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  1. 21 minutes ago, Joseph said:

    Of course 40 years a Queen always a Queen!

    This lindsay and Gaby I Didn't know, the rest I adore yes, but it's Victor or Victoria?

    By the way I understand your point about Sue Ellen, but she was pretty bitchy to Pam during early seasons just like Lucy, but the angle of bitchness I apply for her is that she got stronger and bitchier with the March of time she was bitch yes but mostly when it was necessary specially to defend herself and her best interests 

    I meant Victor, because he can get fairly bitchy when it comes to Jack. But you have a point about how Sue Ellen treated Pam, I haven't seen Dallas in a long time and I had forgotten about that.

  2. 39 minutes ago, Cheap21 said:

    he was introducing all these new characters and plotlines and in the final episode kills off the entire main cast except for Hannah, Madison and that mob guy. WTF. NOTHING was resolved

    Madison was in the house with Jeffrey and David when it exploded so he was a casualty too.

    I wasn't surprised he ended the show like this because he did the same thing with If Loving You Is Wrong except with fewer characters dying.

    30 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

    He loves him some Crystal Fox. (I almost typed “Hunt” lol.)

    Not even Tyler Perry would hire Crystal Hunt, lol. That would be a nightmare on set.

  3. There definitely wouldn't have been a response if fans had not pointed out the mistake because the Emmys would not have ever realized the mistake. They probably just searched for Mamie on Y&R and selected the first picture they could find.

  4. 3 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:

    I probably should have been clearer about the time period because I definitely meant l, in the last three or four years. I strain to remember shows featuring a majority Black or POC cast that have gotten more than a video on Entertainment Weekly:s social media platform. I only just found out that House Of Payne got a reboot, then again, I have only ever watched one episode of that show.

    Oh, ok, got it. Black shows have definitely not been a part of the reboot wave. House of Payne only got a reboot because Tyler Perry can shoot at his own studio and reduce the costs to BET.


    20 minutes ago, DramatistDreamer said:


    I have been thinking about ADW  in terms of why they have had no reboot despite massive public interest and I think it is likely because NBCU or the other producers don't want to go to court, if Cosby is indeed the issue. Bill Cosby, a convicted sex offender would have a tough time keeping control of ADW if other producers truly wanted to fight him in litigation. Harvey Weinstein legally had his company wrested away from him eventually, so if it came down to a court battle, Cosby would have a decent chance of losing. It seems like a lack of will on behalf of the other producers, who may not see it as worth the effort, as hard as it may seem to believe by the rest of us.


    I often think of the fact that most of these sitcoms with minority majority casts had smaller budgets, less promotion and usually went off the air with little fanfare or media recognition. It reminded me of the time when Black movies were said to be unappealing to 'mainstream' audiences and therefore undeserving of larger budgets for production, promotion, etc. as they would only underperform--until they didn't, consistently.


    I once had a screenwriter/professor tell me that a movie with two Black leads couldn't get greenlit because it was assumed that the movie wouldn't "sell".  I hope those days are over in the film business but I wouldn't be surprised if that bias still existed in network television.

    Insecure is approaching its final season, so we'll see how that send-off happens. It could be an indicator of what, if anything has changed on the landscape.

    There are fewer black sitcoms on the air now than there were in the past four decades so a degree of bias does still exist.

  5. Sanford is probably the first example of a successful black sitcom getting a reboot, but that didn't last long at all and failed to get the attention that Sanford and Son did. Then there was What's Happening Now!! and one could say that What's Happening!! was moderately successful. With that said both of those revivals where in the 80s so there really has been no successful black sitcom that has received a reboot in recent times.

  6. The 9/11 commission was basically about making sure no surprises came up to harm Bush's re-election and allowed for a controlled narrative. A commission about the insurrection would be far different because there is much to be learned about just what elected officials knew about the attack and who financed it. But for the most part I think Democrats want to make sure that the electorate doesn't forget about January 6th and be able to use it as in issue in the midterm.

  7. With changes in writers and producers, OLTL probably just forgot about manufacturing and it would have been easy for the writers to do so considering that manufacturing was becoming forgettable in the real world. But overall most of the companies on soap operas were written to emulate the business intrigue of Dallas and the other primetime soaps. With most daytime soaps not being set in big cities it didn't make sense to introduce corporate elements so over time the small town locales have morphed into metro areas to give a reason for powerful characters to be there.

  8. My mother attended university with a white woman who told her that she had "a white education" because my mother was quite good in the class they were in together. Even a lot of black people take this view. If anything racism is worse for black people who live in white, middle to upper income areas than it is for those in low income, heavily black areas.

  9. None of was at all surprising, but it is good that they put it out there. This sort of thing happens on a daily basis outside of a monarchy and it does not get discussed. Plenty of white families will have a conniption if any relative marries a person of color. I know a woman who has biracial sons and she said that her conservative Mormon mother initially told her to have an abortion instead of having a baby by a black man.

  10. 1 hour ago, Gray Bunny said:


    I have questions, lol. Can someone translate? 


    One overly dramatic scene I can recall was during DAYS' Serial Killer debacle of 2004 where Julie was dry heaving in grief over the news of Alice's passing. Susan Seaforth-Hayes was really hamming it up during this era, along with all the Julie/Bonnie/Mickey scenes... 


    This video has English subtitles. The dialogue in crazy, lol



  11. Soaps are obviously supposed to be dramatic, but if the characters and scenes are done too melodramatic it can get funny. I was re-watching some old B&B clips of when Eric woke up from the coma after his heart attack and Donna was super dramatic. Stephanie had Thorne put her out the house and she yelling "I'M NEVER GIVING UP US! NEVER! NEVER!". That made me laugh so hard and now I'm interested in other overly dramatic scenes and characters, so please share.

  12. Mary was definitely the core of the group seeing as she was the only member to stay on for the entire duration of the group. Gordy was all about crossover to the pop charts and Mary's voice was too soulful for the initial effort Motown made in music. By the time Mary did go solo she didn't get the right material. She was a good singer, but never got the material she should have received.

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