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  1. 28 minutes ago, Gray Bunny said:


    I agree on the curiosity of the Mean Girls group imploding and turning on one another because that's how it often goes in real life.  I would be here for a Rinna vs. Kyle fight of "who's the leader of the pack?" and have them both look bad(der).  Gosh, these shows can really destroy real-life long term friendships.  I guess we can be happy, for their sakes, that Eileen didn't stay too long for her and Rinna to eventually have an on-camera falling out? 


    +1 definitely.   S3 & S4 was Atlanta at its finest before it got too manufactured for the cameras. For Cynthia, I think at the time when it originally aired she was a little boring, but when you watch it again, she's the calm in the midst of the storms, and her family drama was authentic. She's one that just got better and better over time.


    I... uh... what? 


    I will say kudos to that Linda Evans wig. Spot on. 


    I concur. The Krystle wig is perfectly done.


    Yeah, I'm kind of glad that Eileen kept her dignity to a certain extent and went back to acting. It's funny how when she's acting on soaps, she exudes this warmth, complexity and humanity through her characters that makes me love her again.


    Don't feel too bad for Rinna and Kyle. I don't think that was ever a real-life long term friendship so much as a passing, friend-of-a-friend acquaintance. Kyle and Kim OTOH... -_-


    Also, I just want to say re: Atlanta that even though I dissed seasons 4 onwards, I really, really rated S8 aka the first season without Nene aka the season with Kim Fields. Cynthia kicking Porsha off her on that boat was just :o:lol:. Not that I condone violence or anything!

  2. 13 minutes ago, DRW50 said:

    I know Yolanda has had her health problems but surely Kris Jenner shouldn't be better at modeling than she is. 


    Updated the link to the Harpers Bazaar article (https://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/features/a28900567/kris-jenner-yolanda-hadid-channel-dynasty-characters/). The pics are... holy [!@#$%^&*] I can't describe them. Look at this one -- it's like two facial expressions battling against botox:




  3. 3 hours ago, Taoboi said:

    Yeah, I have to at least say her luck seems to be like mine with guys. :D :D


    Rumor is the drama will be insane. ;)


    Sometimes (in Kenya's case) Drama picks Drama! (I hear you about personal luck with guys tho).


    It's like when she got married with Marc and she suddenly went all coy about 'keeping it private' and no filming of Marc. That made no sense and ran against everything we know Kenya is about. That's why production lost its rag and decided to fire her. Because she got her wedding all over the blogs but didn't want to share it on the show. So, either Marc put his foot down about being filmed and Kenya acquiesced (likely), or Kenya did not want the cameras around to delve too deeply into this marriage and her pregnancy (which, some people have said, was a pillow shoved up her dress and a secret surrogate on the side. Hey, Kenyoncé!).


    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching Kenya for the drama she creates -- she should have been on last season for that reason alone! I also think the WWHL episode where she effortless DESTROYS Michael Rappaport was the best WWHL episode ever aired. But I also don't like the precedent she has set with RHOA. I will call Kenya out on her fakery and disingenuousness, and you best believe there will be some of that this coming season. :lol:


    3 hours ago, Taoboi said:

    I still feel the only reason they are all back is because we want to see the aftermath of the LVP wish-it-was-a-takedown where they turn on each other. And like a trainwreck, one wants to see who is left standing. And since it looks like more and more Lipsa is coming for Kyle...I AM HERE FOR THAT.


    Totally. I don't need to see another 19 episodes of fakery about how they are all BFFs now that the cause of ALL their problems is gone. These bitches never take accountability for doing the same [!@#$%^&*] they accused LVP of doing, and the hypocrisy comes off of them in waves. I want to see them turn on each other like the gang in Reservoir Dogs ! 


    BTW where did you get "it looks like more and more Lipsa is coming for Kyle" ? Is there stuff happening on Twitter or IG I don't know about?? :o :lol: Spill the tea!

  4. 4 hours ago, Chris B said:

    I agree and thats why I get so mad when people list seasons 5 or 6 as the best. IMO, the best season the show had was season 4 (including the best reunion). I also loved last season which I know is unpopular. I feel like Kenya is too on for the cameras. I have liked her various seasons, but you don't get her real life often. I feel like she worked best in her final season, but overall she tries to hard. I like it best when the women are themselves and the drama is more organic. I feel the next season is going to be better received than last year because it'll be full of drama, but I don't look forward to the story she CREATES for herself.

    I agree so much with this. First of all S3 and S4 are the finest seasons of any HW show, on a par with S3 NY and S2 BH. The cast chemistry was perfection, and so was the comedy, shade and drama. And people diss Cynthia for being a bore but I really loved her from the get go. Her drama was real and relatable. 


    With Kenya's arrival, there was from Day One a problem with authenticity. She is incredibly self-produced, and was constantly baiting the women. It really damaged her credibility that first season, especially when Apollo accused her of coming on to him, and people believed him over her. Since then, and as much as I appreciate a Scarlet Letter SL, Kenya's antics have put pressure on the other HWs to self-produce and manufacture story in much the same way. And little by little, I started enjoying ATL a bit less, because drama became increasingly scripted. 



  5. 4 hours ago, Chris B said:


    Oh it's him for sure! She mentions the behavior in the post announcing the divorce: https://tamaratattles.com/2019/09/19/exclusive-details-kenya-moore-and-marc-daly-to-divorce/

    That lines up with the blind item: https://tamaratattles.com/2019/09/17/blind-item-pretty-dick/


    The weird thing to me is that just on Monday they appeared together on the Tamron Hall show, then he recently had an event that *he* threw for RHOA. This story is weird as hell just like anything with Kenya.

    That's because Kenya produces her entire life like it's a RHOA episode. She wanted the marriage/baby thing for the show so bad, so she jumped into it with this willing participant and it turned out he was not so willing. I'm betting he was basically a glorified sperm donor. The thing is, she could have got Brandon to help her out with a donation and it would have been so much easier, but no she wanted the crazy drama and the 'I got my fairytale!' narrative, because she was banking on cameras being there. She really seems to pick assholes too. Anyway it's too bad the cameras weren't there last season to showcase all this because the drama would have been insane. I guess we will see it this season.

  6. 19 hours ago, NothinButAttitude said:

    Leeanne was being an ass tonight. She could've shared a damn room with Kary. 


    However, Kary irked my nerve when she came for Leeanne not wanting kids. Not everyone has the tools to be a parent. I think we should applaud Leeanne for being honest enough to admit she is not motherly at all. 


    And I don't think that she using her suicidal experience to manipulate people. Do I think it is a coping mechanism and a shield? Yes. 


    What I do love about this cast is that they are very real and raw about their issues. 

    There was a moment last week when Leeanne talked about getting together with Rich. She said that she had never been faithful in any of her previous relationships. That, coupled with her pronouncement that she is not maternal and does not want children, made me respect her honesty (even though I am someone who would love to have children). Obviously, a lot of this is tied up with her childhood, which we got a lot of insight into this episode. I had not realized the full extent of her childhood abuse. It was powerful and raw, as you say. Even seeing Kameron struggle with the luggage off the carousel or *that toilet* is real in a way we don't see on other shows as much.


    It's interesting because Dallas gives us this, but at the same time it is like a 90s soap opera, like an episode of 90s AMC. (And in the second half of the episode, it went full telenovela). To end with that raw bombshell was strong and unexpected. I really liked the episode because of all the different shading. Leeanne was pretty insufferable through most of it. but her outburst made me understand her a bit better.


    Comic genius Kameron is back! I felt like I hadn't really seen her much the last few episodes. 


    Travis and Stephanie are a couple I like as much as Monique and Chris on Potomac. The chemistry and complicity they share is very sweet and loving.


    I was feeling D'Andra before but she lost me here with her blowing off a meeting with Travis. So unprofessional and stupid, especially when her firm is on the brink.


    I sure hope the ratings go up for this episode. Dallas is giving us a LOT.


    47 minutes ago, Antoyne said:

    It is clear they were not getting along at all  in her latest Insta story, like he couldn't stand TV Kenya and the filming. Rumour has it that he is not getting a good edit on RHOA next season.

  7. 3 hours ago, Gray Bunny said:

    I don't think Eileen was aiming for her old job. When someone called in and asked if she'd come back to RHOBH, she looked over at Andy with a "thanks but no thanks" look before basically explaining that she's not interested in returning other than a lil pop-up (like a random Rinna or Rottika scene).  I am otherwise disappointed that she's on the LVP-Is-the-Devil bandwagon.  


    I was hoping a caller would ask why she didn't return to DAYS/What's her opinion on Kristen being recast?  but nada about that. :(


    I can't remember, did Eileen and Dorit have beef at one point? 


    Always respect your and @Chris B's opinions, of course (I love Eileen too, I know it doesn't seem like that when talking about Bh!) -- personally I felt like she was 'on.' Like she was playing 'Ashley Abbott, the JFP Years.' It made me wonder why she was doing that, because one of the things I respected about Eileen on BH was that she was true to herself and didn't really care what people thought of her. On WWHL, I felt she cared. And that made me wonder if she cares because she wants to be asked back onto the show.


    I don't begrudge her beef with LVP anymore. She had her reasons. The one thing I didn't like about Eileen was the way she treated Eden at reunion -- she shut her down with a "buh-bye, Eden, buh-bye" when Eden tried to say that Rinna used her to get at Kim. I thought it was maddening how she shut down another person's right to speak, and I figured that she of all people would be acutely sensitive to how wrong that was. Even if Eden is a kook.


    Yeah, Eileen and Dorit had peripheral beef, mainly because Eileen was defending poor widdle Erika and she thought Dorit was LVP's minion. It kind of exploded on the boat in Hong Kong, when Rinna, Eileen and Erika all went in on Dorit.


    2 hours ago, Cheap21 said:

    Emily to Shane: "How can you not have fun with a bunch of naked ladies?"


    Girl, let's have a talk


    LOL that crossed my mind too. 'Studying for the bar' is the new euphemism!


    Can't wait to watch OC tonight. Unpopular opinion but I think so far, RHOC has been far better than last season. That is not because Vicki is no longer there -- I still want her to come back full-time. But I feel like there is momentum to the season, like people's stories are going somewhere. Also, I am really warming to Emily aka Budget Jeana. 

  8. 3 hours ago, DRW50 said:

    She acts so much like Ashley there. 


    She does, and that's what it felt like -- playing a role. In fact, it felt like an audition.


    Eileen is a workhorse, and since Sony did her dirty, I'm not surprised she is open to returning to the Real Housewives of Encino -- where she will out-rank pretty much all the others by default, because she lives in Malibu.


    Her dislike of LVP is so strong -- Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna emit the same kind of irrational hate. It feels very personal. You know, I am actually considering watching Real Housewives of Encino next season. One reason is Garcelle Beauvais. The other is my irrational need to see KARMA be served in the direction of Rinna, Erika, Kyle, Dorit and Teddi. Individually and together.


    (I also wish Kathy Hilton and Nicollette Sheridan would have joined to make the aforementioned lives' hell, but that is wish-casting).


    On another note: I wonder who will host all the chi-chi parties now that LVP is gone and PK is broker than broke? For sure Teddi will host a budget cook-out off that cliff-face she calls a home. But freeloader Rinna hasn't hosted a damn thing ever (Harry's backyard bbq does not count!). Kyle is such a fool -- she stays doling out money for these parties and Rinna swoops in to guzzle the free booze and steal the spotlight. 

  9. I dont think I have seen Andy have fun at a reunion like that in a while. He seems invested in Potomac, like he watches the reels for fun. The women seemed to be having fun despite everything too.


    And I have to agree with whoever called Candiace MVP this episode. She was loud but laser-focused, and her shade hit their target. Ashley put up a solid defense, but she's on a slippery slope with this entire season. And what was that weird ass editing with Michael supposedly on the balcony, and all the 'reactions' from the women below? It felt like some highly creative editing to me.


    Also thought the way Karen put Gizelle firmly in her place about the fragrance was what I've been waiting for all season. I have never once seen Karen put down Every Hue, unlike Gizelle with everybody's side projects.


    Sad that any mention of Katie has been almost entirely scrubbed from this episode. I wonder if they will bring her up at all in the next two eps.


    The fashions were even more atrocious close up. Gizelle's greasy ass hair was especially horrible. What was her lovely hair guy thinking?? Ashley with a white fly-catcher curtain slung over her shoulders and across her chest was the worst, though. I thought Candiace's Great Gatsby dress was actually the best outfit of the night.

  10. On 9/13/2019 at 2:16 AM, NothinButAttitude said:

    Why is Dallas still getting less than 1 million viewers?! What the f-ck is wrong with everyone?! If Dallas gets cancelled, I swear to God!!

    That's disappointing, because it's a fun watch. I don't think RHOD was helped this year by a VERY poor season trailer. That trailer almost turned me off watching -- and you know I love my neurotic D"Andra and Mama Dee! It was so dull!


    First episode was a little wispy, content-wise, and we barely saw Kameron. Ep2 was much better, and next week, we are already heading out on a cast trip! That villa in Cayeres reminds me of Melbourne's cast trip to Mexico last year, and that was a doozy. So I'm looking forward to it. Hope Dallas builds an audience over the coming weeks on word of mouth.


    Not feeling Leeanne so far. She is complaining too much about whatever BS happened last year: "Ah was so hurrrrt." Also I thought her words to D'Andra, about how Leeanne doesn't need to keep in touch with her mom because she doesn't rely on her for financial support, were shockingly cold. I honestly do not know how D'Andra didn't deck her then and there. 

  11. I heartily preferred Katie over Charrisse, partly because she doesn't quite realise how much fun she can be to watch. Shes kind of oblivious and un-self-conscious, and that's quite watchable on a reality show 


    Charrisse was so envious of Karen and Gizelle! But I think I really disliked her when she sold her friendship with Monique and Chris down the river for some airtime and relevancy.


    6 hours ago, ChitHappens said:



    Karen was the epitome of beauty and grace this eppy.  She rocked all of the outfits she changed into.  Super happy for her perfume launch.  I have especially appreciated Karen this season because she has humbled herself into a lovely person.  She has been real the entire time.  Great season for her.


    Then there's the dragon bitch from hell who spent more time promoting Karen's business than her own.  I hope she gets dragged for being a fake ass chit starter!  


    Robyn is happy with finger tats that you can't see instead of a ring...sigh


    No matter what Ashley does, I find it disingenuous and I end up not caring.  


    Crying Candiace has more than earned her stripes.  She's a good addition to the show.  Nasal Charisse who?


    Can't wait to see more of Monique next season!  Chase is a great name!  


    Wonderful cast and I would not change one damn thing!!!!!

    Preach. Karen was a delight this season, and much more down to earth than in previous years. I have always loved her but this season has confirmed what great taste I have. Lol! I kid. It confirms what a fundamentally lovely, gracious, funny person Karen can be. I think the financial troubles and the death of her parents really changed her perspective and made her more reflective and aware of the people around her.

  12. Tuning in for the first time in a while and, if we are talking costumes, everybody looks unexpectedly fantastic at the hotel opening. SC is pulling off that bright yellow dress like nobody's business (a notoriously hard color to pull off) -- plus I find she plays such a watchable heroine --- and MO in the neon pink is a standout. The actress who plays Lola also looks great. I love the suits on the men, mixing it up with different styles, colors and textiles. It all looks quite lush,  like they spent some money on this. I have stuff I could complain about regarding Y&R but today the outfits are not one of them.


    I also like that the entire show is basically taking place at the party. 

  13. 59 minutes ago, Paul Raven said:

    That darkness was a hallmark of the Conboy years. It was carefully constructed so that the actors and/or certain props were specifically lit. Hours were spent on the lighting.

    Wes Kenney changed that and said he got feedback along the lines of 'I didn't realize you had sets!'

    No disrespect to Wes Kenney, who showcased some of Y&R's more luxurious sets, but that moody lighting is EVERYTHING. It is like something out of film noir, and so is the music. It creates such an atmosphere! It's like the subtext behind the characters' secret motivations, deepest desires, and most tortured fears.


    Bill Bell was in advertising before he got into soaps, and advertising at the time was extremely taken by psychology and psychiatry as a marketing tool. Especially the helpfully-visual Freudian theories. You can really see the Freudian and the psychological underpinning Bell's writing, as well as production's lighting, directing and musical choices.


    5 hours ago, Broderick said:


    What I was noticing was how aesthetically pleasing this episode was, despite being staged (out of necessity)  in a fairly sterile, bland hospital environment.   Yes, during this particular episode we were "deprived" of the lush sets that we often saw on Y&R during the John Conboy era, but even with the fairly drab hospital set, you could see John Conboy's fingerprints all over it.   When Jennifer awoke, the hospital widow blinds were positioned in such a manner that sunlight was filtering into the room and making flickering daybreak-shadows fall across the table and lamp in front of the window.   And there in front of the window stood three breathtakingly beautiful young girls --- all impeccably dressed in their Southern California casual pantsuits, thoughtfully provided to Columbia Pictures by Giorgio's of Beverly Hills.   John Conboy made sure that the whoever directed the episode (Bill Dunlap, probably) zoomed in to get close-ups of the flawless complexions and carefully-styled hair of Lorie, Leslie, and Chris, without ever distracting from the very modern (even controversial, for the time) storyline Bill Bell was telling about a woman having a breast removed.  This was VERY unusual at the time --- telling a ground-breaking storyline about a masectomy, discussing breasts so frankly on daytime television, focusing the viewer's attention on three beautiful young women instead of on the patient herself, showcasing innovative Hollywood lighting techniques in a hospital room, of all places -- and presenting all of this in the context of very traditional, soap-based family drama.  This is the period when Y&R was really shaking-up the daytime world, and this particular episode goes a long way toward showing how Bill Bell and John Conboy were accomplishing this transformation.   It may seem bland to us now, but at the time I bet this seemed very riveting and modern, but at the same time soapy enough not to drive away the more traditional daytime audience.   


    Like many other people on this thread, I was thinking about how I would love some soaps (certainly Y&R!) to return to this kind of... way of being.


    Not just the almost claustrophobic focus on telling the story, playing all the beats, the focus on people and families (and not just cyphers), but the music, the lighting, doing so much with (relatively) little.


    I can just imagine how a SL like Jennifer's mastectomy might be pitched to -- and rejected by -- the networks today. Because on paper it might seem boring or heavy. But back in the day, CBS gave Bell total control (network honchos were just there to make sure the scripts did not mention the word "breast"). They trusted in his writing to make the story not just about a mastectomy, but about Jennifer's fraught relationship with her family, her husband, her lover, her own body. I loved how the episode touched on her attractiveness, her need for affirmation and love. And we have the production crew underscoring all those themes with their skill in close-ups, lighting and music.


    We would need the people who wield power over the soaps to rethink story-telling, such as it is today. That the so-called mundane can be lifted up and become as tense and as thrilling as any mob hit. It requires an investment in writers and crew who care to do a great job, who care about the characters and world they are going to write. It requires stepping back from overt interference.


    I was definitely taken by how beautiful all the women were, their glossy hair, their soft, almost identically-striped lounge suits (how well those 70s fashions have aged, the men's less so). One close-up of Trish playing Chris was honestly so breath-taking. I love that Giorgio's of Beverly Hills mention bringing instant glamour to the soap genre, too. Aesthetically pleasing, but the story-lining is so strong, their lovely looks folded into that of their characters, that it is never a distraction.

  14. 10 hours ago, Khan said:

    You know what struck me most about that episode from '75 (aside from the intelligent dialogue and acting)?  You didn't see the elaborate set furnishings or camera angles that came to define Y&R in the next decade.  The Brooks living room was the most expensive-looking set -- and even that wasn't as sumptuous as other sets I've seen on other series from that period.


    What's my point, you ask?  Very simply, you don't need to mimic the Wes Kenney/Ed Scott aesthetic for Y&R to still be Y&R today.  All you need are well-drawn characters, engaged in engrossing story that (as @DramatistDreamer says above) takes its time to unfold.


    Right? And it was a blessed relief to watch. Nothing to detract you from watching the wonderful, nuanced acting (although I am kind of obsessed by all the Brooks sisters' gorgeous, wavy hair), the time taken so that ALL the beats of the SL get played out without being rushed, the complex relationship between the characters.


    Also, the skill of production to use clever, moody lighting and meaningful close-ups to accentuate the intensity of the SL. And possibly to play down a relatively nondescript set. Although I did enjoy Stuart Brooks' walk from the front porch with his morning newspaper, through the dark, wooded, roomy entrance hall, into a living room so dark, it's like he hasn't yet gotten around to opening the curtains (the darkness a metaphor for how worried and down they all feel about Jennifer?). It was such a solid opening 10 seconds (helped by the signature dreamy music) to establish place and feel.

  15. I loved Potomac's last 5 mins with all the stuff happening to the women off season. Real life does not wait for the Bravo shooting schedule! Just goes to show that the show is rooted in authentic events. 


    Gizelle was awful, as usual. Why people invite her to their events, I will never know. She's an embarrassment.

  16. On 9/7/2019 at 5:56 PM, alwaysAMC said:


    Wait what!?!  Is that real?  They look good, but that music!  I loved their old siren music haha.

    I loved the siren music which had a touch of the classic 70s GH opening to it! I also liked the fact they SAID the names, and didn't sing them. The sudden singing is like.... :ph34r: LOL.


    RIP the old opening which made Quad look like a demented poodle. I always loved that they shaded her with her old face & wig year after year after year. :lol:

  17. On 9/7/2019 at 1:07 PM, NothinButAttitude said:


    I think they've been the strongest the past 3 years TBH. I think Potomac could be a force if Bravo actually promoted them better. It is a good thing that now they are starting to get the press they deserve, but I say that is due to the likes of Keke Palmer and Wendy Williams--celeb fans that promoted the show and brought it to the mass. 


    I feel the same for Dallas too. It's audience would grow too if the network even showed an ounce of interest for the show. I'll even add Married to Medicine, the STRONGEST show on the network, to this list too. 


    It boggles my mind b/c Bravo literally puts all their chips into ATL & BH -- both which have been waning the past 2-3 seasons of their show. Especially, BH. After this past sh*tty, heavily scripted season, I think that BH needed to be put out to pasture. 

    In some ways, I am proud my plucky Potomac managed to get where it is today on word of mouth. It shows that it is the real deal. But IA with you about BH getting the bulk of the promotion and favoritism on Bravo. Early on this past season, Rinna bragged on Twitter about how BH surpassed ATL in viewership, and I just saw red. How can this show, which is at a complete creative nadir, attract even more viewers?? 


    I really do feel the tide is turning, however. Viewers gave BH a chance this year but their patience has run thin. Meanwhile, Potomac is getting a lot of attention on social media and in the ratings. People are really feeling it this season, and I suspect reunion will see more people tuning in (partly because Michael will be showing up). Potomac is taking off, and Dallas is on its way up IMO. I think BH is in big trouble, and ATL has gone through a bad patch, but if NJ can regenerate itself after the wilderness years (dont judge, I loved it the last two years), so can any franchise.


    Oh, and totally agree about M2M, which is putting most of the RH shows to shame. I love the way it focuses on marriage and relationships. These people shine in all their multi-faceted, contradictory glory. Even Quad.

    20 hours ago, Soaplovers said:

    So I watched Dallas and still confused why LeeAnne is a fan fav.  She needs psych lockdown pronto.


    Now it makes sense why Dandria's mom gave her the company..she had already ruined it as payback to her daughter.  Dand4ia needs to cut both her and Leanne out of her life.


    Kary seems fun thus far.


    Agree with so much of this. Sometimes I just adore Leeanne, but sometimes she lays it on so thick that I just cannot deal. Case in point was her victimhood this episode. Either you can forgive, or you can't, so just say you can't and move on. 


    I think it's so interesting the way D'Andra and Leeanne's tortured relationship with their mothers led them to each other. It dictates a lot of how they interact with females, specifically their need for constant validation from women.

  18. 8 hours ago, NothinButAttitude said:

    Bravo seriously needs to give the women of RHOP a raise. They were THE best housewife show this year.

    This year AND last year. Potomac has been battimg 2 for 2. It is the best show of all the franchises, on a par with NY for me.


    Finally caught up on the last episode and I'm so glad I did. Katen came into her own this epi. This was not La Grande Dame, this was *Karen* being real with Ashley, and also very empathetic regarding Katie's smarts and vulnerability. Even Robyn backed her up. Gizelle tried to paint it like Karen didnt care about Katie's whereabouts, but she was completely exposed by production as a fool. It is exhausting watching Gizelle and her heavy-handedness. With Karen, it feels effortless. 

  19. 1 hour ago, DramatistDreamer said:

    Remember, weeks ago, I posted about the Viacom/CBS reunification and mused about how CBS Daytime could be affected? 

    When I was in grad school at [redacted] in NYC, we had to read the trade papers because these business decisions do affect the creative ones, that is how it works.  If this comes as a shock to you, then you haven't been reading what has been going on.  I knew that Angelica McDaniel would not be long for CBS Daytime, there were changes and the continual ratings fall under her watch has been dramatic.

    What I can't figure out is, why is Steve Kent still there?  He's been there to witness the entire ratings cascade, which began before McDaniel took the position and Kent has generally been a toxic presence.  He should be shown the door as well.


    I don't know what to say.  I gave up on the show over a year ago.  There's nothing that I've seen in clips or read in spoilers or summaries that would get me to watch again.  Shows like Y&R can't just rely on viewer loyalty to maintain ratings when the stories are just not there to keep viewers tuned in.


    So, do you think Viacom/CBS might decide to cut their losses and just give up on its Daytime lineup completely -- giving affiliates total control over programming between the end of CBS This Morning up until CBS Evening News?


    Not a big fan of McDaniel, but she was committed to CBS Daytime as an entity and to keeping soaps on there (unlike Frons). Having said that, like you, I haven't seen Y&R in months. I used to be ride-or-die for that soap! And now... 

  20. Ahhh I'm enjoying the RH franchises lately (especially Queen Potomac which I don't want to end). Its almost like not enough time to watch everything! I'm excited for NJ to come back, though.



    So I think that D'Andra had quite a lot of work done (though I merely speculate). Besides fillers and botox, it looks like she got a facelift. Her jawline is that of a teenager! Her mouth got plumped up, subtly. And she got a nose job. I think she looks good but like others here, I prefer both Leeanne and D'Andra as brunettes.


    As far as SL, her codependent, toxic relationship with her mother continues to make for compelling TV. It is what makes her so prickly, needy and unconfident. D'Andra is desperate for people's approval. Viewers may hate that, but i really like that we get to see this character study. Also, the Lee-D frenemyship is always watchable. I still kind of root for them to make amends.


    Stephanie and Travis are such a solid couple. Their complicity and connection jumps off the screen. 


    D'Andra is not the only one to have a facelift: Brandi got a tiiiiight one and then tried to cover it up under her white kabuki makeup. Ugh. I am least interested in watching Brandi on this show.


    I was ready to FF the new Kary as I love the OG Cary and wish she hadn't been demoted. But guess what, I love New Kary. She's a fireball of energy, funny, interesting background and family.... looking forward to seeing how she fits into the cast. 


    14 hours ago, Antoyne said:

    Regarding OC. It’s amazing how Shannon and Tamra have spun this to be Vicki’s fault when we all clearly saw Tamra say the train. Vicki just did one of her empty threats, Tamra put this out there. And with Vicki just being a friend of, we’re not getting anything from her as she’s being thrown under the bus.

    Absolutely! Vicki did her usual "I know her secrets, if she doesn't want me to spill them, she better not piss me off!" Tamra was the one who said train, then she pretended Vicki had said it and Shannon passively backed her up. Hope Vicki and Kelly nail their asses to the wall.

  21. Even though it seems like a new production company is doing RHOC this year, it felt like old OC with the Emily- Shane and Braunwyn-Betsey Johnson scenes. I thought it was the most solid episode in a long while.


    Shane clearly cannot stand his wife. I know Mormons are shy about public displays of affection (which is why this sexy Vegas dance thing is such a bad idea), but he seems utterly disgusted at the idea of touching his wife. I like Emily; he is awful.


    No, Braunwyn's Selfish Mom. Tamra is not a good friend calling Braunwyn to account. She is gaslighting her.


    Tamra and Shannon feed on each other's viciousness. Shannon redeemed herself a bit by being kind to Gina, but Tamra set up the Kelly thing and then ganged up on Braunwyn. Kelly is clearly the target this year, but I hope Tamra is the one who gets called out at Reunion. Nice Lizzie mention! And FYI a train is not 'sex'. It is rape. Why has no-one mentioned this??


    4 hours ago, alwaysAMC said:

    Well, unfortunately it looks like Erika is actually back.  Not sure why she stripped all her social media of Bravo and housewives, but maybe just a publicity stunt.



    Looks to me like Bravo was playing hardball and left Erika off the S10 roster when negotiating with her. Erika quickly signed up for the season because glam squads dont pay themselves!


    In a way I am glad she's back. She is one of the four witches I hope get called out for all their [!@#$%^&*] next season. Here's hoping.

  22. A lasting image of Kathryn that stays with me is her empathy towards Kim, a woman she did not even know. When she told Kim she was rooting for her at S6 reunion, Kim blew her a kiss and Kathryn blew one back. I thought it was the mark of a good soul.


    3 minutes ago, DaytimeFan said:

    I will be glad if the streets are correct and Erika has been demoted. It could not have happened to a more deserving cast member.


    The Erika Jayne persona was the only element of Erika Girardi that was popular. However, because Erika Jayne is a constructed performance persona, something she said herself multiple times on the show, Erika ran out of storyline very, very quickly and the last two seasons she has contributed virtually nothing to the show. 


    And when real life became more interesting, as lawsuits starting piling up against the Girardis, and Erika simply closed up shop on that half of her life, it was evident that she'd flown too close to the sun and it was time for her wings to be clipped. 

    Yep. The Erika Jayne persona totally overtook her and she became imprisoned behind that facade.

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