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  1. So, isn't it time for Mariah Carey to just give it up?  She can't sing apparently.  She has the audacity to come on live TV to lip sync and when the tracks don't work she just stands there?  Isn't she the diva with the 8 octave singing talent?   Why can't she just sing, the way singers do?   She calls herself a good sport too, but the good sports were the people in Times Square who didn't boo her off the stage.

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    2. ReddFoxx


      It seemed as if she was unable to sing properly and tried to turn it into a sound issue. Blaming the crew is a good way to not get hired again.

    3. KMan101


      I see that. She should have just left it at "[!@#$%^&*] happens". SMH. Apparently she skipped rehearsal and had a body double there. Again SMH.

    4. ChitHappens


      Mariah simply did not care. She took money to perform and didn't!  Bottom line!  That's trash!  


      If Beyonce can still perform while her hair is stuck in a fan as folks try to untangle it, surely Mariah could have done a little better.  No sound check, which she's partly responsible for. How could anyone perform before a sound check?  She just wanted to walk around in a Onesie and be celebrated for that. 


      Really foul!  

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