t stick around. I also love that they’ve developed her relationship with Felicia and used those two characters to usher in the Bikini Bar (a brilliant location). Zach and Sly are great additions and Felicia finally feels like a character worth watching.    Karen’s intro was pretty successful and I’m enjoying the triangle with her, Thorne and Macy. I also like Bill being back in the mix and having a family member to interact with. His romance with Darla was also a genius move.    The Brooke/Ridge/Taylor/Stephanie/Eric mess has a lot of interesting layers and is riveting tv as well.    The most shocking thing is that there is SO much going on and all of these stories are well balanced in terms of importance. That is so anti-modern B&B. It’s truly shocking how good and complex the show it and it makes me sad to think about how it is now. Just looking at this year, there are so many ideas they could pluck to make the modern show better. More storylines and the Bikini bar for the younger characters would be key things they could use. 
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