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OLTL: 78 new MediaNet pictures added

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Man it has been a long while since I have had the time to do this, but here goes...

A lot of new OLTL pictures from ABC MediaNet have been added for the weeks of January 15th, 22nd, 29th, and February 5th.

The 25 new pictures for the week of January 15th include: Blair, Todd, Antonio, Talia, Addie, Spencer, Cristian, Marty, Starr, Cole, Evangeline, Natalie, Vincent, Shaun, Aaron Connally (Vincent's lawyer), and two extras (a nun and a cop).

The 28 new pictures for the week of January 22nd include: Michael, Roxy, Tommy, Marcie, Spencer, Mark Casey, Marty, Cole, Nora, Blair, and Todd.

The 16 new pictures for the week of January 29th include: Cristian, Evangeline, Rex, Adriana, Bo, Cole, Starr, Marcie, Michael, Jessica, Nash, and Clint.

The 9 new pictures for the week of February 5th include: Jessica, Antonio, Natalie, John, Talia, Nora, Vincent, and Shaun

Link to these pictures (the newest ones are those on the first 6 pages, and the first 6 pics. on page 7): http://www.abcmedianet.com/ph_search/searc...&pgsplit=12

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I think he is giving her something to knock her out, and that he thinks she should be his 'bride'. Spencer is really going to start cracking up in the next few weeks. When you looked at the pictures did you see what Spencer does to his lawyer Mark Casey? Looks like he knocks him out and stick him in hospital bed so he can escape.

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