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I am on Spring/Easter break from my job all this week, so I get to watch my soaps live for once. After I put my girls down for naps, took a shower and settled in I began to think about some of the storylines I liked on the shows.

1- The Loving Murders

2- Eden's Rape on Santa Barbara- graphic but omg great acting

3- The Cruise of Deception Storyline on Days

4- Josh and Reva's first wedding at Cross Creek on GL

5- Nikki taunting Diane Jenkins about wanting a child on Y&R...Ohh the time Nikki sashayed into Victor's surprise party

6- Cindy Chandler AIDS storyline on AMC

7- Janet posing as Natalie on AMC

8- Anything with Tina on OLTL

9- Tiffany and Sean's wedding on GH....I laughed the entire show.

10- The right to die storyline with Casey Peretti on ATWT...Margo was the one that pulled the plug and found out she was pregnant with Casey a few days later.

11- Any of Phyllis' shenanigans on Y&R.

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-Carly buried alive. (DAYS)

-Marlena's Possession (DAYS)

-Mystery of Aremid (DAYS)

-The Secret Room (DAYS)

-The Babyswitch (DAYS)

-Larry Welch Returns (DAYS)

-Begining of Zach's death (DAYS)

-Terror Island (Sunset Beach)

-Shockwave (Sunset Beach)

-Babyswitch (Sunset Beach)

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Kylie, I agree with you about the David and Erica love affair. I still thought years ago that their was some unfinished business between them. I honestly expected it to come out during the Michael Cambias murder trial that they had secretely married to protect Bianca, thus thwarting her marital plans to Jack.

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I loved these ones:

-DAYS: The Massacre Ball in 2001

-B&B: All including Sheila since she's arrived

-Y&R: Sheila/Lauren in te beggining

-Y&R: Jill and Kay battle for mansion

-B&B: Brooke in Barbados

-SUN: Serial Killer Storyline

-SB: Cruz accused of Elena's murder

-SB: Kirk/Eden/Cruz/Gina storyline in 1986

-SB: Adriana kidnapped by Zack Kelton in 1989

-SB: Kelly accused of Dylan's murder

-B&B: Brooke and Thorne romance against everyone

-B&B: Morgan kidnapps Taylor and Steffie

-B&B: Macy/Deacon/Amber storyline

-B&B: Amber/Deacon/Carmen storyline

-Y&R: David Kimble storyline

-Y&R: Mari Jo kidnapps Christine and torture her


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Well, Julia Barr said in an interview back then that the show had filmed an elopment (after Kendall/Mikey) that would change everything. People had their money on it being D&E, because it made so much sense. Persoanlly, I think it was, and that there's a wedding in the AMC vault, but we'll never know now. LOL There was TONS of unfinished business between. Always will be. I kinda of like that, though. :)

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GH: Sonny and Brenda. Especially when Lily blows up, my all time favorite scene ever. Their whole love story was amazing

GH: THe Ice Princess storyline.

GH:Laura waking up this past November

AMC: Zendell

AMC: When Leo and Greenlee hooked up

Days: Cruise of Deception

Days: Bo and Hope, during the Larry Welch days

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In another thread, you said you hated the possession. Make up your mind!!

Okay, I'm limiting mine to 15. They are....

1.) Margaret's Amnesia- OLTL (despite how it ended :()

2.) Salem Stalker- DAYS

3.) Jan's Pregnancy, DAYS

4.) Vendetta- PSSNS

5.) Margaret's Obsession - OLTL

6.) Janet from Another Planet - AMC

7.) Everything Sheila- B&B/Y&R

8.) Crazy Beth/Mrs. Wallace/Precious- PSSNS

9.) Cassadines- GH

10.) Jan's Cage - DAYS

11.) Carmen Santos- GL

12.) Secret Room/Kristen/Susan/Marlena/John- DAYS

13.) Carly's Breakdown- GH

14.) Evil Sami- DAYS

15.) Gloved Hand- DAYS (pre-Hogan)

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AMC: Janet from Another Planet

AMC: Babe and Bianca Baby Switch

AMC: Jr and Babe

AMC: Leo and Greenlee

AMC: Satin Slayer

AMC: David and Erica hook-up

AMC: Jackson and Erica as a couple

OLTL: Todd and margret

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All from Days of Our Lives.





I also loved the Carrie/Austin/Sami triangle in the 90's, Kate and Lucas framing Sami for Franco's murder (before it dragged on too long and fizzled out), the first five months of the Salem Serial Killer story.

And I wouldn't call them 'stories,' but I loved several events like Sami and Austin's disastrous wedding in Vegas, the plane crash when half of Salem went to find Hope (awesome production values, believe it or not -- primetime worthy!), and the Coronation Massacre. All those were fantastic.

I also used to love Guiding Light back in the day, with the Dinah/Hart/Cassie triangle, Annie Dutton's reign of terror, the Nursery Rhyme Stalker, Clone Reva and the early days of Danny/Michelle with the introduction of Carmen Santos & Co. The show was cannot miss back then! A cliffhanger every day. Wasn't this during the Rauch era, with Brown/Esensten as headwriters?

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