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-Marlena’s rescuer is revealed to be Hattie Adams!

-Nikki reveals while alone that she and Victor had a child together years ago! She remembers how years ago she fleed from Llanview and met Victor, then she remembers how they had an affair together…but so did he and Viki! Nikki then remembers how she was pregnant and gave the child up for adoption. She wonders where it is now!

-Marie finds Laura having a break down, she quickly calls for someone to come help. Bill rushes in and tries to help Laura.

-Nicole tells Eric to spare her his pity, and shoves him off then walks off.

-Chelsea tries to make an excuse, but Max tells her to just stop, he says she has had too many chances, but she destroyed them all! He tells her that she is never going to grow up, because she won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Chelsea pleads for him to just stop and listen, but Max says he’s not going to listen to it anymore. He tells her that she ran over her own brother and killed him, yet it didn’t even phase her and she just continued to go off and try to get her parents together. He says she never takes responsibility for her actions, so they are through! He tosses Chelsea out of the garage!

-Rex and Willow get to know each other a little more, and Rex ends up telling Willow all about his problems with Mimi, she advises him to just forget her.

-Andre’s shooter walks right into the Pub, and it is revealed to be the REAL Tony DiMera!

-Shawn informs the police that Philip has kidnapped Belle and Claire, Kate is walking in and overhears it! She is shocked!

-Steve and Kayla meet with Rex Balsom, and tell him all about someone in Llanview possibly faking Steve’s death.

-While in the Lord Mauselom, Kim suddenly falls down in pain.

-Victor is in his office alone, he has been there for a while, thinking about all that has transpired within the last few years. He also reveals that he has found out about Philip’s little stunt earlier, and he then says in a low tone that that only solidifies his decision. He has a bunch of pictures on his desk, the people in the pictures are Nikki, Viki, Caroline, Stefano, Jan, Nicole, John, Faux Roman, Bo, Hope, Marlena, Kim, Steve, Kayla, Shawn, Belle, and Sami. He takes the pictures of Caroline and Viki, and then he puts them on the side of his desk. He takes the rest and grabs a lighter, he then sets all of the pictures on fire! He calmly drops them all in the small trash can next to him, as the flames go up he says softly “You all will pay….every single one of you.” and the screen fades to black with the flames rising from the trash can and Victor’s ice cold glare.


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Damn! Victor has turned ice cold once again! Why is he going after Bo, Hope & John/Roman? Can't wait toi see this play out. :)

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Keep forgetting to tell you how much I love what you are doing with the OLTL and Days crossovers. I was behind on reading but just caught up. Loved this episode alot. Love Victor.

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