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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ld-0na1mpI
  2. LOVE this song! Love the Knight Rider theme as the bassline...
  3. Love me some Bruce Bruce! And Coco and Dirty South!
  4. My daughter summed it up perfectly when she said Rachel is like Facts of Life's Blair. You wanna slap her at times, but you still can't help but care about her. And the voice...
  5. Totally remember this one! And the Louie Louie one someone mentioned a while back is on my nineties playlist on my iPod.
  6. Here and there. For me, the show has not been as intriguing since it has returned from hiatus. I think this is because they wrapped up the serial storylines about the wife, the fake pregnancy, Will and the guidance counselor, and now there's no CONFLICT. Even the inital drama between the club and the Cheerios is downplayed. Sylvester has no reason to hate on them now. Also, some of the joy is gone. It seems to be about the performances now. I loved the Madonna episode, but hope this is not the new direction of the show. I would like to go back to how I felt when watching the episode where Kurt joins the football team and they do Single Ladies. I agree some of the "fixing" the show may already need lies with developing the supporting players and providing the long-term stories like "the road to sectionals." Does anyone even care about regionals on this show?
  7. So now, what am I listening to? Not sure why I'm addicted to this song right now. And this one gets mindlessly stuck in my head:
  8. To each their own, but this guy has the exact kind of "singing" voice I hate. Even though we don't always have same taste, I always enjoy hearing what you're listening to, Am.
  9. Hmmmm... This will always be my fave version of Umbrella:
  10. Ah DayTime Fan...this thread reminds me how much you were sorely missed for a while...
  11. Great thread idea! Loved game shows growing up. Didn't know so many existed on youtube. I caught a Tom Kennedy Split Second and a Monty Hall. You're right, Shadows, very clever idea for a game show, and just when I was tired of the concept, in comes the lightning round to spice it up. Lame bonus game, though. One of my favorites was Hot Potato with Bill Cullen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kuv19P3K5qI&feature=related Great game, good audience participation potential, no need to be trivia expert, clever idea to have each team share a quality (usually career if I remember correctly) and the cheesy steam coming out of the logo in the opening credits is the creamy icing on the cake!
  12. I'm sitting here watching EON, I'm on epi #6282 and this babooming soundtrack comes on. Not the EON theme I'm used to! LOL, does anyone know if there was a particular reason for the updated theme song? New producer?
  13. Oh, how this makes me long for the good ol' days of AMC. The humor, the humor. And I loved the Beauty Shot of the Horse! LOL! I don't remember reading about that storyline. The Loving ad was interesting, if short. I love to watch old TV ads. The ABC news brief was quite interesting as well.
  14. I'm sure this was the reason...wasn't sure if it was an actor's choice, though. The first Molly reminded me of Helga, Dimitri's maid when Natalie was down in the well on AMC. I think this new Molly is much more likeable and from my speculation, seems to be more in tune with where the story is heading. (Kirk/Draper and Emily have only been in Monticello a few epis where I'm at now). Thanks for not spoiling!
  15. Does anyone know the reason for the actress change for Molly, the Gault's servant, around the time Emily and Kirk/Draper leave for Monticello? TIA
  16. Oh...I'm not sure which, but that grin is what makes me love her. I like to think it's the way she is playing Raven, and it so works. I haven't seen her on anything else to be able to tell what's what or who's who. The grin is part of the va-va-va-voom.
  17. Sharon Gabet as Raven is Love. What? I'm loving Slesar here...lost intelligence? Tell me more. Slesar was there for 15 years, from what I'm reading, which is highly unusual for daytime.
  18. Well, I had always heard that Edge of Night, or EON, was different from other soaps, what with the focus on mysteries and its popularity with males. So I've been checking it out, and I am truly hooked. I usually watch two or three an evening, as they only run for twenty minutes. Right now, Draper Scott/Kirk Michaels has amnesia and is recovering in the bed of Emily Gault while back in town, Raven Swift is trying desperately to get her child back. From what I understand, what I'm watching first aired in the spring of 1980. Although there is a little too much repetition for my liking (which I probably wouldn't mind if I weren't watching back-to-back, but day-to-day), I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mansion of the Damned and the train wreck. Looking forward to what I think will be something about a carousel, as Crazy-Dream April (as I've come to know her) has been tossing and turning in her sleep again.
  19. Olga! Linden House! Trevor! Palmer and Sloane! Good times....good times...thanks so much Eric.
  20. I am loving this thread. I am so getting schooled. So help me out... Agnes Nixon is listed as the official headwriter of AMC from 1970 to about 1990, but then I keep seeing things about a stint with Lorraine Broderick in the mid-80s and then DePriest in late 80s and I know Wisner Washam fits in there somewhere...who was head writer when? TIA
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