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Y &R, Who is Jana?

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Jana appeared sometime last year...after summer I believe but I could be wrong. It had to be after McKenzie left Genoa City because she started working at Crimson Lights with Kevin. They slowly started falling in love and began to date. Jana had an interest in old art and was tied to Brad's reliquary (sp?) storyline. Gloria, Michael and Lauren all welcomed her into the family with open and loving arms.

Jana stole Victoria's art portfolio...murdered Carmen when Carmen found out she had stole Victoria's folder...attempted to frame Korbel for Carmen's murder and thus tricked Colleen into believing that he had done the deed. Jana kidnapped Colleen and with the help of her father locked her and Colleen together in a freezer. Colleen revealed that Brad was looking for the reliquary and Colleen revealed where it was located...Jana also wanted it so then she tricked Kevin into going into the freezer with Colleen, then set it on fire, thus playing on their history from 2003 I believe.

Jana skipped town...Victor/Brad/Victoria killed her father and there is prolly more but, eh!

Hope that helps!


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The actress was really great. The writing not so much. But the lovely actress really nailed down her last few episodes this Winter. Awesome.

Jana could possible lure me back to Y&R. Probably just for one day untill I have proof that she show sucks beyond repair.

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