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Written By

Donna M. Swajeski

Peggy Sloane

Victor Miller

Christopher Whitesell

Carolyn DeMoney Culliton

Fran Myers

Roger Newman

Mimi Leahey

Janet Iacobuzio

Directed By

Gary Tomlin

Executive Produer

Micahel D. Laibson


Linda Barker Laundra

Susan Strickler

Associate Producer

Meg Beliveau

Assistants to the Producer

R. Scott Collishaw

Sharon Epstein

Art Director

Bobby Berg

Costume Designers

Margarita Delgado

Associate Costume Designer

Charles Shoonmaker

Associate Director

Carol Sedwick

Donna Pippin

Mary Madeiras

Production Manager

Christoph Lindner

Unit Administrator

Patty MacDougall

Technical Director

SKip Dresch

Lighting Directors

Howie Strawbridge

Bob Hickey


Stephen J. Roskin


Fred Bugg

Videotape Editor

Joseph D. Colvin


Leonard Fuchs

Irving Villalans

Stage Managers

Cindy Flood Jacobsen

Stephen Messer

Production Assistants

Janet Andrews

Mary Kelly Rodden


Johnson-Liff Associates

Assistant Casting Director

Kathleen A. Houle

Electronic Maintenance

Antonio J. Rivera

Jerry Ryba

Jim Andrews

John LoBello


Michael Bennett

Brian Phraner

John Pinto


Donna M. McCarthy

Scenic Designer

Dean H. Reiter

Patrick Howe

Scenic Artist

Clem Bernardo

Wardrobe Supervisors

Frances Spagnola

Ellen Anton

Make-Up Aritsts

Steven Lawrence

Margot Boccia

Hair Stylists

Angel DcAngelis

Program Production Manager

Russell Best

Exec. Producer Secretary

Michele DeVito

Production Coordinator

Karen Wilkens

Dawn Kiernan

Music Producer/Supervisor

Susan-Beth Markowitz

Music Directors

Carole Severon Weiss

Ron Brawer

Supervising Producer

Janet R. Stampfl

Executive In Charge Of Production

Edward Trach

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