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Emmerdale May 2007 Episode Rankings Counts

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As No One is probaly seeing Emmerdale, or doing the list for the counts, someone might still be interested.

So this is only based on the swedish episodes.

From 2- 31 May out of a total of 21 Episodes (2 Preemptions, Here`s the count of the contract and the recurring actorrs and characters that was most featured in the month of may 2007.

1.) Emma Atkins (Charity Tate Dingle) 18

1.) Leah Bracknell (Zoe Tate) 18

3.) Ken Farrington (Tom King) 17

3.) Ben Freeman (Scott Windsor) 17

3.) Deena Payne (Viv Hope) 17

6.) Lucy Pargeter (Chas Dingle) 16

7.) Tony Audenshaw (Bob Hope) 14

7.) Jeff Hordley (Cain Dingle) 14

7.) Charley Webb (Debbie Jones) 14

10.) Lorraine Chase (Steph Stokes) 12

10.) John Middleton (Ashley Thomas) 12

10.) Liam O`Brien (Ethan Blake) 12

13.) Charlotte Bellamy (Laurel Potts) 11

14.) Richard Moore (Jarvis Skelton) 10

14.) Patrick Mower (Rodney Blackstock) 10

16.) Cleveland Campbell (Danny Daggert) 9

16.) Jane Cox (Lisa Dingle) 9

16.) Peter Martin (Len Reynolds) 9

16.) Carolyne Pickles (Shelly Williams) 9

16.) Shirley Stelfox (Edna Birch) 9

21.) Elizabeth Estensen (Diane Blackstock) 8

21.) Matt Healy (Matthew King) 8

21.) Patsy Kensit (Sadie King) 8

21.) Amy Nuttall (Chloe Atkinson) 8

21.) Verity Rushworth (Donna Windsor) 8

21.) Richard Thorp (Alan Turner) 8

27.) Chris Chittell (Eric Pollard) 7

27.) Charlie Hardwick (Val Lambert) 7

27.) James Hooton (Sam Dingle) 7

27.) Kate McGregor (Emily Dingle Kirk) 7

27.) Dale Meeks (Simon Meredith) 7

27.) Emily Simons (Louise Appleton) 7

33.) Dominic Brunt (Paddy Kirk) 6

33.) Andy Devine (Shadrach Dingle) 6

33.) Nathan Gladwell (Sydney Woolfe) 6

33.) Zoe Lambert (Rachel Whatmore) 6, Recurring

33.) Julia Mallam (Dawn Hope Woods) 6

33.) Meg Pearson (Jean Tate) 6, Recurring

33.) Nicola Wheeler (Nicola Blackstock) 6

40.) Matthew Booth (Paul Marsden) 5

40.) Mark Charnock (Marlon Dingle) 5

40.) Tom Lister (Carl King) 5

40.) Nick Miles (Jimmy King) 5

40.) Tracey Moore (Niamh O`Connor) 5, Recurring

45.) June Broughton (Agatha Higgins) 4, Recurring

45.) Nicolas Camm (PC. Parsons) 4, Recurring

45.) Rebecca Manley (PC. Clayton) 4, Recurring

45.) Heather Phoenix (Nurse Latham) 4, Recurring

49.) Abigail Fisher (Siobahn Ramsden) 3

49.) Kelvin Fletcher (Andy Sugden) 3

49.) Billy Hartman (Terry Woods) 3

49.) Meg Johnson (Pearl Ladderbanks) 3

49.) Luke Tittensor (Darren `Daz` Eden) 3

54.) Sherrie Hewson (Leslie Meredith) 2

54.) Clive Hornby (Jack Sugden) 2

56.) Dawn Butler (Linda Barrow) 1, Recurring

56.) Karl Davies (Robert Sugden) 1

56.) Lindsey Dawson (Gina Cartwright) 1, Recurring

56.) Julie Higginson (Jean Hope) 1, Recurring

56.) Andrew McHugh (Paramedic) 1, Recurring

56.) Simon McLinder (Dr. Landsbury) 1, Recurring

56.) Andrew Whipp (Callum Rennie) 1, Recurring

56.) Oliver Young (Joseph Tate) 1, Recurring

Contract Actors Not appearing in May 2007:-

0.) Steve Halliwell (Zak Dingle) 0, Temporary Out

0.) Paula Tilbrook (Betty Eagleton) 0, Temporary Out

0.) Sammy Wynward (Katie Addyman Sugden) 0, Vactation

Exiting And Big moments in May:

Simon figuring out that Nicola is ashamed of him because he is to fat, so he tells her its over, but Nicola wants him back and tells many of the villagers what a terrible person she is, and Simon takes her back, later he introduces his very bitchy mother Sherrie Meredith to Nicola, two women who dislikes eachother by just looking at eachother.

Edna who was feeling bad in the throat at the moment was walking her dog, when she was accidentally in a hit and run when she was knocked over by Sam, who left her an entire night out, not telling anyone, she was later found and taken to the hospital.

Meanhearted Steph found out that her father Alan and friend Fat Shelly was deciding to move to Spain, but Steph became crazy and locked nice fat Shelly in her basement locker, and threatened her not to take her father away from her, has she frightened Shelly enough?

That was some of the really great stories that has happened in May in this Soap.

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You know the funniest thing about this list is that the teens of Emmerdale are all way down in their Appearence for most of this month, not many soaps you can say that about.

Robert - 1

Andy - 3

Darren `Daz` - 3

and Katie hasn`t been on one episode.

The strange is, we have the senior citizen in Emmerdale very much higher.

Jarvis - 10

Edna - 9

Len - 9

Thats how they must star do it in the american soaps put the teenagers down in appearences and the seniors up on the list.

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I totally disagree. I'll never for the life of me understand the mindset that the right thing to do is show all of the vets all of the time, and only show the younger characters (you know, the ones who will become the older vets in twenty or so years) a little bit. I hate to say it, but the older vets *will not* be here forever, and when they aren't, I'm not going to want to be automatically thrown into the worlds of characters who have only served in the background for most of the time.

The key to soap opera is balance. Balance, balance, balance. No one should be on every single day, but no one should be on for less than a quarter of a year's episodes. There should be an equality among the characters' importance to the show. While a newer character such as ATWT's Jade Taylor doesn't have the history of someone like Susan Stewart and isn't as important as her, Jade serves a purpose just like Susan does. The writers aren't exactly sure of what Jade's purpose is, but it's there.

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