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    There have been wild rumours of a murder on Life in Salem, some said it wasn't true, but it is!!!!! Life in Salem has confirmed one of the characters on the cast will die on New Years Eve!!!!! It's a death that will rock Salem, but who will it be? John? Marlena? Sam? Faux Roman? Bo? Hope? Megan? Stefano? Victor? Nikki? Caroline? Tony? Tune in to find out!!!!!!!!!!!

    When the clock strikes midnight, it will be the unfortunate death of a citizen of Salem....
  2. daysfan

    -It is hours later in Salem and night has fallen. The Ball at Chez Rouge is just beginning….

    -Stefano, Megan, and Lexie all put on disguises for the ball. Stefano gets together some of his men and tell them to have everything ready when he gives the signal…..

    -At Chez Rouge, all of the staff quickly makes the final preparations for the Ball. Crystal walks in with a really nice dress on. Nicole asks her what she is doing here and where she got that dress. Crystal tells Nicole she couldn’t miss out on the thing Salem has been talking about! Nicole tells her she can stay but be subtle.

    -Rex arrives at Chez Rouge and tells Willow she looks nice. She says thanks and he says he hopes this will be a great time.

    -All of the rest of Salem prepares for the Ball. Celeste is getting ready to leave the Carver House but has a bad feeling about tonight…..

    -Maggie asks Alice if she is sure she does not want to go. Alice says she is sure but to come back and tell her how it went. Maggie promises. She leaves and Alice picks up a picture of Tom. She sighs and says “My dear Tom, it is time….”

    *Days of Our Lives Opening*

    -Citizens of Salem slowly begin arriving at Chez Rouge. Lilly arrives and bumps into Max. She however just says sorry and moves away from him. Meanwhile, the stalker watches Erin.

    -Vivian and Ivan enter Chez Rouge. Vivian watches for Forrest or Kate to show up.

    -Victor arrives with Margaret. He sees Steve and Kayla. He tells Margaret they must distance themselves away from them. Steve sees them and is tempted to attack Victor, but Kayla holds him back and tells him to stay calm.

    -Alice tells the picture of Tom she knew this was coming and now it has. She says she didn’t want to keep it from her family but she had to because she was hopeless. She tells Tom it is time for her to join him in heaven!

    -Kate walks through the entrance of Chez Rouge and looks around for Forrest but sees he has not arrived yet. Billie runs in and tells Kate she got the strangest email from Chelsea and shows it to Kate since she printed it. Kate reads it and says that is great! Billie tells her it makes her really suspicious because Chelsea barely ever even mentioned that she wanted to go to college! Billie tells her the email does not make sense at all. Kate tells Billie sure it does and to calm down. Kate walks away and Billie continues to worry. She leaves Chez Rouge but while outside the entrance she gets a phone call and answers it and on the other line is……CHELSEA!

    -Alice clutches the picture of Tom tightly. She says to Tom she has had trouble accepting this but she knows it is time. She says to Tom she has always wondered when she would join him in heaven and she then tells him she has always vowed that when it is time she would go because she knows her family is a strong one and can survive anything. She however says before she goes she wants to say one last “goodbye” to her family.

    -Abby and Nick get to Chez Rouge and Nick asks how the whole internet dating thing is going. Abby says she has tried but nothing is working. Nick tells Abby he will try to come up with a way to help her…..

    -Alice says she will start with her first two children: Tommy and Addie. She says Tommy was a brave man. Going to fight in the war like he did. She says he survived all those years when everyone thought he was dead but he was really being tortured and beaten. She says however he was alright and came out of it fine. She says he then had to deal with his wife, now ex-wife, Kitty. She says Tommy survived that though as well and even though he missed so many years of her life had a relationship with his daughter Sandy. She says she talked to Tommy in December when he returned to Salem and things were going well for him. She wishes the best for him in the future. She then moves on to Addie…..she says Addie while married to Ben Olson did encounter the problem of being spoiled with all that money, but Alice says she was happy when Addie finally realized money was not everything. She then says Addie had more hardships such as falling in love with Doug when Julie her own daughter did too. She says however she will never forget how Addie sacrificed herself for little Hope…..she says Addie was one of the best daughters a mother could ask for. She says she cannot wait to see Addie again in heaven.

    -EJ and Alexis enter Chez Rouge. They see that Sami and Lucas are not there yet and Alexis tells EJ she is unsure about this. EJ tells her she has already agreed to help him and she will or else. Alexis says fine and goes off to get a drink. Helena is on a corner of Chez Rouge dressed for the Ball and watches them. She wonders what EJ could possibly be trying to do…..

    -Alice then thinks of Mickey. She says Mickey had many problems in his life, because of Mike not being his son and actually his brother Bill’s, and him not even being able to have biological children. She says however Mickey got through many of these…..he accepted Melissa, Sarah, and Janice as his children. She says he and Maggie always, no matter what were meant to be. She believes they have true love just like her and Tom. She says when he died it was heartbreaking but Mickey lived a life that though there were problems he enjoyed it and it was a good life. Alice begins to feel weaker….

    -Lucas and Sami arrive at Chez Rouge. Lucas kisses Sami and tells her tonight is going to be fantastic. She smiles and says she knows it will be. They go in and EJ prepares to set his plan in motion once seeing them.

    -Alice then begins to talk about Bill. She says Bill was also troubled but she thinks even though they didn’t make it him and Laura were meant to be. She says with Bill finding out Mike was his son, Laura going crazy and falling into a catatonic state and trying to raise Jennifer Rose was hard but he did get through it. She says he must have felt much pain when Laura rejected him after she came out of her catatonic state but again he did come through it. She wishes for Bill to have a happy and peaceful life.

    -Bo and Hope get to Chez Rouge along with Doug and Julie. They all happily go in and Bo and Hope’s love is stronger than ever now. Megan is there and she sadly watches. She vows to get Bo back and make sure that they stay together and then she goes in and stands where Stefano ordered her too. Lexie also arrives and does the same.

    -Alice gets to her last child, Marie. She says like all her children Marie had hard times but was different. She says Marie was always protected, yet at the same time she was exposed to so much pain with her first fiancee in the sixties. She then says with Jessica her daughter Marie did have a hard time. Alice like her other alive children, wishes Marie the best in the future and hopes she has a happy life filled with joy.

    -Billie asks Chelsea what has been going on! Chelsea is at a train station somewhere on a pay phone and she is crying. Billie asks her where she is and why did she tell her she was going to college. Chelsea at first wonders what Billie is talking about but thinks to herself “Jeremy….” and then tells her “Oh Mom! I am so sorry! I am not going to college! I had to leave Salem!” Billie asks “WHAT?! Don’t worry honey I am going to get yo-” but Chelsea interrupts her “No! Mom! I got myself in some serious trouble…..I at first didn’t want to worry you but I cannot go for good without saying goodbye! I love you so much Mom…” Chelsea says and begins to cry harder, Billie replies “No! We can handle it! Your dad can help and we will get this all fixed up! It will be fine!” Chelsea then says “NO! It is too dangerous….these people I got involved with are very dangerous and the police haven’t even been able to catch them….I can’t tell you anymore then that.” Billie then, now crying very hard as well yells to Chelsea “No! I can’t just sit by and let this happen!” Chelsea then says “At first I could not do this either but I have realized I can’t…..I am so sorry. We have to say goodbye. “ Billie sobs “No…” and Chelsea says “I am sorry Mom! So sorry….not just for this but for everything! Being so irresponsible, killing Zack, trying to break up Bo and Hope….I regret it and it’s FOR REAL! As much as I hate this I DESERVE THIS MOM! I have done horrible things and it’s time I pay. I-I-I just want to tell you I love you, Dad, and the rest of my family. But please don’t tell anyone about this! It would be worse in the long run. G-gooooo……dddddd…..bye Mom!” Chelsea says then hangs up the phone, she breaks down and so does Billie.

    -Alice then gets to her grandchildren and she decides to start with Sandy. She says none of the Hortons ever knew her that much because of Kitty…but they all still loved her. Alice says she is proud of Sandy because of how she got so close to her father and the rest of her family even though when it got rocky when Kitty’s schemes were revealed and Sandy refused to believe it. She says Sandy is a doctor now and her life is better than ever. She says she has confidience Sandy will have a very good rest of her life.

    -Caroline, Kim, Stephanie, Cassie, John, and Marlena all arrive at Chez Rouge. Marlena tells John this looks like it will be a good dose of enjoyment after what happened with Sam and Kristen. John tells her to just forget about that and enjoy the night. Meanwhile, Stefano comes in through the back of Chez Rouge in disguise with some of his men. They rush to their places and make it before anyone notices….

    -Alice starts to talk about Julie. She says Julie has been spoiled, and it caused her to get into trouble. She says however like many others in that family she found her love with Doug. She says she even had a son and a grandson. She says how Julie has grown over the years. She loves her so much and says Julie has been such a help to her sister Hope. She hopes that Julie gets all she deserves in years to come.

    -Abe, Faux Roman, Hattie, and Celeste all get to Chez Rouge. Lexie watches Abe from the place Stefano told her to go and a tear runs down her face. Celeste senses danger and at the same time feels that a great pain is coming for Salem.

    -Alice then thinks of Addie’s son Steve. She says Steve did not turn out as good as the others but she still loved him. She said originally she always saw Steve as an intelligent young man but something happened…..perhaps the death of his father or while he was at school. She says she never really got to know his son Spencer, but she hopes he turned out better than Steve. She says all she wishes for him is to realize his mistakes and help his son not make the same ones.

    -Nikki manages to escape from the secret room at the Kiriakis Mansion! Henderson sees her so she knocks him out and locks him in the secret room. She puts on a dress and heads to Chez Rouge. She gets there but once there she makes sure to avoid Victor.

    -Alice remembers Jessica, Marie’s daughter and says Jessica has had such a hard life all around….but when she met Joshua that all changed and she was happy. She had a son, the love of her life, everything and now she is living happily. She says with the Angel and Jake Kostichek fiasco it was hard but she pulled through. She hopes Jessica continues in her happiness.

    -Philip also gets to Chez Rouge. Belle as well. Philip avoids Victor too and watches Belle closely.

    -Alice then sighs and talks about Janice. She says they all loved Janice so much and even though Joanne was her real mother Mickey and Maggie would always be her parents. She said Janice was such a darling, and then everything just changed when Joanne came into the picture. She says it was horrid when she was murdered but soon she will get to see her again in heaven.

    -Tony and Anna arrive at Chez Rouge but on Tony’s mind is still wanting to find his child. Anna tells him to not be so down about it and enjoy the night. Tony tells Anna he will try.

    -Alice then says it is time for Melissa. She says Melissa’s life has been hectic. She says she has been adopted by the Andersons and the Hortons. She says also her love life has truly been a hard and strange one but it was good for her because she learned so much along the way. Alice says she only hopes Melissa uses this information in her life.

    -Christopher walks through the doors of Chez Rouge. He gets a drink and looks around. He says to himself this place is packed tonight. Nikki spots him and begins to make a move on him…..

    -Alice moves to Sarah. She says Sarah had not a perfect life but a modest one at best. She says Sarah hasn’t ever found her true love yet but she is confident she will someday. Alice says she hopes Sarah makes the best of her life, and has a wonderful one like herself has.

    -Nicholas gets to Chez Rouge and sees Willow. He comes over while Rex is off doing something else and tries to come onto her but she tells him to get away from her and walks off. She bumps into Cassie. Cassie tells Willow she thinks it’s time they discuss something. Willow asks what and Cassie says her relationship with Rex. Cassie tells Willow she needs to know something and Willow asks what that would be. Cassie asks her if she remembers how Rex asked her to prove Mimi Lockhart’s innocence a while back and before Willow says anything Cassie says “Yes, I knew about that. I know my brother and I knew that was what he was going to do.” Willow replies “Yeah….” Cassie asks her if she’s so smart she thinks she is then why did she not put it together that he wants her out of jail because he still loves her. Cassie says if Mimi ever does get out of jail then Rex will dump Willow and jump with into her arms. Willow denies it and says that’s not true but Cassie says Willow knows it is! Willow thinks for a moment and turns around, then she walks over to Rex and slaps him HARD!

    -Alice then gets to Jennifer Rose. She says Jennifer grew up a lot of her life without her mother…..she was rebellious at times, and then when she met Frankie they had something but when Jack came into the picture it was love. She says her and Jack had something so true…..they were so adventurous together, and they encountered many hard times but recovered and now live happily in London. She says she hope their happiness continues forever.

    -Jeremy arrives at Chez Rouge and Maggie asks him where he has been. He says he had to go on a little trip for something and he’s sorry he didn’t tell her. Maggie is unsure but tells him to please tell her next time. He promises. Billie meanwhile is in her car outside Chez Rouge but she is crying so hard and so much she can’t even start it. She blames herself for all this and says to herself she could never see her daughter again.

    -Alice then speaks of Mike. She says Mike was an excellent and fine man. She says he was a doctor and had a son…..even if the bond between them grew fragile over time. She says he has not found the love of his life either and he possibly never will but she says she knows Mike will be the fine person he is either way. She wishes him only the best in the future.

    -Some of the thugs, including the leader are outside of Chez Rouge in the back. They hide in the bushes and watch Steve and Kayla. They wonder how they could get them here….. Meanwhile Tracy Quartermaine walks into Chez Rouge and goes over to Helena. She asks Helena what she is trying to pull and why she asked her to dress up and go to this pointless hall and come to a town she has barely ever been in. She says she must get back to the Quartermaines soon before any of them get too suspicious on why she is gone. Helena tells her to calm down and she can return to Port Charles soon and she will tell her the plan, or her part in it at least later but for now enjoy the Ball and play along with everything.

    -Alice then thinks of Lucas. She says she never knew him as a child but he is still a Horton. She says he had his wrong doings but has made up for them. She says she sees that his relationship with Sami is magic and believes they will make it as a couple. She says their son Will is so sweet as well. She wishes the best for Lucas, Sami, and Will.

    -Lexie thinks about what is soon to happen. She reconsiders doing this but she decides against it. She says to herself she must do this. She has to do this….for revenge.

    -Alice gets to her final grandchild: Hope. She says Hope has always been so sweet….and sometimes she was afraid but it made her so strong. She says Hope and Bo may possibly have the most romantic and meant-to-be relationship out of all the Horton’s. She smiles and says Hope has been such a joy and gift….she says Hope has endured plenty of pain but she got through it. She says Hope and Bo have come through all of their rocky times. She wishes Hope nothing but happiness in years to come.

    -Belle at Chez Rouge notices most of the suspects in Shawn’s murder are here….she says she could use this to her advantage. She walks into the ladies room and looks in the mirror to take her new ear rings off because they are starting to irritate her. Someone else walks in and Belle looks to see it is just a woman with one of those Ball type masks on. She then goes back to taking off her ear rings and once hse gets them off she puts them in her purse then she sees in the mirror the person approaching her with a knife in her hands! Belle turns and sees the person take off her mask to reveal JAN!

    -Alice then gets to her great-grandchildren. She starts with David. She says David always had resentment to his mother, and it even resulted in him being presumed dead but she feels hopefully his anger for all that has blown over by now. She says he had such a hard life with all his loves….but he got through it and even had a son. She wishes him to have a long happy life.

    -Abby is walking around in Chez Rouge and sees Lilly. She sees the necklace Lilly has on….and has more flashes of the Secret Room in the Spears Mansion. She remembers how Lilly was wearing that exact necklace….and everything starts coming back to her. Abby then has to sit down as she remembers the whole confrontation with her and Lilly. She remembers how Lilly hired a doctor to hypnotize Abby into not remembering, and Abby screams out loud. Max is near by and asks her what is wrong. She tells Max she remembers everything and then she reveals to Max everything that happened with Lilly! She says everything came back so sudden but it is true. Lilly overhears and says it is NOT true! Abby tells her to just be quiet and begs Max to believe her. He says he has a hard time believing Lilly would really hypnotize someone…..but he sees in Abby’s eyes she is telling the truth. He is silent and thinks for a moment. He remembers how there have been times Lilly has not wanted him in certain places of the Spears Mansion. He looks at Lilly and sees lie in her eyes. Anger swells up in Max and he goes off on Lilly. He yells at her why she would do a thing like that and drags her outside. He tells her she seemed so nice and gentle but to hypnotize a person! He tells her they were right to break up. Abby walks out and reveals to Max what she found in that room…..LILLY KILLED HER OWN FATHER! Max is horrified! Lilly confesses to Max it is true but tearfully tells him that pig never loved her and sent her to boarding school. Max tells her that doesn’t give her a right to MURDER HIM! Lilly breaks down and Max tells her he despises her and she is a ruthless killer. He tells her he will report her to the police right after this Ball is over. He and Abby leave Lilly to cry outside.

    -Alice begins to talk about Shawn Douglas. She says Shawn was at first such a good boy but when everything with Gina happened he turned rebellious. She says she wishes things would have gone differently gone and he had not turned into the rebellious teen he was. But she still loved him. She says he was manipulated by Jan and Mimi, and his relationship with Belle ended but they share a child….she says it is very complicated and she feels bad that Shawn died before resolving any of these things in his life. She says she hopes his killer is brought to justice someday.

    -Rex asks Willow what that was for and she says he knows good and well what that was for! She tells Rex she knows how he is only using her to get over that Mimi girl! He denies it and says he really does love her! She says maybe a little but not as much as he loves MIMI! She shouts to him all he cares about is getting his woman out of jail. Cassie and Nicholas watch and both are overjoyed at this. Willow tries to walk away but Rex grabs her and tells her it’s not true! She tells him to just drop the charade. She tells him NO ONE messes with Willow Stark and she is going to make him learn that! She picks up her drink and throws it in Rex’s face and then slaps him with the glass. He however is not really hurt from it and yells for Willow to come back.

    -Alice gets to Zack next. She says Zack was so sweet and innocent. He always loved everyone. She says it was so sad he died….but his life saved Claire’s. She says he is in heaven now at peace. She also thinks of her other two great-granddaughters, Pamela and Addie. She says it is possibly if Zack lived they might not be there. She wishes the best for those babies.

    -Celeste continues to sense danger in Chez Rouge. Stefano signals to Lexie, Megan, and the rest of his men that he brought that it is almost time….

    -Alice then decides to move on to Abby. She says Abby has been a blessed joy ever since she was born….always so happy and was not ever ruined despite her parents relationship problems. She says now Abby is a late teenager and everything is working for her life. She hopes Abby’s good life continues.

    -Belle is shocked to see Jan and she shrieks! Jan yells “I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!” Belle sees the knife and tells her to stay away from her. Belle backs up and asks Jan where has she been for the past month. Jan says she has been just roaming around…..she has been in a ton of different cities and two different states. She says she’s been handling some unfinished things regarding her family’s business….trying to get over Shawn’s death. She said she has been trying to forget about his death and stay as far away from Salem as possible. A tear runs down Jan’s eye as she said she just couldn’t get her mind off of it….so she finally decided to come back. She says to Belle she is back to avenge Shawn’s death. She then whispers to Belle she knows she killed Shawn but Belle denies it and tells Jan she thinks SHE did it! Belle then sees Jan’s stomach has gotten bigger and Jan notices Belle is looking at it. She says “Oh….yes…..the baby is doing fine!” and she laughs. Belle runs out of the room and Jan follows her into the main area of Chez Rouge.

    -Alice thinks of Jeremy. She says he has had a rocky relationship with his father but she thinks he is strong and will turn out as a fine young man. She says she never knew him much and even though she has her doubts about him she is sure he will turn out a great Horton in the future and she hopes he does.

    -Lilly walks into Chez Rouge and sees Max with Erin. She walks over and tries to talk to him but he tells her to get away. He tells her sternly he has nothing to do with her and tells her to just get away and never speak to him. Erin asks why Max is speaking to her like that and Max says he will explain later. Lilly begs him to listen but he says no and forces her to leave. Tears pour out of her eyes and she sits down by herself at a table. She then puts her head down and cries, and soon runs out of Chez Rouge in tears and makes a phonecall, telling the person on the other line to book her a plane and she's leaving Salem, and she quickly runs to her car to head to the airport...

    -Alice gets to Jack Jr. She says he is a small child and still has a chance at a happy life. She only wishes that he have an excellent life.

    -Victor sees the thugs outside Chez Rouge. He orders them to go away and now is not the time! They reluctantly agree and leave. Stefano gives the signal to his men…..they look around and everyone is inside….so they all slowly and discreetly shut the doors and lock them.

    -Alice moves on to Nick. She says he is simply a genuis, he knows things many would not dare try to learn. She says he knows medical information…..the family business….and many other things. She says she knows he will have a great future.

    -Marlena looks around. She tells John something is wrong. John asks what she means. Marlena tells him something is not right….

    -Alice thinks of the boy that died as an infant, Robert Anderson Jr. She says he never had much of a life but he did serve a purpose and was part of the Horton family and she cannot wait to meet him in heaven.

    -Celeste runs up to Marlena and John. They ask what is wrong and she says everyone at Chez Rouge is in grave danger!

    -Alice gets to her great-great-grandchildren and starts with Scotty. She says he has had a moderate life like others. She says he is a doctor now and is closer to his mother but the Hortons at the same time. She says he will have a great life.

    -Helena looks around. She sees through Stefano’s disguise across the room and realizes he is about to do something! She says to herself she must be prepared to fight back if he targets her and she moves toward EJ. She tells EJ they have problems and points to Stefano then she tells him what she has realized. They both wonder how to defend themselves.

    -Rex stops Willow from leaving and says they just need to talk. She says no talking needs to be done and turns around and walks over to the bar. She tells Rex they are through. He can deal with it.

    -Alice gets to her final family member: Claire. She says she has not understood why Claire has not had incest problems…..she says it is a miracle she has been such a great girl and had great health. There is a slight breeze suddenly. Alice realizes something and says “Ah…..so perhaps Claire is not a Horton after all…” but however she says she still considers her as one. She hopes despite all of the drama Claire is surrounded by she has a happy life growing up. Alice closes her eyes for a moment and then opens them, she sighs and says “The time has come….”

    -Celeste tells John and Marlena something is very wrong and they are all in danger! Suddenly they here a voice yell “Everyone freeze!” and Marlena gasps, Stefano removes his disguise and emerges, he says to them all “Yes, it is I. I have returned. And do not think about moving because my men have guns pointed at you all everywhere. I do not come for a possession and am not going to hold any of you hostage or some crime like that, but I have come for one thing….vengence.” Everyone in the room stands still in shock.

    -Alice says to the picture of Tom and the Lord himself “Before I go…..I only have one last thing to say. I pray and hope this family will be safe, happy, and have good rest of their lives whether it be short or long. I pray everything that happens for them will end up for the better with everyone. And I pray this family is always united and happy, for all the days of our lives.” then she clutches the picture of Tom and hugs it. She puts it against her chest and closes her eye and takes her last breaths. But as she does and Alice Horton’s spirit leaves the earth to join Tom in heaven, a tear runs down her cheek….one lone tear runs out of her eye…..and after that tear dropped, Alice died and finally joined her true love in heaven. But Alice Horton was not “dead”. She was alive and happy. She was with her love and other family members in heaven. And she would be with her family forever and did not want them to mourn her. And after Alice is seen with Tom in heaven, smiling. The final scene shows the chair she was sitting in when she died, and to the left of her is a picture of her and Tom together. Also beside it is an hourglass, and the last grain of sand runs out and to the bottom. And those two things, the picture of Tom and Alice Horton happy and the hourglass, are the last things scene before the screen fades to black…
  3. daysfan

    -EJ is seen parking in a parking lot at some kind of institution and going inside.

    -Bo tells Hope to calm down, and quickly calls the hospital but Hope says it’s too late and she’s going into labor!

    -Tony continues to explain how he recently escaped and headed back to Salem, Anna walks over and tells him she’s glad he’s back.

    -Victor tells Margaret he needs some papers filed and she tells him all that is already finished, he says excellent and then they can get down to the real business.

    -Vivian leaves Sam’s room, and after Vivian is gone Sam wonders why Vivian would free her when they never even knew each other.

    -Marlena and Hattie find out John is at the Brady Pub, so they decide to head there.

    -Melissa and Sarah comfort Maggie over Mickey’s death, but Alice tells Maggie Mickey is in a happy place right now, just like Tom is. They begin to plan Mickey’s funeral.

    -Steve seems to recognize Paige from somewhere, but he cannot place her. Paige quickly walks away from Steve and Kayla after seeing them, Kayla wonders what that was all about.

    -Chelsea runs into Jeremy at the Java Café.

    -EJ angrily comes back to the Salem Inn. He calls someone and tells them he needs to begin a discreet search and it has to start NOW! He says if it does not he will make sure everyone of them are stripped of everything they have, he then hangs up and slams his fist against the wall. He says “I will find you Mother, I swear I will! And I will make whoever has you right now pay!” He reaches inside a drawer and takes out a picture of his mother, but viewers cannot see who is in the photo. He says “Mother, wherever you are, do not worry because as I search for you I will continue my mission, OUR mission.” He puts the picture down and walks away in anger, and the camera looks down at the picture to reveal that EJ’s mother is HELENA CASSADINE!
  4. daysfan
    Life in Salem, which has been slowly searching for a Co-Head Writer/Executive Producer for months and months, is proud to announce that it has finally found one! One who will greatly help, and Daysfan is assured he shall write fantastic stories. Now without further adeu, devoted SON member and once a writer of his own SONBC soap Jay will be joining the Life in Salem staff as Co-Head Writer/EP.

    "I am so excited, I knew he read Life in Salem and he was interested in writing but not his own soap, and he is an avid OLTL fan so I just thought he was perfect for the job." Daysfan commented "I just really feel he and I will work good together because we were already good freinds, so it is just all great."

    "I never saw myself returning to writing, but after being a fan of Life in Salem and being absolutely in love with it's HW and EP, I couldn't resist returning. I am honored to be apart of this show." Jay commented

    So we proudly welcome Jay to Life in Salem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. daysfan
    Written by: Jay


    -Lexie asks Stefano what the real deal is with Helena. She tells him that it’s not like him to be running from a lady. Stefano shuns her and dismisses the accusations that he is running from a woman. claiming that she will get hers once in Italy. He then says that “Italy is where it is meant to happen, and it shall go down there...”

    -Abe is walking about when he comes across Marlena after she leaves the hospital. They greet each other. She tells him that she just got done with Kate and they both turn their noses up at mention of her name. Abe tells her that he heard what has been happening with Helena. Marlena reveals that Helena Cassadine is Ej’s mother to Abe.

    -Kate, recovering from her lashing from Marlena runs into Roman. She complains about Sami and Marlena and Roman defends his daughter and his wife. Kate tells Roman that Marlena is just upset at her because “some crazy lady beat Sami up.” Roman says “What?!”, and wants to know where he can find Helena Cassadine.

    -EJ has left the hospital. He is walking and he drops his bag with all of his valuables. When he looks up, Nikolas is there and he says “Told ya”.

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -EJ looks up, and says “What the hell do you want?” Nikolas says “I told you this wasn’t the end of it.” EJ tells Nikolas that he wants nothing to do with him. Nikolas tells him, “You would if only you knew what your father did to my grandmother” EJ looks at him.

    -Kate tells Roman that Helena is a force to be reckoned with and that he had better just let Stefano handle her. Roman says “No, tell me where she is, Kate!” “I don’t know Roman. All I know is that she is in Salem Hospital” Kate finally tells him “I’m going”, Roman remarks.

    -Marlena tells Abe that Helena is in Salem to get revenge on Stefano, and Sami was just caught in the crossfire. Abe tells Marlena that he is sorry. He asks if there is any way he could question Helena and get a lowdown on her before she starts any trouble. Marlena tells him that she is in Salem Hospital. He says that he will go over.

    -EJ ask Nikolas what he means. Nik tells him he will just have to wait and see, and Nikolas walks away.

    -Abe and Roman meet up and they both figure out that the other is going to the Hospital. They both walk in to the hospital to find mass turmoil. Abe flashes his badge and asks what’s going on. A Doctor informs him that Helena Casssadine has escaped!!

    -Helena in new clothes is boarding a plane. “I know you my Stefano. I know how you think. Italy, here I come.”
  6. daysfan
    In an odd turn of events, Life in Salem has hired Annie Burgstede to play the role of Willow, a hooker gal that will be getting involved with Rex.

    "It seems not alot of people are a fan of Burgstede," the headwriter laughs "But I needed her and Willow here for storyline purposes. On Days of Our Lives she is with Shawn, but on Life in Salem she will be the same character, except she will be hooking up with Rex." he told us "I don't expect to keep her around for long...but you can expect her to last through Feburary."

    Burgstede is on recurring, and she is not going to be around for too long.
  7. daysfan

    As previously mentioned in the winter previews, there are many cuts coming for Life in Salem. "It's not going to be a serial killer storyline...but it will be like one! There will be huge casting decisions, and I have to say that some fan faves will be fired from Life in Salem...." the headwriter says "The cast is just too big...and with it growing some must be cut."

    No casting cuts have bene revealed yet.....so everyone is wondering this:

    Who will be cut?

    There is also no confirmation of how many people will be cut, but sources say it will be AT LEAST half the cast. Perhaps even more. Also, many contracts end this winter, and rumours are most of them will not be renewed.

    Time will tell who will be cut! So stay tuned to Life in Salem!
  8. daysfan
    Well, as fans who read the New Years Eve episode know, Brandon Beemer(Shawn Douglas Brady) has been fired from Life in Salem when his character Shawn was killed off, just after joining the show several months ago.

    "I hate having to fire Brandon....especially after just starting to work here. I love his acting, and really wanted to keep him here. Mabye he can return someday, but the reason to killing off Shawn is because, even though there were many loose ends to tie up with the character, after that there would be nothing left to tell with the character. A new love interest was an option, but almost all the women on the show are either Brady's or Horton's. I wouldv'e tried Willow but she's here for Rex, he would never get involved with Jan, Lilly and Erin were in the Max story, so what would we have left? Nothing. And we do not need anymore newbies on the show right now. So, he had to be killed off. The story will make a big impace on Bo and Hope, since they have lost a third child and the night Shawn died was the one year anniversery of Zack's death. As well as Belle. Also, it will make a big whodunnit story. We have many suspects for this murder. So I think this will be an excellent story." the headwriter said when asked about the death

    So, Shawn Douglas Brady has been murdered, but who was the person wearing the ski mask that strapped the bomb to his car? Jan, scared Shawn would take her baby, or the old "If I can't have you, no one can!"? Philip, getting rid of the "father" of Claire and the man who has been a thorn in his marriage for two years? Victor, doing whatever it takes to ensure his son's happiness? Kate, same motive as Victor? Belle, in a panic mode because she has felt romantically drawn to Shawn? Stefano, wreaking more havoc on the Brady's, or destroy the genetic link between the Horton's and Brady's?

  9. daysfan
    NOTE: For this episode only, it shall be Bo and Hope-centered and in a new style for this episode only.


    Bo, Marlena, Roman, and Allan all shakily head to Julie’s hospital room, where all the Hortons are. Maggie and Hope are about to tell Julie about Doug, but are interrupted as Bo slowly opens the door, walking in.

    He gives a simple nod to Maggie and the other Hortons, and Hope says to him “Hey, Brady.”

    “Hey, Fancy face…..” he says back and tries to forge a smile as she slips her fingers in between his, and Marlena, Roman, and Allan walk in

    Marlena gulps and thinks to herself Dear Lord, please give us all the strength to deliver this news….

    Bo continues in speaking, and says to Hope “Hope, uh, I need to speak with you privately……”

    “And I need to speak with the rest of you.” Marlena tells the others, and briefly glances back at Roman

    “Don’t worry, Doc…..” he whispers

    “Bo, I was ju-” Hope starts but Bo cuts her off

    “I know, but this….its……” Bo starts “Important.”

    “Well so is this.” Hope argues with confusion in her voice

    “Hope, just, please…..” Bo says and looks away for a moment, trying to hold back a tear

    Be strong, for her… Bo thinks to himself, trying to assure himself he can do this

    “Fine.” Hope says with a sigh and they both slowly walk out of the room, while Marlena sits down and begins to tear up as Roman puts his hands on her shoulders

    Bo and Hope walk into the hallway, and Hope grits her teeth. She briefly glances back to the hospital room, and then whispers to Bo “What are you thinking, Brady? I was just about to tell Julie about Daddy. Please don’t make this harder than it already is.”

    Hope begins to tear up, and Bo closes his eyes for several seconds. He opens them and keeps his hand clutched to her hand, and slowly pulls her into an empty hospital room. She silently wonders what is going on, and he sits her down on the bed, and stares straight into her eyes. She stares deep into his, and for a moment there is nothing but a deep staring between the two. “Bo, what happened?” she asks suddenly, in a complete monotone on the outside, but Bo knew there was worried ness in it

    He strokes her cheek slowly with the other hand that is free, and he tries not to choke up as he finally tells the truth “Hope……” he starts “Your aunt Maggie………asked Marlena to check on Alice last night……..and Marlena did, but…she found that....Alice passed away………”

    Bo looks away after the last word comes out of his mouth, as several tears run down his face. Hope continues to stare, no emotion anywhere. She is completely silent, and for several minutes silence is between the two. “No…..” she finally says, in a soft tone as tears run down her cheeks as well “Bo, no……”

    Bo finally looks back at her and takes her other hand and squeezes them tight, as he looks at her and tries to say something “It’s…..true….her body is here……it was through natural causes……”

    Hope merely looks at him, not sure what to think. She stares back into his eyes and knows it is true. “NO!” she screams “NO NO NO NO NO!”

    Bo pulls her into an embrace, and they both cry. “I’m so sorry, Fancy Face…..” Bo slowly says

    Hope does not say a thing as tears continue to pour. She slips her arms around Bo’s waste, and slowly says “I still have so many memories……….she was always so happy and such a pillar for our family….now she’s gone….”

    Hope silently recalls some of her times with Alice. She remembers twenty years ago, in 1987, when she and her cousins Jennifer and Melissa sang to Alice( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEVyADg8Qnk )

    She manages to smile at the memory, but it only brings more tears. “I remember singing to her…..I remember planning my….eighteenth birthday with her and Julie…..”

    Hope chuckles, and smirks as she slowly leans out of the hug with Bo. She continues to recall memories, such as planning her eighteenth birthday( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOsJ0WhlziI ).

    Bo sits beside her on the bed, and says as he finally begins to talk clearer “Just remember the good times, Fancy Face…”

    Hope next remembers all the Horton Christmases( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIpogPtrTMY ). She slowly rests her head on Bo’s shoulder, and says sadly “Oh, I can’t believe we’ll never have Christmases like-”

    “No.” Bo says to her firmly “We can, you know she would want us to.”

    “You’re right……” Hope says, partially trying to deny it, but she knows it is true

    Tears drop from her cheeks onto Bo’s shoulder, and she remembers arriving at Tom’s funeral when she thought she was Gina( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0H5-fwy_e4 ). “She was so strong there……she always has been…..she always helped me, she helped everyone around her…..”

    “Shh, I know, Fancy Face, I know…” Bo says as he remembers how even Alice helped him at times

    Hope stares off, at the wall, as she remembers Alice’s life, times she was there for or heard about( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t92tU0rHNmQ ). She cries harder, and slowly whispers to Bo “Why did she have to go Bo? Why did she have to go?”

    Bo pulls her into a full embrace yet again, as Hope remembers Tom and Alice( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlxUCnQvG9c...ted&search= ) “Both of them are now gone………” she says slowly

    Bo is silent as he cradles Hope, and she lets out a loud scream of sadness as more tears come, faster than they ever have in her whole life……as she remembers her sweet grandmother…
  10. daysfan
    Written by: Jay


    - A little later, Nikolas shows up at the hospital again. He sees Sami who greets him and asks him if he’s there to see his Grandmother. Nikolas replies, “Actually I’m not”

    -Helena is in her room looking around. She sees the guard assigned to her room reading a magazine. She stares at the guard, at his gun, at his nightstick and she quietly says to herself “It shall go down!”

    -Steve and Kayla are at the pub. Viki and Clint come in. Arguing Viki tells Clint, “I HAD D.I.D” and Kayla listens. She tells Steve about DID and he says “I couldn’t imagine having someone look just like me and I didn’t know it.”

    -EJ is in his room staring at the wall when the door opens and Nikolas comes in. “Hello cousin”, he says.

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -EJ looks at Nikolas and says “Who the hell are you in the first place?” “Your Cousin”, Nik says. I’m Nikolas Cassadine. I know Helena is your mother.” “Don’t you dare speak about my mother! she’s dead”. EJ says angrily assuming Helena died In the explosion “ No she isn’t.” comments Nikolas.

    -Viki and Clint are sitting in the pub. “What they looking at?” says Clint, looking over at Steve and Kayla. “Nonsense, Clint. What has gotten into you? You were very rude to Victor Kiriakis earlier, twice in fact.” Viki tells him “Look, Viki, I don’t want to be reminded of Nikki Smith, or Tommy, or Jean Randolph for that matter. I’d rather just go back to Llanview. Let your past stay in the past, Victor Kiriaskis and all!”

    -Helena starts to scream. The guard says “ohh no lady, your not tricking me, your not going for my stick or my gun.” She says” I am in pain….please help. Me” He takes off his gun and stick to prevent Helena from ambushing him and he bends over to help her and Helena gets his pressure point and knocks him out. She says “now, to get into these clothes.

    -Sami goes in to the lobby. She calls Marlena, and updates her on the situation. Marlena tells her that she is coming to the hospital. Kate comes in to the hospital. “Sami, WHAT THE HELL?!” Kate screams when she sees Sami, thinking she died at the docks. “A whole lot happened, Kate. Sit down and I’ll tell you.” Sami says with a fake smile, playing it cool for now

    -Nik tells EJ that he found Helena’s journal about her plans to go to Salem, and in which she reveals that she has a son. “My father saw this woman and didn’t tell me that she was my mother…I had to find out for myself. I have vague memories of her but nothing else until I met her.” EJ explains, gritting his teeth in anger

    “I’m sorry about that, but we have business to handle. Your father had made my Grandmother’s life a living hell. I never knew about that until now.” Nikolas tells him

    EJ says after thinking for a moment “Wait one damn minute, your grandmother, my mother, must have been the problem if father never told her she was my mother…” The two exchange looks.

    -The guard comes out of Helena’s room and heads toward the elevator. “Is everything ok in there?” The doctor asks. The guard tips his hat and leaves. When in the elevator it is revealed to be HELENA! Helena takes off her hat with a small maniacal chuckle, and says “Stefano, I’m coming."
  11. daysfan
    Written by: Jay


    -Jan is at her apartment thinking about the episode she and Belle just had. She starts to laugh to herself, about what she will do to Belle after they work together. “Maybe I’ll dip her in acid, or maybe I’ll pull all of her pretty blonde hair out until she cries”. She goes over many psycho scenarios, and smiles.

    -Belle is sitting at the loft looking at Shawn’s picture. She says to it “Shawn, I may be making a big mistake teaming with Jan, but it is worth it.” She puts his picture down and hears a knock. It’s Will.

    -Victor looks at an old photo of him and Viki. He thinks about what a shame it is that he couldn’t rekindle their flame. Angrily he throws down the photo and gets on the phone.

    -Bo, Hope, Marlena, Sami, Abe, are all now at the airport in Italy. Abe asks Marlena if she knows where Stefano’s mansion or new lair may be. She says yes, he has a Palace and she remembers seeing it in pictures many years ago. All leave as Roman says “I hope we aren’t too late.”

    *LIS opening*

    -Nikolas arrives at the entrance to Stefano‘s palace, as does EJ and the two exchange words. “Nikolas, I know you are trying to “protect“ your grandmother which means taking her back to that mental institution you and your little friends in Port Charles put her in, but she is my mother and you should just back off, and let me work out the problems between my mother and father.” EJ snaps to Nikolas, but Nikolas angrily shoots back. “You have not known Helena for your whole life! I know how she works. I’m not claiming to know Stefano, but I sure as hell know Grandmother better, and if anyone needs to get back, it’s you! If you don‘t let me get her back to where she belongs, which is a mental hospital where she can receive proper help, she‘s going to slaughter your whole DiMera family.”

    -Will greets Belle and tells her that he’s worried about Sami. He tells her that she’s taken off to Italy and it has something to do with Stefano Dimera. Belle is taken aback having known from Marlena what happened to Sami at Helena’s expense. “Mom won’t tell me anything”, Will Says. Bellw explains all to him. “This sucks that my own mother couldn’t tell me this!” Will says a bit angrily, he thanks her and heads to the door, but Belle then asks him who all is going to Italy, and he tells her who all is. He leaves and Belle realizes that if Bo and Hope are in Italy, Gina could be there too! She heads off to find Jan and inform her of this.

    -Victor is on the phone with an unknown businessman. “Clint Buchanan, acting CEO of Buchanan Enterprises has wronged me. I want you to everything in your power to make sure his business goes to hell! ” he shouts coldly, he then hangs up “ And now it’s Salem’s turn to pay!” he exclaims.

    -Stefano is in the foyer with Lexie and Megan. They hear screams! Helena bursta in the room with a gun and says with a chuckle “Hello dear lover, ready to die?”

    -Marlena, Sami, Bo, Hope, Roman, and Abe run in to Nik and EJ and Abe tells them after what they pulled back in Salem they are not interfering in any of this, but they hear commotion inside. They all run inside and follow the voices.

    -Lexie tells Helena to calm down, and Helena says this is a war and her goal is to kill Stefano! She points the gun at Stefano but then Stefano has a heart attack, or so he wants Helena to believe. Lexie tends to him and Helena screams “ Now now, keep in mind that if there is one more move, someone will get shot!!”

    -Bo, Hope, Marlena, Roman, Abe, Nikolas, Sami, and EJ bust in the room, shocking Helena and the gun goes off!!!! Someone is shot. But who?
  12. daysfan

    -Greta turns in shock to Nicole, and stands and asks what the HELL she is doing in Italy, and she should be back in Salem, and she has no business here! Nicole then says

    Nicole: And what is YOUR business here, Greta? Chasing mommy around the world…or chasing daddy around the world?

    Greta freezes in shock.

    -Stefano and “Tony” are on the DiMera Jet as it continues to fly to its destination, and “Tony” comments he is glad this war can finally end, and Stefano says it started so much time ago, it is time for it to end. “Tony” asks Stefano why it even started in the first place, and he barely knows any details about what happened so many years ago between Stefano and Helena. Stefano says it was very interesting how their affair started:

    During another meeting later in 1978 between Stefano and Helena at the DiMera Palace, they constantly negotiate Cassadine and DiMera resources handed over to the other.

    “Mikkos is asking for so much of what I have to help with his machine…its time I get something in return.” Stefano tells Helena

    “You will…in due time.” Helena assures him “However, if you wish to live you will give Mikkos and I what we need.”

    “What did you say?!” Stefano bellows angrily as he stands up and stares at Helena with anger in his eyes and leans in to her face and hisses “Was that a threat?”

    “No, it was a fact. Mikkos’s project, that he needs DiMera Empire help with, will do terrible things to this world…things that could very well kill you. If you wish to be safe, you will help us. If not you and your Empire will be gone in a few years.” Helena says with a smirk on her face

    “If you need my Empire’s help, yet I don’t give it, that would mean you can’t finish your project.”

    “That would be a minor obstacle we would overcome.”

    Stefano laughs as he leans forward, and slowly caresses Helena’s cheek “You are a woman full of fire, Helena…one of the few women I have met who are like that; it is very enchanting.”

    Helena suddenly jumps up and pulls out a gun and points it at Stefano “If you want to make some type of sexual move on me, you can forget it.” she snaps

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Roman, Marlena, Shane, Steve, Kayla, Anna, Allan, and Hattie arrive at the airport where a Basic Black private jet awaits them after Roman arranged it. Anna says she’s sure Tony is with Stefano, wherever she is, and that Stefano has probably got him brainwashed or being held captive. Steve says hopefully they can wrap this whole thing up at Stefano’s new hideout, and Kayla agrees. Roman promises them they will, and Marlena tells Roman she just checked her messages from Belle, and apparently because of all the drama she and Jan headed back to Salem. Roman then asks about Sami, and Shane says she has yet to be found.

    -Sami walks into the small inn she hid EJ in, but runs into him in the hall way. She asks him in a low tone what he is doing outside of his room and he could get caught, but EJ tells her its time he leave Italy. He then says he got some type of note from his father telling him where the war would continue, and its time he take down his mother and father. He then asks:

    EJ: Samantha…I still have access to the Cassadine private jets…would you like to come with me?
    Sami: EJ, I…I…can’t…
    EJ: The ISA is probably trying to arrest you as well, and you support my cause.. Please, come with me.
    Sami: *sigh* Fine, I’ll go.

    EJ smiles and takes her hand as they walk out of the inn.

    -Greta looks at Nicole in shock and stands, and says coldly “I should have known. I should have known you would snoop around and get involved. I’m tired of you.” and then Greta tackles Nicole, and a catfight begins! Greta pulls Nicole’s hair but Nicole kicks Greta off of her, and she tells Greta its time this ends.

    -Stefano grins at Helena and says “You do realize that if you murder me, you will never make it out of this palace unless in a body bag? Whatever the case, I will not lie, I do have an interest in you.”

    Helena snorts and says “How pathetic. Don’t you have a ton of lovers stashed somewhere?”

    “Doesn’t your husband?” Stefano shoots back

    Helena slaps Stefano angrily, and Stefano says “That’s right…one of them you killed, the one he had a child with, if I am not wrong.”

    “How do you know that?” Helena asks in shock

    “I have my sources…now since Mikkos got to have his affair, don’t you want to have yours?” Stefano asks

    Helena then thinks to herself inside her mind “This could be my chance…to make Mikkos pay for having an affair…and Stefano is my ticket to make it happen. This will make sure Mikkos never has another affair…”

    Helena then suddenly jumps down on the desk and grabs Stefano’s collar, and begins to kiss him passionately, and Stefano then thinks to himself “That’s right, fall right into my web…now that I have you where I want you, soon I will get what I *truly* want…”

    Stefano tells “Tony” it was such a complex situation, and at first just his scheme. “Tony” asked if he grew to care for Helena, and Stefano says:

    Stefano: Do you really need to know that? However, that answer perhaps could be provided in due time…all in due time…but I do not want to keep focusing on the past. Now is the time to focus on the present, and the future.

    Stefano and “Tony” then laugh evilly.

    -Roman says to Shane if it wasn’t him that was leading the ISA on this one, he would go find Sami himself, but since he trusts Shane he’ll let him find her. Shane nods, and tells them he will be going to Stefano’s next hideout soon, there are just certain tactics he must plan with the ISA. They all nod at him and say goodbye, and soon they board the private jet and it takes off!

    -EJ and Sami arrive at a Cassadine private jet and quickly board it, and while Sami sits down EJ goes to tell the pilot where to fly them. After he comes back out Sami says she thought he would have been banished by Helena from using any jets, but EJ says no and she keeps hoping he will come back to serve her so that’s most likely why she lets him use the jets. He goes on to say that if Sami would like to rest there is a bed in the back, and Sami then asks where he’s going to sleep then.

    EJ: There.
    Sami: EXCUSE ME?!
    EJ: Oh Samantha…we have already been spending so much time together for months…bonding, getting to know each other…and then back at that inn in Italy when we went to bed together…now, after all of that, I want you to make love to me…

    Sami looks at EJ in shock as the screen fades to black…
  13. daysfan

    -Sami wakes up the next morning in the Salem Inn and goes down to get a cup of cofee in the kitchen, once she is down there she sees Nicole and Nicole tells her that they need to help each other to make sure Carrie and Austin stay apart.

    -At the Kirakis Mansion, Victor is walking into the living area and hears a knock on the door, he goes over there and opens it to see…. VICTORIA LORD DAVIDSON!!!!!!

    -The Mysterious Woman sits inside a house somewhere right outside of Salem, there are a bunch of pictures on the wall, they are of everyone in Salem and some have darts on them, others have hearts on them. The Mysterious Woman stands up and says that it is time to make a special delivery.

    -Billie sits at her desk at Patrick’s house and tells herself that today she will start searching for the person who stabbed Chelsea, she grabs the bag that the knife they found on Chelsea’s soldier is in and puts gloves on, takes it out and looks all over it, she then all of a sudden sees a Phoenix on the bottom and gasps!

    -As Stefano is walking through the Dimera Mansion he orders Bart to come to him, once Bart is there he asks Stefano what he needs and Stefano replies that once John Black comes back to the Mansion later, kill him!

    -Abby walks over to the Spears Mansion, once she is there she sees that Lilly and Jan are gone and tries to break the lock on the Spears Mansion door…. And she does!

    -As Shawn and Mimi sit inside of Hope’s house and Mimi says that it was nice of Hope to let them use her house to interview surrogants at for Shawn and Mimi’s baby, Jan stands outside the widnow and watches, she says that if Mimi wants a surrogant for her brat, she has got one.

    -Sami tells Nicole no, and that she is done scheming and she truthfully wants to change, Nicole tells her that that is not possible and Sami turns around and tells Nicole that she has wanted to do this for a long time, then Sami punches Nicole right in the face and walks off!

    -Victor is shocked to see Viki Davidson at the door, he asks her what she is doing her and she says that she is on the run and then he asks “Nikki?” and she says “The one and only! I am back Vic!!!!!”, then NIKKI SMITH jumps into Victor’s arms and pulls him into a kiss.

    -The Mysterious Woman walks over to the Spears Mansion, she sees the door open and walks inside, she drops a file on the cofee table that says “Kirakis, Claire” and leaves just as Abby is walking down the stairs!

    -Abby wonders if someone was just in here because she heard something, however she just shrugs and closes the door, she begins to search for something that could tell her about Lilly’s secret, as she is walking through the halls she finds a secret door and goes into it!

    -Bart agrees to be ready to kill John when he comes, Stefano then says “Excellent” and then laughs, he tells himself that not even John Black can stop him this time.

    -As Shawn and Mimi begin interviewing surrogants that are trying out for the job, Jan gets a phone call and when she answers it she asks in a disguted tone “What do you want?”.

    -Billie tells herself that she has to call Bo and she quickly grabs the phone but the line is cut! Billie wonders if someone working for the Dimera’s found out about what she saw so she quickly grabs her purse and the knife and leaves.

    -The Mysterious Woman stands out side Billie’s house with scissors in her hand and beside her is the cut phone line, she says that she was lucky Billie lives near the Spears Mansion, she sees Billie run out of her house and says to herself that Billie will not get very far, but before the Mysterious Woman leaves to go catch Billie she gets out her phone and begins to dial a number.

    -When Sami gets back to her room she hears her cell phone ringing so she answers it, once she does she hears the Mysterious Woman say “Sami, you’re first order is to…kill Caroline Brady” and Sami’s eyes widen in shock.
  14. daysfan

    -Shawn tries to convince Mimi to reconcile with him.

    -Sami is confused to why Lexie did not reveal how she blackmailed her to tell Carrie she and Austin could not have a healthy child.

    -Lexie arrives at the hospital to see what is wrong with Hope and when she finds Hope, Hope explains how she is pregnant and she does not know who the father is.

    -Carrie returns to Lucas’s apartment room and gets a pain from her stomach and faints.

    -Chelsea goes to a bar and runs into Patrick, who tries to get her out of there but she doesn’t let him.

    -Mimi tells Shawn she doesn’t deserve to be his wife for what she has done and Shawn is confused.

    -Lucas finds Carrie and tries to get her to wake up and she mumbles “Austin”.

    -Sami sees a gloved hand at the window and when she gets to the window to see what it is and nothing is there.

    -Patrick drags Chelsea out of the bar when she refuses and asks her why she went there.

    -Hope tells Lexie she wants paternity test done on the baby.
    (Okay I am still new at this so these will be kinda short for a little while and I know this isn't very exciting but don't worry, in upcoming episodes you will see some major twists! )
  15. daysfan
    Life in Salem is looking to cast two roles, and they need the fans help on who to choose!

    The firt one is a man in his late thirties to early fourties, he is expected to react heavily with John and Marlena, amongst others. It is a contract role.

    The second is a man in his mid to late thirties, he will be heavily interacting with Stefano, Tony, and several other people. The role is contract.

    Suggestions are needed fast! These two men are not expected to come on the campas until December or January, but we need options quickly so decisions can be made!
  16. daysfan
    Readers were shocked on Friday when John revealed he was really Roman Brady! Or is he? John has a tendency to find out he is someone different from what he was and then finds out that was a lie and finds out he is a totally different person. Well, readers can rest assured, that is finally coming to an end. The headwriter tells us that John is completely and entirely Roman.... that answers one big question that has been asked for years and years and years "Who is John Black?" but it leaves so many little questions, such as "Why did he thinks he was other people?" or "Then who on Earth is the guy we thought was Roman?!" but the headwriter reassures us that all of these questions will be answered in due time.

    "There were tons of reasons why I made him into Roman. One reason is that it would finally provide closure on who John is, and this twenty year mystery can FINALLY be put to rest. Another reason is that alot of viewers never felt that Josh Taylor is Roman, just because alot liked Wayne and Drake better as Roman, another reason that really impacted on this is that Roman wasn't Josh's first role on Days, he also played back in the seventies and eighties Chris Kostichek, and spent ALOT of time playing the character, therefore for people who have been watching for a long time have it sticked in their heads that Josh is Chris. I am one of those people. It would also explain why Marlena never had the love for Faux Roman that she had for John, because he is the first and only love of her life, Roman. The last reason is that it would just flat out make the most sense for John to be Roman than any of these other people he has been like Forrest Alamain, or Daphne DiMera's son! Roman was the identity that,in my opinion, made the most sense for John, the others are really far out, even for a soap." the headwriter told us when we asked him about this whole mess

    Now, as for Josh's Roman, here is what he said about that:

    "Well, this is one storyline I am going to have fun writing." laughs the writer "Most would expect me with all my comments about Josh being Chris for this faux Roman to turn out to be Chris! Well, as much as I would like that to happen, it would be the easy and obvious route, so I do not want to go that route. I however can say Chris will probably be popping around Salem a little bit, but I will save that tid bit for a later." he winks "Josh has a big storyline a head of him, I can say that. First this FauxRoman will have to deal with the fact that the people he knew as his family were not his family, the children that he thought were his are not, he was also living a complete lie for twelve whole years. And he also will have to go through the torture of not knowing his true identity, he even might have kids and a wife out there waiting for him, and a family as well. The poor mans life has been turned upside down...... and now he has to turn it back up. But luckily he will have a NEW woman to comfort him through all of this.... one no one EVER expected!!!"

    And then the final question we asked, how will this effect Roman and his WHOLE family?

    "He will be shocked and deveastated, but it will probably not have as big as an effect on him as it will faux Roman, because he has been through this swift identity change before, and he is close to the Brady family, and in a way he has always been an honorary member of their family. But trust me, things won't be easy as pie for him. He will have some major changes amongst other things to deal with. As for his family.... the Brady's will be trying to get over the fact that the man they have thought was their son for over a decade was really not their son, and try to accept John into their family as Roman. Then of course there is the Shelle factor.... and that they had a daughter together!!!! Well, do not worry, I have an explanation for that as well.... but this will cause alot of trouble for Shelle in the beginning. And there is Brady, on a side note, Brady's name is in a way now "Brady Brady" but we will fix that, anyways he will have some adjusting to do as well, because he will have to get to know a whole new family as his own, this was one reason we brought Brady back, so he could be here for this. Then there are the four other children of Roman that John didn't even know were his! Sami, Eric, Rex, and Cassie. Sami is going to be probably the biggest problem, just because of her hatred for John she has had for years.... little did she know he was her father. This will be part of getting Lumi back together as Lucas comforts Sami over all of this, and she will slowly at last grow up and accept John, but that will be a while because currently we are trying to finish off growing Sami up, and this is Sami, so we have to take baby steps. Eric will have a hard time to, and will pretty much neglect his whole family during this ordeal, and Nicole will be there for him with open arms.... but that is a different story. Rex will have just lost a woman who he realized was his true love, Mimi, and now he was actually JUST warming up to faux Roman, and now this. He will of course have a hard time, but not like Sami and Eric, however this will heavily impact on his life.... and push him into the arms of a hooker! Then last, but not least, there is Cassie, she was closer to faux Roman than Rex was, but not like Sami and Eric were, she will have a hard time accepting the real Roman, John, and will be very fisty during this storyline! Marlena will be in shock as well, and will stay with John, and she is crucial to this storyline, she will be with John every step of the way as he slowly gets closer to accepting he is really Roman Brady!" the headwriter told us

    This is all he would say, so you must be sure to stay tuned to "Life in Salem" during this fantastic storyline!!!!
  17. daysfan

    -Mimi and Bonnie have Patrick’s funeral, and Mimi heads to the hospital. Once she arrives she bumps into Rex.

    -Austin groans and exclaims “I should have known! You’re the same kind of woman Sami is, well Nicole, if you think your working for me your WRONG! Because you are fired and I am throwing you out of the Salem Inn so fast it will make your head spin.” Nicole pleads for Austin to re consider, Austin tells her no way and pulls Carrie out of the church!

    -Faux Roman tells Caroline he has no idea at all what is going on, and that he hates with DiMera’s and would never work for them! Caroline is hesitant to believe him.

    -John is shocked by the results, he sits down and says to himself “The mystery of my life is finally over, I am Roman Brady.”

    -Stefano laughs and says “Ah Megan, you did not think that all this rubbish was actually true did you? I would never let one of my own children have a relationship with a Brady! All this is a lie Megan, and unfortunately I think John will find this out at the hospital very soon, but at least I managed to stop John and Marlena’s wedding.” Stefano and Megan leave the Church.

    -Lilly is at the hospital with Max, she comforts him over what happened with John and Roman, he says it is alright, and he never got to know Roman THAT much, but he was still is brother, Lilly tells him it must be so hard to lose two family members in two days, even though he gained one. They kiss and she thinks to herself “Well, if you actually love your parents, because it wasn’t painful to me at all when I killed my father and Jan killed my mother.”

    -Jan stands in a corner at the hospital, and watches as Shawn, Belle, Philip, and Cassie all stand together and listens to the results. She thinks to herself that if Belle thinks her troubles are bad now….then they will get worse because she has decided to reveal Claire’s true paternity right after they leave the hospital.

    -Kate tells Victor Vivian was attacking her!

    -Abe is talking with a police officer about the biopsy, they say he was gun shot, and just minutes ago they got DNA results back so they can find out who he is. Lexie is listening outside and panics!

    -Steve examines everything leading up to his death, and right after, he thinks to himself that the coffin in his grave must have been switched. He decides to head out of the police station and find out everything that happened after the funeral.

    -Marlena says “I am sorry Sam…. I didn’t know you were in that much pain. But do not worry, I will help you fully recover for good, but for now you need to be taken to a mental ward. I am sorry.” as officers arrive and take Sam off in cuffs, Marlena heads to the hospital.

    -Kim walks over to John, she asks if he is her brother after all, then is he ready to accept it and become a Brady again. John sits in silence, wondering what to say.

    (I am sooooo sorry I have not posted an episode in a while, by the end of this weekend I hope to have posted five more episodes to catch up! Please keep reading! )
  18. daysfan
    NOTE: For storyline purposes, I will be posting two episodes today. The second one is coming later.


    -It is Thanksgiving day!

    -The Brady’s are all at the Pub, getting ready to eat. As Caroline is baking the turkey, someone walks through the door, and Caroline looks to see Kayla with Steve!

    -Chelsea is leaving Billie’s house, but before she does she asks Billie if she is coming with her to the Brady Thanksgiving Dinner, and she also mentions that Bo will be there. Billie rolls her eyes and suddenly Bo comes in, followed by Hope, with a huge look of anger on her face.

    -The Hortons are gathering at Maggie and Mickey’s house, Alice shares a nice reunion with Mickey and Jeremy. Then, all of a sudden, two people walk through the door, Maggie is shocked, she gasps and says “Melissa! Sarah!”

    -A police investigation is going on to depend whether Mimi is guilty or not, Bonnie rushes to the loft and tells Shawn and Mimi that she’s got everything under control, Mimi asks how and Bonnie says she hasn’t figured that out yet, Mimi worries and Shawn comforts her.

    -Max is getting something right outside of town, and runs into Erin, he invites her to his Thanksgiving Dinner.

    -John bursts into the Brady Pub, and tells them he cannot find Marlena!

    -Marlena is trapped in a dungeon at the DiMera mansion, she has a blindfold over her eyes so she cannot see anything. She is chained to the wall. Alex walks in telling her she will not escape, and he will have his revenge.

    -Stefano sits in his office, he remembers how yesterday the shot missed him and he managed to convince Andre to get his revenge on the Salemites first. He wonders what Andre will do to him if he does get his revenge on the people of Salem and goes after Stefano!

    -The police knock on Abe’s door, they tell him they have to search his apartment.

    -At the Kiriakis Mansion, Thanksgiving Dinner is being prepared. Philip, Belle, and Claire are there, and so is Margaret. Victor introduces Margaret to Belle and Philip and Belle wonders if she has seen her before.

    -Steve makes preparations to board a plane going to Llanview, as he does he tells himself that after Thanksgiving, he will be heading there to discover who faked his death!
  19. daysfan

    -Marlena’s rescuer is revealed to be Hattie Adams!

    -Nikki reveals while alone that she and Victor had a child together years ago! She remembers how years ago she fleed from Llanview and met Victor, then she remembers how they had an affair together…but so did he and Viki! Nikki then remembers how she was pregnant and gave the child up for adoption. She wonders where it is now!

    -Marie finds Laura having a break down, she quickly calls for someone to come help. Bill rushes in and tries to help Laura.

    -Nicole tells Eric to spare her his pity, and shoves him off then walks off.

    -Chelsea tries to make an excuse, but Max tells her to just stop, he says she has had too many chances, but she destroyed them all! He tells her that she is never going to grow up, because she won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Chelsea pleads for him to just stop and listen, but Max says he’s not going to listen to it anymore. He tells her that she ran over her own brother and killed him, yet it didn’t even phase her and she just continued to go off and try to get her parents together. He says she never takes responsibility for her actions, so they are through! He tosses Chelsea out of the garage!

    -Rex and Willow get to know each other a little more, and Rex ends up telling Willow all about his problems with Mimi, she advises him to just forget her.

    -Andre’s shooter walks right into the Pub, and it is revealed to be the REAL Tony DiMera!

    -Shawn informs the police that Philip has kidnapped Belle and Claire, Kate is walking in and overhears it! She is shocked!

    -Steve and Kayla meet with Rex Balsom, and tell him all about someone in Llanview possibly faking Steve’s death.

    -While in the Lord Mauselom, Kim suddenly falls down in pain.

    -Victor is in his office alone, he has been there for a while, thinking about all that has transpired within the last few years. He also reveals that he has found out about Philip’s little stunt earlier, and he then says in a low tone that that only solidifies his decision. He has a bunch of pictures on his desk, the people in the pictures are Nikki, Viki, Caroline, Stefano, Jan, Nicole, John, Faux Roman, Bo, Hope, Marlena, Kim, Steve, Kayla, Shawn, Belle, and Sami. He takes the pictures of Caroline and Viki, and then he puts them on the side of his desk. He takes the rest and grabs a lighter, he then sets all of the pictures on fire! He calmly drops them all in the small trash can next to him, as the flames go up he says softly “You all will pay….every single one of you.” and the screen fades to black with the flames rising from the trash can and Victor’s ice cold glare.
  20. daysfan

    -Rex is confused. Willow ells him he definitely needs help to come into reality, she says from what it sounds like he lives in this little world, she tells him if he wants to make it in life he has to face reality and settle his woman troubles.

    -Jan continues to taunt Mimi, Mimi snaps that soon Jan will be right beside her when she gets exposed for creating those fake files that said she was under hypnosis when she kidnapped Shawn.

    -Tony tells everyone if Faux Roman does have to arrest him, then he has to make an announcement first.

    -Marlena begs John not go after Stefano just yet. John asks Marlena why.

    -Erin is shoved into an ally by two thugs, they push her up against the wall and say they want all her money. She says no so they try to take it from her forcefully, Max walks by and sees what is happening so he tries to rescue her.

    -The person that threw Vivian on the couch is revealed to be FORREST ALAMAIN!

    -Lilly decides to head back to Salem, while Sam continues to plot on how to get rid of Marlena.

    -Marlena says she doesn’t want him getting hurt, and that they just found out he was Roman so things are complicated right now and they don’t need to get involved with the DiMera’s.

    -EJ says to himself that soon he will rule the DiMera dynasty, and he will succeed unlike Stefano.

    -Hattie takes up resident at the Salem Inn, and Sami is not happy about it!

    -Lexie arrives at the DiMera Mansion, and is suddenly pulled into the shadows!!!!!!!

    -Faux Roman asks Tony what this announcement is, Tony then reveals that years ago, he and Stefano’s daughter Renee DuMonde had a child together!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. daysfan

    -Everyone is shocked when Tony reveals he and Renee had a child together!

    -Lexie screams and attacks the person that just grabbed her, she quickly runs, and runs right into the study where Stefano awaits!

    -Sam remembers Marlena telling her something about a person named Kristen Blake that Marlena despised, Sam wonders if this Kristen person could help her with Marlena.

    -The thugs quickly get into a fist fight with Max, they let Erin go but after Max tries to help her they pin him down and start punching him. Erin tries to save Max but is pushed back. She grabs a bottle and smacks one over the head with it so they fall down in pain, Max manages to get up and take care of the other thug. Erin thanks Max and they escape the ally.

    -Steve and Kayla meet up with Stephanie and Kim, Stephanie informs Kayla of what happened with Kim at the Lord Mauselom. Kayla advises Kim to go back to Salem.

    -Bonnie bursts into the hospital, and without even asking she runs into Cassie’s room. She tells Cassie it’s time for the truth so tell her who really pushed her out that window or Bonnie swears she will make sure Cassie will pay.

    -Jan continues to pretend she has no idea what Mimi is talking about, and says to Mimi that she hasn’t commited a big enough crime to go to jail, but Mimi has. She says soon Mimi will be away from Shawn and rotting in a jail cell, little does Mimi know Jan was the one who pushed Cassie out the window of Belle and Philip’s loft!

    -Margaret asks Victor what he means, and she needs details but Victor just tells her all she needs to know is that his son was angry and did not want to lose his wife and child to another man, so in a panic he kidnapped him. Margaret says she knows exactly how Philip feels, and says she will do whatever it takes to help him keep his loved ones!

    -Belle tries to find a way to escape from Philip.

    -John says to Marlena he has to go after the DiMera’s for her safety, but he says to her luckily he has something more important to take care of. Marlena asks what. John says “Someone pushed my baby girl out of a window, and my gut tells me it wasn’t Mimi. I am gonna find who really did it and make them pay for hurting my daughter.”

    -Anna asks Tony what he means, and Tony says right before Renee died at the hands of Andre, she gave birth to a child that he thinks is living right here in Salem!
  22. daysfan

    -It is the day of Mimi’s trial! Bonnie and John continue to search for evidence that will free Mimi, but to no avail! Cassie relishes in the fact that after this trial Mimi will go to jail!

    -Sami is guilted by the evidence she has that could clear Abe! She remembers how since she confessed to Austin and Carrie about what she did, Lexie has nothing on her. Lucas notices Sami is troubled and asks her what’s wrong.

    -Shawn visits Mimi at jail, she tells him she was recently served with divorce papaers, and asks if he’s here to talk about that. Shawn says no, and he’s here to tell her their surrogant is Jan Spears!

    -Lilly visits Sam. She says she has an escape plan all worked out, Sam says she should’ve been there last night. Sam says to Lilly that after they escape they can head to Salem, but Lilly stops her saying she is taking her to see a psychiatrist.

    -Maggie tells Abby that last night Jeremy came home, and was bruised and hurt all over! She says he was attacked by thugs!

    -Margaret gets an important lead on Philip’s whereabouts!

    -Marlena heads to the courthouse with John, John tells her he has a bad feeling about this, and feels Mimi shouldn’t be going to jail! Marlena is curious as well. She then gets off the subject and tells him Susan Banks is back in town!

    -Forrest walks through the Alamain Mansion, getting his suit on. Ivan asks if he’s seen Vivian anywhere, Forrest replies that he has taken care of Vivian, and for him not to worry,

    -Mimi is shocked! But before she can react the guards come and take her away to the courtroom. Shawn follows, but Rex pulls him aside saying he thinks Mimi didn’t do this!

    -Bo and Hope are happily at their house, with their two new twin daughters! Megan watches from outside and says their happiness will be short lived.

    -Mimi is brought into the courtroom and seated beside hear lawyer. Rex, Shawn, Jan, Marlena, John, Faux Roman, Caroline, Bonnie, and other Salem citizens are all in the seats behind the district attorney and Mimi’s seats. Cassie is wheeled into the courtroom in a wheel chair. Judge Fitzpatrick comes out and the trial begins!
  23. daysfan

    -Philip is angry when he discovers Belle and Claire have gone back to Salem! He tries to leave to go after them but is stopped by Margaret!

    -Jan plays innocent and asks what he means, but Shawn tells her he knows that she is Mimi’s surrogant! Jan is shocked Shawn knows, and she tries to lie, but fails so she admits it! She tells Shawn she isn’t his surrogant though, and he is confused.

    -Sam says all shrinks are phonies! Lilly tells Sam she IS going to see a shrink! They then get into a fierce argument over it.

    -Faux Roman is shocked to see Hattie. Hattie is thrilled to see Faux Roman! She immediately greets him.

    -Helena meets with EJ in an ally, and they plan on how to bring down Stefano!

    -Nikki tries to escape from Victor’s mansion.
    -Steve and Kayla are stunned to learn whoever faked Steve’s death might have something to do with Victor Lord! Rex tells them that means the place they want to go to investigate next is his former mansion, Llanfair.

    -Caroline runs into Victor, she is still torn over having to spend Christmas without Shawn Sr., Victor comforts her.

    -John and Susan come face to face!

    -Lexie arrives back at the Carver house, Abe sees her and they are both silent. Lexie asks what he’s doing out of jail, and Abe tells her he was proved innocent, but she was proved guilty! He tells Lexie he has to arrest her, and she breaks down as he does.

    -Rex asks Willow why she did that, and she says to stop him, because if he has a brain, he’s not going to get a chance to save “whatshername” from jail.

    -Margaret holds Philip at gunpoint, he tells her to buzz of and tries to get the gun from her but she says oh no, and says he’s coming with her, NOW! She takes him to her car and drives off towards Salem!

    -Marlena is shocked when she opens the door to see Belle and Claire, they then share a wonderful reunion.

    -Willow takes Rex back to Salem.

    -Jan tells Shawn she’s not carrying Mimi and his baby, she’s carrying THEIR baby! Shawn is shocked, and thinks it is a trick! Jan says she admits the truth, and the truth is that she switched Mimi’s egg with hers’ at the last minute, so she’s pregnant with his baby!
  24. daysfan
    LIS comes back just as Fall approaches! And it is going to be full of action, mystery, adventure, romance, and VETS! "Veterans are going to be front and center, the young ones will be involved but taking a back seat."

    However in the meantime, many stories are in a tumble. Take a sneak peek at what will happen:

    Nikki/Victor/Viki/Clint/Steve/Kayla/Greta/Nicole/Kim/Belle/Philip/Jan/Rex/Cassie/Hope/Bo/Megan/Billie/Christopher/Gina: Viki has finally re-emerged and broken free of Nikki's control, and has gotten Clint to come to Salem! Victor will find himself facing off against the Buchanon, but in the meantime Steve and Kayla plan to bring down Victor but other things come up for them! Philip is forced by Victor to continue in hiding, so he takes a back seat to the drama. Jan has her own problems when Rex tries to find the real culprit of who pushed Cassie, but she has other problems! Greta continues to struggle to get her life back on track and tries to reveal that her father is Steve, and Nicole is determined to find out Greta's secret! Megan continues to want Bo and plans to steal their daughters, but finds her attempt torn down by Billie! While Bo teams up with John to help bring down Stefano and his family, Gina is still on the loose, and this also brings Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Greta, Belle, and Jan all together against her!!!!!!! In the middle of all this, they are all drawn into The War!

    John/Marlena/EJ/Sami/Lucas/Alexis/Kate/Helena/Vivian/Forrest/Nicholas/Stefano/Tony/Anna/Abe/Lexie/Faux Roman/Hattie: John is going to be helping the Bradys through all of this drama, and wants to take Stefano down, but has to take a subtle approach at it, and he wants ALL the DiMera secrets to be revealed before Stefano is put away for good. As you can see he is accepting his identity, and will be right with his family this whole time. Marlena will try to be by John's side, but will continue to be angered at his slow approach to get Stefano, but eventually John gives in and decides to take on Stefano the good ole' fashion way. Marlena plans to take Stefano and Helena head on!. Lucas and Sami continue their romance, but EJ uses Alexis to try to break them apart! EJ is held back by Helena, but Helena goes to extreme measures to keep EJ and Sami apart, even by planning Sami's death! She teams up with Kate to do it!! Forrest and Kate also continue to try to defeat Vivian, all while Nicholas is split in who to side with! Stefano and Helena begin The War, and draw all of Salem in the fray! Expect MUCH focus to be put on Helena and Stefano in this huge umbrella story! Tony and Anna's backburning has come to an end! Tony and Anna will be front and center, as they embark to investigate the connection between Stefano and Helena, and bring Stefano down! Tony knows he can find his child with Renee through Stefano, however someone will put a HUGE thorn through their plans! Abe and Faux Roman must lead the Salem PD, who will be the ones to try to control all this madness in The War! Hattie is at Faux Roman's side all through this, and slowly they discover who he is! Lexie has her own plans for Stefano, and will be a major player in this huge umbrella story!

    Max/Erin: Erin has revealed to apparently be setting Max up for something, while Max tries to protect her from a "threat". Expect this story to take a shocking twist, especially when Max is a suprising target of the DiMeras!

    Other: Jeremy, Abby, and Nick will all be backburned. They have stories, just not that are upcoming. There will be huge drama with discovering Alice and her funeral/. Expect these characters to have small roles.
  25. daysfan

    -Several days later in Salem, it’s New Years Eve!

    -Billie finally manages to confront Bo about their relationship, she says they have been tiptoeing around this for months, and it’s time it ends!

    -Victor and Philip talk. Victor says he’s going to help him get Claire and Belle back.

    -Celeste suddenly has a vision, and she screams that someone will die tonight!

    -A person is seen inside a warehouse, wearing black gloves, they are wearing a ski mask, and have all black on. They grab a bomb and leaves.

    -Someone is seen watching Lexie in jail! Lexie asks an officer what evidence there was against her.

    -Marlena and John plan on having a nice New Years Eve dinner, Marlena says to meet her there, because she has to get something first.

    -The person in a ski mask is seen strapping the bomb they got from the warehouse to a car!

    -Rex is with Willow at her place, he asks why she saved him from a bar. She simply says she didn’t want him to throw his life away like all those other guys. Rex is confused.

    -A clock is seen, it is fifteen minutes until midnight and 2007 begins!

    -Marlena is seen walking out to her car, she gets in and tries to find her keys.

    -The bomb on someone’s car is set to off when the car is started!

    -Bo is a little confused, but Billie says she wants to sever their relationship…for good. She says she’s wanted to tell him this for a while, but hasn’t gotten a chance. Bo says that he guess she’s right, but he will have a hard time letting go. He tells her he loves Hope more than anyone, but she will always have a special place in his heart, Billie says that’s how she feels too. She says she just doesn’t think he was the right man, she then says their linked for life by Chelsea…but she thinks their done romantically. Bo agrees, and Billie begins to cry, they kiss one last time and Billie goes out to her car!

    -Celeste is running through the streets of Salem. She says she has to stop this!

    -Bo and John are also seen going out to their cars! The clock is only five minutes away from Midnight!

    -Philip is confused, Victor tells him even though he does love Shawn, Philip deserves Claire more than he does! Victor says he has vowed to do whatever it takes to help Philip. He says an excellent advantage is that Belle and Shawn’s are cousins…then he thinks to himself that Claire is not a child of cousins though.

    -Celeste continues to run through the streets! It is one minute until midnight!
    -Someone is seen putting the keys in the ignition of their car, and then they start it! One second later, as the clock strikes midnight and all of the hands on the clock are aligned, the car explodes! The car is engulfed in flames and turns over, so the top half is on the ground! Celeste runs into the parking lot that the car is in and screams “NO!” She begins to sob and breaks down and says “Shawn Douglas Brady has died tonight…” Then the screen slowly fades to black…
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