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Y&R: Reliquary and Jack/Victor SPOILER

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Love this! [Vicky saving the two idiotic ones.]

Thanks to Meghan at Toni's!

Victoria, Victor and Brad head off for Czechoslavakia where once again Victor and Brad are kidnapped and Victoria has to save them. But according to LML solving the mystery does not end the danger and this story line is connected to Carmen's death.

When Victor returns to GC his and Jack's hostility resurfaces big time and Victor is not going to have an easy time dealing with the increasingly powerful Jack. Braeden is quoted as saying that the situation with Jack will cause conflict in Victor's family. Could be that Phyllis, grateful to Jack for delivering Summer, will side with him against Nikki and Victor.

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Thanks for these... Vicky "Victory" Newman Carlton saves the day? Wow..who would have 'thunk' it.

In terms of the Jack vs Victor and the rest of the Newmans, well, I can see Phyllis siding with Jack...her heart still loves him, and Jack's political quest could be the thing that could pull her from Nick....

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