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Which Actors hasn`t had Plastic SURGERY`?

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Maybe some think this little post is cruel, i don`t know, but that`s life in American soaps almost everyone has had some kind of a plastic surgery, but me who specially likes the ones who wasn`t done any, they sime more naturally and are often a lot better actors, thought we could all take a guess, which actors/actresses hasn`t done plastic surgery, at least not recently?

MY Guess:

Susan Flannery (Not Recently)

Will Utay

Kristian Alfonso

Peter Reckell

Thaoo Penghlis

Eric Braeden

Marianne Muellerleile

Jeanne Cooper (Not Recently)

Juliet Mills

Joseph Mascolo

Katherine Kelly Lang

Ron Moss

Jack Wagner

Frank Parker

Michelle Stafford


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This is a little far fetched, dont you think? I am sure that there are far more actors who haven't had it then there are that have had it. There are too many names to write. Now if you asked who HAS had it, that would be something totally different. :)

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That`s so not true, there is really hard watching an american soap opera, espescially with women actresses who hasn`t done it, and why because in America, everyone should look like they are twenty, that`s the case, i mean how many really old actors is there in America who is really busy, in the uk, looks dosen`t matter, but it does in America.

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SO not true, especially if you count BoTox.

I'll make it more challenging & only do the ladies.

Let's see. Who HASN'T had it? My picks:

Marcy Walker :D

Nancy Lee Grahn :D

Louise Sorel :D

Katherine Kelly Lang

Martha Byrne

Kelli Giddish

Jill Larson

Terri Colombino

Marie Masters

Susan Flannery

Beth Chamberlain

Crystal Chappell

Hilary B Smith

Victoria Rowell

Heather Tom

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For the ones who are under the Age of forty, shoudn`t even be on the list, no one looks old when they are forty.

As much as i love Louise Sorel, she is a good looking woman, but i remember back on Days in 99, she had absolutely done something, but not as much some other ones. Jill, not sure?.

Come on Kelli, is she even thirty, why would she make a face lift?

But i agree Hilary B. Smith, and Katherine Kelly and Susan i totally agree about.

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I dont mind at all people making facelifts etc, if someone really nedds it.

But you know sometimes people who are in their sixties, seventies could still look really good naturally, and that goes for any age, you know all of us is going to grow old, it dosen`t matter how many surgeries you get, you still grow old.

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