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  1. 1 hour ago, JaneAusten said:

    Now I know why Biden is ahead. Many people are as sick to death of hearing about Trump non stop as I am.

    This is one of the most important things about this election that pundits and forecasters have not picked up on. Trump fatigue is real and it's driving a lot of people to the polls.

  2. I dropped my ballot off yesterday afternoon in an official dropbox outside of my city hall and I got a call at 11 o'clock last night saying that my ballot had been received and will be counted. Thankfully things are really together here in California and the votes will be properly handled.

  3. Dennis Quaid and CeCe Winans have involved themselves in a misuse of taxpayer dollars to spin Trump's failure on the virus. Dennis Quaid doesn't surprise me, but CeCe Winans should really be ashamed. The black community has been hit especially hard and she's going to use her influence to help with some trick like this.


    The health department is moving quickly on a highly unusual advertising campaign to "defeat despair" about the coronavirus, a $300 million-plus effort that was shaped by a political appointee close to President Donald Trump and executed in part by close allies of the official, using taxpayer funds.

    The ad blitz, described in some budget documents as the "Covid-19 immediate surge public advertising and awareness campaign," is expected to lean heavily on video interviews between administration officials and celebrities, who will discuss aspects of the coronavirus outbreak and address the Trump administration's response to the crisis, according to six individuals with knowledge of the campaign who described its workings to POLITICO.

    Senior administration officials have already recorded interviews with celebrities like actor Dennis Quaid and singer CeCe Winans, and the Health and Human Services Department also has pursued television host Dr. Mehmet Oz and musician Garth Brooks for roles in the campaign.

  4. 4 minutes ago, DRW50 said:


    Once Trump gets that extra vote on the Supreme Court, he can do whatever he wants.

    There's a lot the court will do, but there is only so far that they will go. A huge defeat is not going to be overturned.


    43 minutes ago, Wendy said:


    Yeah, but the "ifs" are the kicker. Per reports, Arizona and Florida are inexplicably tightening. We need a tsunami. That will be the ONLY way to avoid the GOP fascist takeover.

    There have been some outliers, but for the most part I think there is an underestimation of Biden in polling at the state level. Plus some pollsters have created more strict likely voter screens after 2016.

  5. If the election ends up looking something like Florida and Biden wins the electoral college narrowly then I could see Trump maybe pulling off a coup like Bush did. But if Biden is winning decisively and gets over 300 electoral votes then the court is not going to intervene.

  6. The goal now has to be to defeat Trump in a landslide or at least decisively. Despite what happens with the court it would be huge setback for Republicans to lose the Presidency and the Senate in a realigning election. Alito and Thomas are not that young so they could retire within the next ten or so years, so it is important to pick up Senate seats and lay the ground work for maintaining the presidency just in case those seats become vacant. This is a long game and Democrats have to learn how to play it.

  7. The gauntlet will be thrown down if this appointment is jammed through and the court will be expanded if Biden wins the presidency and Democrats win the Senate. The filibuster will be gone and DC and Puerto Rico will be admitted to the union.

  8. With outright white supremacists in this administration this story is probably true. Stephen Miller would most certainly push for something like this. All the anti-immigration sentiment was bound to go in such a direction. We have to turnout to vote, because human rights are one of the many things at stake.

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