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GH: Wednesday

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Sam had the edge. Had it not been for that WONDERFUL SLAP, that "fight" would have been like 2 kittens freshly from the cat's womb rolling around trying to find their way...

It was lame, and I say this because we know that Sam and Carly know how to street fight... I just love Diane! She rocks. She needs more airtime. I liked her scenes at the jail. She does not care what anyone says because she knows the law. This use to be Alexis, but I don't remember her being THIS good...

Has anyone noticed that the jail suit seems to be tailor made for Steve? He's got a body out of this world. The best male body in daytime! He's so hot!

Lulu is still alive and that is just not good for me. It should be a Logan/Maxie/Coop triangle. Lulu is so not needed.

PLEASE GIVE NIKOLAS SOMETHING TO DO! It is so nice to have a character not mesmerized by the mafia. Nikolas is such a good offset. He's hot too...


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