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The Bradys gain an ally in their feud against the DiMeras this week on DOOL when Sami and Lucas discover the long-lost Anna.

"Sami and Lucas find a CD," previews Bryan Dattilo. "On it there's a muffled voice that says if they want to know the true reason for the vendetta between the Bradys and the DiMeras they should come to the docks and get a package."

When Sami and Lucas arrive, they find a veiled woman planting an envelope - Anna! "Sami and Lucas bring Anna to the pub, where Bo, John and Roman converge on her," explains BD.

Anna reveals that she has old letters Colleen wrote to Santo. The Bradys realize that in order to get the full story behind the feud, they'll need the missives, so Anna agrees to go to the DiMera mansion and distract Tony and Stefano while Hope searches for them.

Sami, however, remains determined to solve the mystery herself - especially when Marlena shows her a photo of Colleen, who looks exactly like Sami.

"Sami believes it's a sign that she's meant to do this," notes BD. "But Lucas doesn't want Sami battling the DiMeras. He doesn't want her or the baby in danger."

Sami finds an unlikely ally when EJ - sent as a spy by Stefano - phones his father and lies that the DiMeras have nothing to fear regarding Anna. But "EJ isn't pulling the wool over everybody's eyes," insists BD. "Lucas is onto him."

But so is the almighty Stefano!


Sneak Peeks

Week of June 18

Bo, Hope and John survive an explosion.

Jeremy coaxes Max into a shady deal.

Shawn, Belle and Phillip reunite with Claire.

Celeste threatens the DiMeras.

Lexie longs to reveal herself to Abe.

Can't Miss - Weds June 20 - Chelsea and Nick make love.

Week of June 25

Kate threatens to destroy Nick if he doesn't obey her rules.

Sami learns she is having twins. []

Phillip tells Belle that their divorce papers have arrived.


There's a couple of small pics of MBE & SN from the Days Fan Club Weekend!

MISS - Days and GL: Rape is not Romance!

Viewers Voice: DiMera pawn Steve: Thumbs up or down?

54% Thumbs-up. It's a great twist.

46% Thumbs-down. He's totally unwatchable


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OMG, the stuff surrounding Anna and the whole DiMera/Brady feud sounds fantastic and fun and interesting and EEEE!!

And what's that? A Kate spoiler?! Wow. Haven't seen one of those in a few weeks. What's she threatening Nick for, though?

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The EJami chemistry is beautiful and the storyline quite intriguing. And EJ and Sami are HOT together.

How very "Deny thy father and refuse thy name." Romeo best be claiming his Juliet at the end of this hot mess.


wtf? So this time next week I guess she is over the Billie thing again? So obnoxious they had Chick backtrack in today's epi then.

Weird. Glad Kate is doing something but seriously weird. Does she hire him as a Mythic paper shredder?

Eek. So this was the curveball I guess? Don't want a Lumi baby at all, but my glass half full side is pleased that at least one of them will be EJ's this way.

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OMG!!! :o

The Anna stuff sounds so good!!! B)

Can't wait for her and the family meeting stuff.

Sami having twins is no surprise. It'a a copout but an expected one.

Great to see Kate in spoilers. I like her getting involved in Chelsea's life since she is doing something with Nick.

I wonder where this Belle/Philip stuff is going. I have a theory about what is going on. I think Victor hired the woman who kidnapped Claire. Philip was the last to hold Claire during the tsunami so I think he was in contact with his father prior and managed to get Claire to one of his employees. Now he has the nice guy act going to get Belle back and I think that is his and Victor's plan. If he gets Belle back, he will be able to hold on to Claire as well. I have a feeling this is where it's all going. Not sure about why Victor would have the woman put her in pageants but I hope and think this is where it's going.

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