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Combining two soaps

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If you got the chance to combine two soaps into one show, which one will you pick from the following list. What kind of stroylines would you have and the cast members(list).

Days of Our Lives

The Young and the Restless

The Bold and the Beautiful

As the World Turns

General Hospital


Guiding Light

All My Children

One Life To Live

I would do a all my children and one life to live mix.

Adam/Stuart Chandler

Aidan Devane

Amanda Dillon

Annie McDermott

Babe Chandler

Bianca Montgomery

Brooke English

Colby Chandler

Danielle Frye

Derek Frye recast

Di Henry

Dr. Joe Martin

Erica Kane

Jackson Montgomery

Jamie Martin

Jonathan Lavery

JR Chandler

Julia Santos Keefer

Kendall Hart

Krystal Chandler

Lily Montgomery

Livia Frye

Myrtle Fargate

Opal Cortlandt

Palmer Cortlandt

Ryan Lavery

Sean Montgomery

Tad Martin

Zach Slater


Adriana Cramer recast

Antonio Vega

Asa Buchanan

Blair Cramer

Bo Buchanan

Clint Buchanan

Cole Thornhart

Cristian Vega

Dorian Lord

Evangeline Williamson

Jessica Buchanan

Lindsay Rappaport

Marty Saybrooke

Nash Brennan

Natalie Buchanan

Nora Hanen

Starr Manning

Todd Manning

Victoria Lord Davidson

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