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  1. Some people down the street from me blacked out Pence's name on their Trump sign and flag. There is a lot of irrational anger towards Pence over him not trying to invalidate the election results even though he had not authority to.

  2. I've said it before, but Biden is truly having a Susan Lucci Emmy moment. He was around for years and well respected, ran two times for President unsuccesfully in previous cycles and it looked like he'd never be President, but he finally got the prize.

  3. Unfortunately, white supremacists will never go away. It seemed like the most virulent ones had been contained to the fringe, but Trump made them more comfortable than they have been in many decades and they have voices in Congress. It's not even an exaggeration to say that people of color need to be on high alert when out in public now.

  4. Assistance is going to be vital moving forward. The vaccine rollout is months away from the general public and even when the public can get the vaccine it will be more months until we reach strong vaccinated numbers. A lot of jobs aren't going to recover until next year.

  5. First losing the PGA and now this. Trump really is coming out of this presidency worse than he was going in. He was never likable, but now he's loathed and can't even attempt to revive the Apprentice or forge any business deals with major companies.

  6. The First Amendment would be a contradiction if it mandated what private companies could do. We have a free market and the companies who have taken action against violent speech and incitement are fully within their legal rights. Social media has banned people for far less anyway.

  7. Don't know if this was posted yet, but it's absolutely horrific. The next time anyone says a negative word about Black Lives Matter then this is what should be brought up. These are the real thugs.


  8. There was an incident years ago where a police officer found Cruz's wife sitting on the side of the road and put in his report he thought she was a danger to herself, so I'm not sure how good Cruz's marriage is. She moved to Texas for him, converted to Southern Baptist and is the breadwinner (she called herself that). I think he wanted children to bolster his future image and that he is less serious her than she is about him.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Khan said:

    With all the attempts he's making at getting back on Twitter through different accounts, Donald Trump is looking more and more like...well...like an SON troll.

    I can totally see Trump creating tons of bogus accounts with weird avatars and pretending like it's not him even if everyone knows it is him.

  10. 4 minutes ago, janea4old said:

    I thought I saw a tweet showing that all the Electoral College votes had been secured and evacuated with the senators.  I can't seem to find it, would someone please repost it.



  11. News outlets haven't called the race yet, but Wasserman is reliable and has accurately called other races in the past. Based on what is left to count, Ossoff should win two. Republicans have maxed out and Metro Atlanta is heavily unreported.

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