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AMC: Camille Paglia Praises the Show in Salon.com article

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She says the show is "written with a speed and intensity that are remarkable," that she's "particularly impressed with Alexa Havins, who gives warmth and depth to her role as Babe," and that the show is "dishing the camp like fried scrapple and waffles."

But she deplores the lack of black characters, considering how popular soaps are in the African-American community.

And what she says about the female characters' hair extensions is HILARIOUS.

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Jesus Pete.

Crack is Whack!

McT-Propper. Babe-Propper. AH-Propper (I know the last one's a more controversial stance, but really..."warmth and depth"? Gah! Ack! My guess, she's hot for cute California blondes).

What else do I need to know about Paglia's critical thinking?

CP must have spent one whole day watching ABCD, because she went after Rosie (she wished Rosie get a "shiv" from Trump) on The View, I've read. Like Rosie or not, I find a bit much.

I agree about diversity, but that's hardly a cutting edge stance and Paglia certainly (and erroneously, imo) views herself as embodying just that.

I am all for any critisim of hair, makeup and wardrobe. I think AMC needs to toss out the lot of them and bring in new crews for all.

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