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  1. Soaps are obviously supposed to be dramatic, but if the characters and scenes are done too melodramatic it can get funny. I was re-watching some old B&B clips of when Eric woke up from the coma after his heart attack and Donna was super dramatic. Stephanie had Thorne put her out the house and she yelling "I'M NEVER GIVING UP US! NEVER! NEVER!". That made me laugh so hard and now I'm interested in other overly dramatic scenes and characters, so please share.

  2. Mary was definitely the core of the group seeing as she was the only member to stay on for the entire duration of the group. Gordy was all about crossover to the pop charts and Mary's voice was too soulful for the initial effort Motown made in music. By the time Mary did go solo she didn't get the right material. She was a good singer, but never got the material she should have received.

  3. There are a couple of reasons why soaps probably don't do suicide stories much. Soaps like to revive characters from the dead and it's hard to bring a character back from suicide even by soap standards. That aside it is also difficult to write the aftermath and long running complications for other characters.


    The other reason is that soaps have viewers who are shut-ins or somehow isolated and the last thing producers/networks want to do is potentially encourage people to harm themselves.

  4. 46 minutes ago, DramatistDreamer said:


    Of course, but does John Q. () Public know this? I'd be willing to bet a small amount that most Americans don't even think about Congressional committees and which one their representative sits on.

    Most people don't know half of how the process in Congress works which is why much of the public expects instant results for everything. The people who care most about committees are farmers who want their representative on the Agriculture Committee.

  5. Cheney retained her leadership position through secret ballot. That probably would have turned out different under a vote on the record. Trump would be convicted if the Senate could vote on impeachment in secret.


    Losing committee assignments is very serious. As a member of Congress you are nothing without committees, because that is where most of the work occurs.

  6. The lack of realism is due to writers relying on gimmicks to grab attention and also lack of creativity. On DOOL, Stefano's personality being micro-chipped into Steve is an example of too far of a reach of reality (DOOL has many of these example). Soaps were developed as realistic stories in communities with regular people. Sure the characters problems weren't always everyday ones, but they were somewhat believable.

  7. 1 hour ago, Khan said:


    But, he'd make more with that reality series/sitcom I pitched earlier. 

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    At this point a sitcom wouldn't be a crazy idea. It's less insane than the past few years.

  8. Pence has never been that financially stable outside of politics. When he first ran for Congress he paid his mortgage with campaign funds. He could write a book telling what happened behind the scenes in Trump's presidency and generate some money. This might be wrong, but I am convinced that Pence was running the country for the final couple of weeks before the inauguration.

  9. Some people down the street from me blacked out Pence's name on their Trump sign and flag. There is a lot of irrational anger towards Pence over him not trying to invalidate the election results even though he had not authority to.

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