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Written By

Pamela K. Long

Trent Jones

Nancy Curlee

Stephen Demarest

Nancy Williams

Richard Culliton

Nancy Franklin

N. Gail Lawrence

Pete T. Rich

Melissa Salmons

Directed By

M.J. McDonnell

Executive Producer

Joe Willmore


Robert D. Kochman

Kathlyn Chambers

Assistants to the Producers

Mary O'Leary

John C. Feld

Art Directors

Richard C. Hankins

Rick Dennis

Tom Targownik

Set Designers

Wes Laws

Paul Hickey

James Stewart

Costume Designer

Robert Anton

David Loveless

Associate Directors

Jo Anne Wedwick

Stuart Silver

Stage Managers

Locke Wallace

Kevin Tracy

Production Assistants

Susan R. Dansby

Scott P. Riggs

Production Coordinators

Lisa Connor

G. Anthony Lippera

Francine Versalie

Casting Director

Betty Rea

Assistant to the Casting Director

Jimmy Bohr

Music Consultant

Jill Diamond

Music Supervisor

Barbara Miller

Music Director

A. J. Gundell

Production Supervisors

Ellen Boyd

Vincent Verrico

Production Manager

Sid Sirulnick

Studio Supervisors

John Keeler

Jack Rush

Technical Directors

James Angerame

Emile Husni


Jay Chichon

Phil Checchini


Joe Manzo

Norman Ferro

Videotape Editors

Brian D. Rosner

Bill Van Den Noort

Lighting Director

Ralph Holmes

Hal Anderson


Steve Ancona

Pam Bellas

Allen Brown

Tim Patryk

William c. Phypers

Stan Seiller

Michael Zwick

Boom Operators

Mary Cody

Hal Schur

Bert Silverman

Jerry SUllivan

Sound Effects

Bob Maickel

Carl Hall

Audio Assistants

Irv Jacobs

James Whittier


Joseph Cola

Sue Saccavino

Hair Dressers

Tony GuHeli

Alba Samperisi


Sheila Rodman

Madelaine Wing

Andrea Ross

Sound Effects

Ron Vitelli

Electronic Graphics

Mel Grinnell

Medical Advisor

Marilyn Benner-Sowyak

Recorded at the CBS Broadcast Centre

New York City

Supervising Producer

Barbara J. Garshman

Executive in Charge of Production

Edward Trach

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