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  1. 5 hours ago, Brolden said:


    I have the exact same problem. I started with the 'smaller' one before CBS got separated off, which only has 1989-1994. What I do, is I make sure I have a lot of time if I want to get to it, then I use 'ATWT' as a search term, and spend about half an hour scrolling all the way down to the end, so I can spend about an hour or so working my way upwards. If I accidentally mis-click, I have to start all over again. It's a ridiculous pain in the ****, and it will be much more difficult when I get to the 'larger' CBS version.


    I'm also not crazy about the nickname thing going on, which make the recaps impossible to read as well. Still, it's the only way I know of to read episode recaps from the early 90s, as well as authentic audience responses. 


    My focus is currently on retrieving these recaps and storing them on my pc. I'm planning on 'translating' these recaps (using regular character names) at a later point. I also hope to use them to help identify episodes and complement the full episode list I created. But it's a lot of work.


    If you or anyone else finds a better way to navigate this site, I'd love to hear it. 

    there would be a nickname decoder post once every few months. I remember Juicy = Lucinda. Can’t remember any others at the moment. 

  2. 23 hours ago, Brolden said:

    Actually, I've been working my way through the RATS group, tracking ATWT posts (which were authentic audience responses). As I've made my way through 1990-1992, there was a very clear consensus that Heather wasn't well-liked in the role and I came upon many posts of people hoping Martha would be back (long before Heather left). Granted, that's just a portion of the total audience, and I didn't get to MB's actual return yet, but I get the general impression MB was liked in the role.


    Can you please tell me how you're navigating it? I would love to re-read some things. I don't know why Google bought a usenet archive and then made it so freaking difficult to use.

  3. 7 hours ago, te. said:

    The actress who is playing Gwen is killing it. Honestly, they've found three solid actresses in Claire, Allie and Gwen so they should keep them around, daytime needs more young blood and they're all fun to watch.

    I agree. I enjoyed all three of them today. Ciara/Ben are unbearable. I really need Claire to completely ruin their wedding. 

    3 hours ago, AlexElizabeth said:

    I freaking love Gwen. I hope she sticks around.


    The writers can't honestly think people like Ben. He is so damn annoying to watch.

    He has great abs. 

  4. I’m watching 2000 Passions. It is pretty darn addictive. I love how funny it is. Using Tabitha/Timmy as a Greek chorus is pretty brilliant. Also, you don’t even notice how little plot movement there is because there are all these awesome side quests like Tabitha getting turned into a fish. The individual episodes have really good script writing and seem like they have a lot going on in them. Idk how exactly to describe it, but Reilly had it down to a science of how to make it seem like the plot was moving when it wasn’t.

    Currently I’m in the summer. I’d totally forgotten Maureen McCormick was in this as Gwen’s mother. All I can see is Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, unfortunately. The episode I ended with tonight had Charity picking mushrooms to poison Miguel, lollll. 

  5. 14 minutes ago, j swift said:

    Passions used poor grammar that resulted in a mixed metaphor.

    You keep me alive
    You are the fire burning inside of me
    You are my passion for life

    I think what they meant was you are my passion, (note the comma) for life.  As in, you are my love forever.  Instead, it reads as if you are my reason for being, which seems antiquated, although it fits the Ethan/Theresa love story and may explain why I never liked that show.



    I took it to mean "reason for being," because that's how JER wrote all love stories, not just Ethan/Theresa. Your soulmate is your soulmate, your reason for existing, and this is something that can never change.

  6. I shouldn’t be surprised that Brad Bell does not get this show. It’s been obvious for 20 years. It’s still disappointing. All they need is to go back and find episode that has Susan Flannery reading from the phone book and it’ll be better than any of this, but Brad Bell just doesn’t get it. 

  7. You could list half the current cast of Y&R.


    That show is in desperate need of a Salem Stalker style storyline, except that people should stay dead.


    I'm going to look at the current cast on Wikipedia and see who could leave tomorrow without the show missing a beat:


    People Who Can Go:

    Donny Boaz Chance Chancellor 2019–present What happened to John Driscoll? He was hot (tho boring.)

    Sasha Calle Lola Rosales 2018–present Who?

    Sean Dominic Nate Hastings 2019–present Who?

    Melissa Claire Egan Chelsea Lawson 2011–present Zzzzzz

    Camryn Grimes Mariah Copeland 2014–present Both boring, and ruining Cassie's legacy at the same time

    Amelia Heinle Victoria Newman 2005–present Needs a recast

    Tyler Johnson Theo Vanderway 2019–present Who?

    Hunter King Summer Newman 2012–2016, 2018–present She's been on 8 years and I can't even picture her? Recast.

    Christian LeBlanc Michael Baldwin 1991–1993, 1997–present Outstayed his welcome 15+ years ago.

    Michael Mealor Kyle Abbott 2018–present Zzzzzzz

    Mishael Morgan Amanda Sinclair 2019–present Both boring, and ruining Hilary's legacy at the same time

    Melissa Ordway Abby Newman 2013–present She's been on 7 years and I can't even picture her? Recast.

    Brytni Sarpy Elena Dawson 2019–present Who?

    Jason Thompson Billy Abbott 2016–present Needs a recast

    People Who Can Stay:

    Peter Bergman Jack Abbott 1989–present

    Eric Braeden Victor Newman 1980–present

    Sharon Case Sharon Newman1994–present

    Mark Grossman Adam Newman 2019–present

    Bryton James Devon Hamilton 2004–present

    Kate Linder Esther Valentine 1982–present

    Joshua Morrow Nicholas Newman 1994–present

    Melody Thomas Scott Nikki Newman 1979–present

    Michelle Stafford Phyllis Summers 1994–1997, 2000–2013, 2019–present

    Jordi Vilasuso Rey Rosales 2018–present I didn't know he was on this now? Is he still hot? If so he can stay.

  8. An "NPC" is a video game term -- it means a "Non-Player Character." It's a character that you cannot control, who merely exists to help move the plot along (n.b. There is also a political definition of "NPC" and I just want to be clear that I'm not referring to that definition in this post... Let's keep the politics in the politics thread :))


    Let's liken this to a similar concept on soaps. An example of an "NPC" on soaps would be Dr. Rolf. He's not really his own character, but merely Stefano's henchman (although the actor was so good and became such a fan favorite that that has changed, and he has lasted way longer than anyone ever thought he would.) Another example would be Vivien on Another World or Matthew on As the World Turns -- they weren't really characters, they were just "the help."


    Who were some of the best "NPCs" in soap history? Which writers were prolific at creating NPCs? Which long-running characters started out as NPCs but grew into characters in their own right?

  9. 14 hours ago, Faulkner said:

    That’s really funny and nails SF’s effect. Which is why it got to be too much at times. But she could rein it in and be chilling, like when calmly tried to convince Brooke to commit suicide. Which was awful and cruel beyond words, and something she should not have been able to come back from.

    The thing about the rivalry was that they were both basically correct about each other. Stephanie really was disturbingly obsessed with her son Ridge and abusive in her means to control his life and select her ideal mate for him. Brooke really was a gutter slut that would [!@#$%^&*] absolutely anything or anybody for any reason. 

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